Introduction to The Vampire Diaries Reviews

I did not want to watch The Vampire Diaries, I did not want to like it, or continue to be watching it and thinking about it long after I finished it for the first time. I have never been much into the fantasy genre (outside of Harry Potter and maybe a couple of other things) and I am certainly not a vampire girl. A friend of mine who also likes to watch a lot of teen dramas suggested it to me after she watched the entire series in about a month. My initial reaction was, that sounds terrible and I will probably never watch it. After she forced me to watch a few episodes with her, I thought it was pretty bad. But because she really wanted me to keep watching it I figured I would at least watch the first season to appease her and if it did not get better I would stop. Needless to say by the end of the first season I was hooked.

To be fair to my initial concerns, the title The Vampire Diaries is not a good title. And the Twilight series definitely ruined the idea that the vampire genre could be good. There is also not a lot of diary writing after the first few episodes (thankfully). And the first few episodes of this show are not great. All of that being said, I did get hooked on it pretty quickly and after a lot of denial on my part I am finally able to admit that I love it despite its many flaws.

I am excited to take a deep dive into the show and look at it on an episode by episode basis. Even though I have seen the entire series, I am going to do my best to watch and write about it as though I am seeing it for the first time. However when certain themes, character traits, etc. are discussed I will talk generally about them but leave out specifics if they haven’t been covered yet. On the surface this is a show that has a lot of plot happening all of the time, but it manages to also have pretty good character development for most of the main cast and they all go through journeys throughout the series. So I think it is best to take those characters and their journeys as they come.

Join me in this rewatch as I attempt to track plot, character development, the good, the bad, and the body count!

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