Things finally start to move forward as Elena figures out Stefan’s secret

Season 1, Episode 5 (“You’re Undead to Me”)
Kat Graham, Paul Wesley (Image: The CW)

With this episode things are finally starting to move forward. Elena is figuring out that Stefan is a vampire which was a necessary development. There was only so much stalling they could do and I like that they have her figure things out quickly. Also Bonnie is finally accepting that she is probably a witch and its freaking her out.

With Damon locked up in the detox cellar, Stefan thinks he can just go back to things being good with Elena because Damon won’t be there to expose him. However, as Damon rightly points out, as long as Stefan is hiding who he is, his relationship with Elena is doomed.

Elena is just about done with Stefan and essentially tells him that if he doesn’t stop hiding things that she is going to dump him. Stefan attempts to remedy this by cooking her dinner and telling her his version of things with Katherine as well as his taste in books, movies, and music. This works pretty well, after the dinner Elena is willing to give him another shot. However, a chance encounter with an old boarder from the Salvatore house changes everything. The former boarder remembers Stefan and Damon from 1953, and that they were around when their Uncle Joseph was attacked by an animal and killed. This leads Elena to do some digging in the local news archives and she finds footage from the 1953 news report which has a shot of Stefan at the house. Putting together everything she realizes despite her disbelief in all things supernatural, she cannot deny what is right in front of her and she ends up at Stefan’s at the end of the episode asking, “What are you?”.

The other major plot of this episode is that Damon is trying to get out of the detox cellar using the crow to summon Caroline… This makes absolutely no sense. It is never explained how the whole thing with the crow works. Can he control animals with his mind as well? Can he send messages through them? This seems like something that witches could do but not a vampire. I didn’t understand the crow the first time I saw this and its something that is pretty much never talked about again so we never get to understand it. Also we never again see a vampire use animals in this way or this kind of magic, leading me to believe that the writers also thought the crow didn’t make sense so they dropped it. Anyway, after Caroline is summoned to the Salvatore house, she finds Damon in the detox cellar and he forces her to let him out. Just as she unlocks the door, Uncle Zach appears and tries to stop Damon telling Caroline to run. Caroline escapes because Damon cannot go outside without his ring which Stefan stole. Later we see that Uncle Zach was not so lucky and he is killed by Damon.

Bonnie is getting more powerful, she is making things happen without realizing it. When Tiki is bitchy to that customer, Bonnie is able to make the hose go haywire on her. She also sets the ground and a car on fire and it takes Stefan to knock her out of the trance to make it stop. Similar to Elena’s inability to deny the supernatural when it comes to Stefan, Bonnie can no longer deny that something supernatural is going on with her and she seeks comfort from her grandmother.

Jeremy and Vicki are together now, and while Vicki just wants to keep the party going, Jeremy is starting to get tired of it. They end up at a cemetery drug party (is this a thing?) with some super cool people. When Jeremy finds out that Vicki stole the pain pills from Elena he decides its gone too far and they get into a fight. When Jeremy calls Vicki’s party pals losers, Vicki says that this is just a phase for Jeremy but it is her life and always will be. She is right that their lives are very different. Jeremy turned to drugs when his parents died and once he moves past that he will probably going back to normal life. Vicki on the other hand has been doing this for longer and has deeper issues that she probably won’t get over just with time. Jeremy leaves and later that night Damon shows up and attacks Vicki, potentially killing her.

This episode definitely moved things forward and felt less like it was stalling than the previous episode. Elena pretty much figured out Stefan is a vampire or is at least supernatural in some way. Bonnie seems ready to accept that she is also supernatural even if it freak her out. Logan got the pocket watch from the Gilberts but we still don’t know why the Founders want it, though we can assume it will in some way help them with their vampire problem.

Episode Grade: C+

Other Thoughts

  • The Event of the Week: The sexy suds carwash
  • Those Salvatore Rings: Elena notices Stefan’s ring and asks him about it saying she noticed Damon wears one too. Probably trying to nicely ask why they would wear such gaudy things.
  • Body Count: 1, Damon kills Uncle Zach. He also attacks Vicki but we don’t see her fate.

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