Elena learns the truth about vampires

Season 1, Episode 6 (“Lost Girls”)
Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley (Image: The CW)

This was probably the best episode of the series so far. There is a lot of forward momentum, as well as filling in some of the back story that we had gotten bits of in previous episodes.

Vicki’s transition is a turning point in the series. If they are willing to turn Vicki only 6 episodes in, how many other humans are going to turn? Additionally, Elena finding out the truth about Stefan and the world she lives in will change her forever. As Bonnie said in the pilot “this is just the beginning”.

Vicki is turned mostly because Damon is bored being cooped up in the house all day since Stefan took his daylight ring. He turns her because she is there and its convenient and not for any particular purpose. Of course he wants to send a message to Stefan about what he is willing to do if Stefan stands in his way. So Damon turns insecure, kind of pathetic Vicki. From a narrative perspective it works because Vicki is tied to multiple characters who will be affected by this. From a practical perspective, Damon probably picked the worst person he could to turn. She is a train wreck as a human, being a vampire is not going to make her better, and will probably make her more destructive.

Elena finding out most of the truth about Stefan is the other important thing happening in this episode. One of the things that makes some of these early episodes not that interesting is that the audience knows that the Salvatores are vampires, but none of the other characters do. That isn’t very interesting to watch and it takes away from us being able to dive into the more important mysteries – like why do Katherine and Elena look alike, what is Damon’s plan, and what does he need that crystal for?

The end of this episode highlights some of Elena’s strengths as a character. She gives Stefan one day to explain everything before she figures out what she is going to do with the information. Does she keep it to herself? Is that fair to others? However by the end of it she has sympathy for what life must be like for vampires and doesn’t feel afraid of Stefan and thus decides to keep his secret. However, she cannot be with him despite that she has been falling for him since the first episode. A consistently strong part of Elena’s character is that even though she falls deeply in love and sometimes does reckless things, she never lets being with a guy define her whole life. She cannot risk her and others safety just to be with him. Obviously this cannot last or there would not be much of a show, but I like that her first instinct is no, I can’t be a part of this.

One moment that really stuck out to me in this is when Stefan explains to Elena that Vicki will have to feed on a human to complete the transition to a vampire. Elena responds with “like you did?”. Stefan has been saying that he only feeds on animals so that he doesn’t hurt people. But she realizes in this moment that he could not have become a vampire if he’s never fed on someone. There is no such thing as pure vampire who has never hurt anyone.

This is also the first of many flashback episodes. Since there is so much history with the Salvatores (they have been vampires for almost 150 years) flash backs happen quite a bit on this show, and they are generally very informative. In this one, we learn what really happened between the Salvatores and Katherine. To this point we have had some straight up lies about their past with her, and a lot of half truths. But the truth is that Katherine encouraged them to compete over her and manipulated them. Stefan and Damon were actually very close before they met her but it doesn’t seem in this episode that she actually caused the divide between them. We see them go along with her as they both vie for her affections. She wanted them both, and neither could really claim her as theirs. At this point Stefan probably does not hate Damon for anything that happened with Katherine, it was a long time ago, he doesn’t really care anymore. But Damon doesn’t let things go so easily as we will see time and time again.

However, despite whatever issues the two brothers have with each other, Damon cannot let Stefan get killed. He saves Stefan’s life by attacking Logan as he is trying to stake Stefan, saying that if anyone is going to kill Stefan, it will be him. Pulling the wooden bullet out of Stefan, they realize that the Founder’s know that vampires are back which is bound to make things more complicated for them. In addition to now having to deal with a fully transitioned Vicki.

This episode really moves things forward and is starting to look like The Vampire Diaries that I got hooked on. In the rewatch it is one of the first that has made me very excited to watch the next episode as we see Vicki dealing with her transition. Not so much looking forward to Stefan and Elena go back and forth about whether or not they can be together.

Episode Grade: B

Other Thoughts

  • Clearly none of the Founders were around the last time the town dealt with vampires, cause none of those people have ever killed one before.
  • The sounds that occur when Vicki and Damon are feeding on each other is really gross
  • ALSO, Vicki is really into Damon’s blood but she is still human. Does vampire blood taste good? Why is she not more weirded out? Did Damon compel her to like it?
  • In the first 1864 flashback shot, Stefan looks like a butler.
  • Flash back hair is kind to no one
  • “What are you?”, “I’m a vampire”
  • “Tip for later, be careful who you invite in the house” – Damon is trying to be funny, but this is actually very good advice.
  • Body Count: 3 partiers killed by Damon

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