RIP Vicki

Season 1, Episode 7 (“Haunted”)
Kayla Ewell, Nina Dobrev (Image: The CW)

How does one deal with a new vampire? What is the best method for learning what you need to survive and what being a vampire entails, as well as learn to control yourself? This isn’t the last time we will see these characters try to deal with this, but its a cautionary tale as to what can happen if it doesn’t go well.

Just as quickly as Vicki turned into a vampire, she was staked in the heart and is dead for good. This episode centers of Vicki’s day as a vampire and how it affects almost all of the characters. She tries to feed on Tyler, Matt and Jeremy are worried about her, the Salvatores have to deal with her, and Elena has to watch it all happen.

Damon and Stefan are fighting over how she should live, Stefan wants her to follow his diet and learn to control herself. Damon of course thinks she should feed on human blood and learn to “snatch, eat, erase”. This gets back to the core difference dividing them. What should a vampire do? Is feeding on humans okay if you are careful, don’t kill them, and make them forget about it? Or should you go the Stefan route and deny yourself even a drop of human blood? Stefan admits that he used to feed on humans and that he is not proud of his past behavior, but it’s been a long time. He didn’t have anyone teaching him and he thinks that with proper guidance he can save Vicki.

Vicki was a teen with substance abuse issues, and now she has to deal with constant cravings for human blood. It’s difficult enough learning to be a vampire, but if you are someone who already has self-destructive tendencies and love getting high, it’s a whole other ball game. Becoming a vampire is not the same for everyone. As Stefan says, it’s hard to predict how someone will handle it since who they were as a human plays a role in who they will be as a vampire. Vicki is someone who already has control issues. The problem with Stefan’s denial method in her case, is that he doesn’t teach her how to resist and control herself when tempted. He thinks that if she just gets used to animal blood, she’ll be fine. But when she inevitably loses control, she won’t know how to stop herself. Which is exactly what happens when Vicki shows up at the Halloween party and finds Jeremy. She accidentally bites his lip while they are making out and once she gets a taste of his blood, she can’t stop. She attacks him, Stefan stops her, she attacks Elena, Stefan kills her.

This is also the first episode we see Damon working with instead of against Stefan. Sure he doesn’t agree with Stefan’s approach, but he isn’t trying to sabotage things. He just has a different belief in how best to treat a new vampire – show them the perks. He was the one that turned Vicki, and in the last episode he wanted to turn her loose when she was in the midst of transition and make her Stefan’s problem. But now that the town is onto vampires, he is being more careful. This could be the reason that he helps, and is probably what he would say. But it could also be that he does actually feel some remorse for what he’s done.

When Damon shows up to retrieve Vicki’s body, Elena tells him that it’s all his fault. He claims that he doesn’t have remorse, and none of this matters to him. She responds that it does matter and he knows it. He then tries to get her to leave by telling her that she is bleeding and she really needs to leave indicating that he will be tempted by the blood. But he really doesn’t seem to be. Damon may be the bad vampire who has no problems feeding on people, but he is much better at controlling it when he wants to. So why was he trying to get rid of her? Did he feel remorse over what happened with Vicki but he doesn’t want her to know that? And then at the end he’s willing to help Elena by making Jeremy forget everything. I don’t remember exactly when Damon goes from being the villain to being on their side, but it seems like this episode could be a turning point for him in that regard. Not that he is a good guy now, but he isn’t actively trying to ruin Stefan’s happiness.

This was a great episode that allowed a lot of our main characters to be in the same story which isn’t always the case in this first season where a lot of people are not in on the supernatural side of things. How does everyone deal with it? Not very well. It’s sad that those closest to Vicki won’t know how she died, or that she is even dead. But she was probably never going to make it as a vampire and I think it was a good move on the show to kill her off. No one is safe!

Episode Grade: B+

Other Thoughts

  • Bonnie is learning about being a witch and we finally got some information about that crystal! It belonged to Bonnie’s ancestor Emily in 1864… a very important year.
  • Damon flirting with Carol Lockwood to find out about the Founder’s Council was great.
  • Damon: “Don’t listen to him, he’s on a moral plane high above our eye line”
  • Vicki at one point said she had to pee. I have wondered for a long time if vampires pee. They do pretty much everything else that humans do, but if they are dead can they have a metabolism? They can eat but don’t need to so where does it go? They are never very clear about these things.
  • “And you are going as …. you?” Matt actually being kind of funny
  • “I’m not going to let anybody get hurt” – Stefan, that is very confident and you know with a new vampire that is very much impossible.
  • Body Count: 1 – Vicki killed by Stefan. Our first non-Damon caused death of the show! Though you could say it is his fault.

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