RIP Lexi

Season 1, Episode 8 (“162 Candles”)
Arielle Kebbel (Image: The CW)

Lexi arrives! As a long time lover of Gilmore Girls, I have been aware of Arielle Kebbel for a while. However, on that show she plays a pretty boring, wet blanket who invokes very little emotion in viewers (or any of the characters on the show). So when I saw her on The Vampire Diaries for the first time, I thought “wow! Lindsay is fun!”. And in my mind she broke up with Dean and became a vampire which suits her much better. I know she is 350 years old so this makes no sense, but she deserved better.

Lexi brings out a fun and more relaxed side to Stefan that we have not yet seen. He is usually so serious. As we learn more about Stefan’s back story and his history with Lexi, we will see how important she was to him. It makes it even more heartbreaking that she is killed by his own brother, merely because she provided a solution to a problem. Damon’s killing of Lexi isn’t out of self-defense or for any hatred towards her. He needed to give the sheriff a vampire to pin all of the recent deaths on (which were all his fault) so he sacrifices Stefan’s best friend of over 100 years. At the beginning of the episode, Elena tells Stefan that death and pain follow him and at the end he agrees. Death and pain follow him because Damon follows him. It’s almost enough to make Stefan kill Damon, but he spares him because he saved his life. But it’s not just that Damon saved his life, Elena is right, Stefan could never live with himself for killing his brother.

The first time I saw this episode I immediately loved Lexi and wanted her to be in every episode. So I was of course very disappointed to see her killed by the end . However, I think this was a good choice for her character. Since the show has so many flashbacks and she has so much history with Stefan, even if you haven’t seen the rest of the series, you can bet that this is not the last we will see of her. The absence of her in most of the series definitely makes the heart grow fonder, and it is always a joy to see her crop up.

Bonnie is finally able to admit that she is a witch and has even learned to control some of her magic! The scene with her and Elena is pretty great and we should all be so lucky to have a friend like Bonnie. Caroline is also supposed to be besties with these girls but either the show forgets this a lot or they really don’t like her. Bonnie and Elena share so much with each other but then don’t tell Caroline.

This episode made me really feel for Caroline for the first time in the rewatch. One very mean comment from Damon about how she is shallow and useless causes her to get very drunk and sad. She dumps all of this on Matt since he is super nice and there I guess. We have gotten a little background about her family, her mom is the sheriff and works a lot and her dad left them. So we can presume she doesn’t have anyone to talk to at home and her best friends are always forgetting about her. When she tells Matt that she feels unloved, it broke my heart a little bit. I am starting to understand why she has been so jealous of Elena. As she said in the pilot, Elena doesn’t try and people fawn all over her. Caroline tries really hard and doesn’t get anywhere. This is probably because she is trying so hard and is too insecure to just be herself, and she probably doesn’t even know who she is. But it makes me very excited to watch Caroline’s character development.

This is a mostly fun episode with a sad but good ending. There is not a lot of plot advancement but we do get the seeds planted for a few future story lines. The episode ends with Bonnie having a dream that the crystal gives her where she sees Emily Bennet say “it’s coming” and then she wakes up in the cemetery next to the Salvatore crypt. Damon also admits that he does have a plan but the only thing we know is that it involves pinning the vampire attacks on Lexi so that he can stay in town. The next few episodes will start to tackle some of the mysteries as the show continues to ramp up.

Episode Grade: B+

Other Thoughts:

  • Stefan and Lexi’s love of Bon Jovi is fantastic
  • Stefan says that his daylight ring won’t work on Lexi, I don’t know why this has not occurred to me before but are daylight rings specific to the person they are made for?
  • Damon pretending to help the council look for vampires is one of my favorite things on this show. It’s a smart move to keep them off his trail and so he can learn what they do/don’t know.
  • Caroline tells Bonnie that the crystal makes her look fat in an attempt to get it back from her. I know she is lying but it is not a lie that makes sense. How can a necklace make you look fat? If anything it would slimming by drawing a line down your center.
  • Stefan and Lexi’s adventures sound fun and I want an entire episode dedicated to their shenanigans.
  • Lexi is also a great wing woman.
  • “I wanna be like the abyss deep” oh Caroline.
  • How we know its 2009: “Let me know if you see Damon with his camera phone”
  • I wish I could compel myself free drinks.
  • Body Count: Damon kills Lexi and the guy making out with his girlfriend (2). This brings his total up to 11 so far in the series. I have a feeling his final number is going to be insane.

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