The tomb is opened, but Katherine is nowhere to be found

Season 1, Episode 14 (“Fool Me Once”)
Paul Wesley, Jasmine Guy (Image: The CW)

I’m sure I will say this many times, but when I was first watching this show, I was surprised most not by the plot twists but how quickly they occurred. It was a good twist to find out that Katherine was never in the tomb. But what I was surprised about most was how quickly we got here. It becomes one of the things that show is known for but early on I was consistently surprised. Most shows like this would have dragged out the tomb plot until the end of the season with the big reveal that Katherine was never there at the season finale. But this was only episode 14, barely over halfway through the season. Though this forces the show to constantly come up with more plots which sometimes leads to some not great ones, it does mean that you never have to stick with one you don’t like for too long.

However, I mostly like this whole tomb plot. It’s good for season 1 and it definitely did its job of hooking me into the show the first time. But, its certainly not my favorite so I was mostly excited to get to this episode so that we could get past this twist. The big emotional payoff at the end of this episode is Damon’s realization that maybe Katherine wasn’t in love with him like he was with her.

We saw in flashbacks that Katherine was manipulative and liked playing with people. She enjoyed the brothers chasing her but do we really get the impression that she was in love with either of them? Has Damon built up this idea in his head that they were in love when it was really just him? Last week he was betrayed by Stefan and Elena, this week by the girl he was in love with for 145 years.

Anna confirms that Katherine is alive, she saw her last in the 1980s. So obviously she knew this the whole time, but kept it from Damon because he wouldn’t have helped her get her mom out if the didn’t think Katherine was in there. Katherine has been alive, and was able to find the Salvatores, but she didn’t. One of Katherine’s hallmark traits is that she looks out for herself and no one else and this is a prime example of that.

I’m not sure I really bought why Stefan, Elena, Bonnie, and her grandmother were all suddenly so willing to help Damon. It felt like they all gave in pretty easy just because they felt like Damon wasn’t going to stop until he got what he wanted. It certainly fuels the plot so I guess that is all the explanation necessary but it felt very quick and like there wasn’t much in it for them (especially Bonnie and grams). It seems like a Bennet witch would be needed to open the tomb so he wasn’t likely to get into it without their help. This lack of purpose is even more heartbreaking considering that Bonnie’s grandmother ultimately gives her life for it. She gives her life to save Stefan and Damon, not get Katherine, and the 26 vampires in the tomb are likely now to be released. Bonnie was already apprehensive about vampires, how is she gonna feel now?

As we move into this final third of this first season we will of course see the aftermath of opening up the tomb. In true The Vampire Diaries fashion, opening the tomb only asked more questions than it answered. Where is Katherine? What has she been up to all of these years? Is she aware of Elena’s existence? Will all of these vampires get out and will they seek revenge on the town? After a relatively slow start to the series, this second half of the season is definitely ramping things up but still finding opportunities to explore character development. The previous episode was more of a character driven episode, whereas this one was much more about plot. But the series is starting to find that right balance of plot and character development and I can’t wait to get into it!

Episode Grade: B

Other Thoughts:

  • Damon: “I mean this sincerely, I hope Elena dies”
  • Duke the Douche got ten kegs for that party. That is A LOT of beer, especially considering these are high school students who probably have low tolerances. That party did not look big enough to have ten kegs.
  • “Do you ever get bored with it?” “What?” “Yourself”
  • Anna: “You Salvatores are truly pathetic when it comes to women” – this is very true
  • Grams: “Witches being pulled down by vampire problems” ALWAYS
  • Jeremy is starting to get suspicious about vampires
  • Body Count: 1, Stefan burns Ben

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