RIP Mason, but Katherine has backup

Season 2, Episode 6 (“Plan B”)
Taylor Kinney (Image: The CW)

With the addition of werewolves, Caroline as a vampire, and Jeremy just wanting to be a part of things, everyone is trying to figure out where they fit into the supernatural world and what their stance is. Tyler wants nothing to do with werewolves and he doesn’t even question if there are more supernatural entities in the world. Stefan was willing to coexist with Mason, but even he agreed that he needed to be killed once Mason made moves against them. Bonnie wants nothing to do with vampires, but it is making it difficult for her and Elena to be friends. Sheriff Forbes has always been taught to hate vampires and that they were only evil, but now that her daughter is one can she still have that stance?

Jeremy wants in on the vampire action despite everyone wanting him to stay out of it. Elena has agreed to keep him in the loop but she doesn’t want him to be a part of it. He is right that it should be his choice (he is only one year younger than Elena), but he is going in blindly. At first he thinks it’s all going to be cool myths and curses but after spending a day hanging out with Damon, he sees how much more intense it is. He watches Damon torture Mason for information and then kill him. He tells Jeremy it is either “kill or be killed” in this world and he needs to know that. At the end of last season he wanted to be a vampire, he seems to be past that now, but he still needs something to latch onto. He wanted to become a vampire because he was lonely, that hasn’t changed and getting involved with all of this gives him the sense of purpose and belonging that he craves. He just needs to know what being a part of it means.

At the end of the previous episode, Liz didn’t want anything to do with Caroline and wanted to forget that she knew that she was a vampire. In this episode they have a break through as she sees how much stronger and confident Caroline has become since turning into a vampire. She believes that she can keep their secret and doesn’t want her memories erased. However, Caroline doesn’t believe her mom will ever trust vampires in general, even if she can trust her. So she erases her memories anyway. The question of whether you can be friends with some vampires but still hate them as a group is examined a lot throughout the series. Some think that you either have to be on their side or hate them. Others are able to distinguish between good and bad vampires. Alaric started off the series being a vampire hunger and now he helps Stefan and Damon take down other vampires. The sheriff is part of the council whose purpose is to kill any vampires that enter Mystic Falls. Can she still do that when she knows her daughter is one?

Bonnie is similarly trying to figure out how she can be friends with Elena but still hate vampires. The truth is she can’t really have it both ways, as long as Elena is wrapped up in this world, being her friend means being wrapped up in it too. She can’t give up on being Caroline’s friend and then still expect everything to be normal with her and Elena. If they can’t talk about what is going on their lives then it’s not friendship. Realizing this, Bonnie ends up helping them find the moonstone and retrieve it from the well.

This episode also sets up a lot of plot for the next episode. Damon once again acts impulsively when he kills Mason by calling up Katherine to brag about it as well as the fact that they got the moonstone from him. This results in Katherine retaliating by compelling Aunt Jenna to stab herself because Elena and Stefan didn’t break up. Leading them to break up for real. We still don’t know why Katherine wants the moonstone. Mason believed she wanted to help him break the curse because she loved him, but Katherine never does anything unless it helps her. She ends the episode compelling Matt to pick a fight with Tyler and not back down until Tyler kills him. She clearly wants Tyler to trigger the curse, but what good does that do her? Obviously it has to do with what she wants the moonstone for and we are just going to have to wait and see.

Episode Grade: B+

Other Thoughts

  • Mason has a very large back tattoo
  • Event of the Episode: Setting up for the charity, masquerade ball that we will actually see in the next episode.
  • Damon: “Your search for life’s purpose is as obvious as it is tragic”
  • Aunt Jenna is not fooled by Stefan and Elena pretending to be in a fight, but doesn’t seem curious as to why they would be pretending. She should probably be more curious about Elena and Jeremy’s lives.
  • Caroline: “It’s not like I died or anything”
  • Stefan/Damon: “Why would you involve Jeremy?” “He’s playing Indiana Jones, he involved himself”
  • I was very annoyed with Elena bugging Stefan to tell her what was going on when he was in the middle of trying to figure shit out. You will find out girl, calm down.
  • The sweater Caroline is wearing in this episode looks like a prep school sweater.
  • Even in all of the craziness, Damon takes the time to make sure not to stain his carpet when torturing Mason.
  • Stefan: “I see you exercised your usual restraint”
  • Body Count: 1, Damon kills Mason

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