The squad teams up to kill Katherine

Season 2, Episode 7 (“Masquerade”)
Nina Dobrev (Image: The CW)

In 1864, the Salvatores competed for Katherine’s affections. Damon spent 145 years being obsessed with her, Stefan spent it denying that he was ever in love with her. Now they are teaming up to kill her. Katherine has only been back for a few episodes but in that time she has given most of the main cast reasons to want her dead. This is why they all agree to work together to kill her. My favorite plot heavy Vampire Diaries episodes are those that involve most of the main cast coming together to execute a crazy plan. Bonus points if it happens at a fancy town event. This episode has all of that and it is a doozy. Stefan, Damon, Caroline, Bonnie, Jeremy, and Alaric are all a part of the plan. We don’t really know what their plan is until it is in action which makes it fun to see how it unravels. And it is actually pretty clever. The Salvatores clearly know Katherine well enough to know how to trick her into going to the room that Bonnie has sealed shut. Jeremy and Caroline play their parts well, Alaric not so much – he makes it very obvious that something is going on which makes Elena leave the house to find out what everyone is doing.

Meanwhile Katherine knows they are up to something and is cooking up her own scheme to save herself and continue on with whatever her plan with the moonstone is. She lost a werewolf in Mason so she compels both Matt and Sarah to goad Tyler into a fight so that he will lash back at them, kill at least one of them, and trigger his curse. Additionally, anticipating the Salvatores trying to kill her, she has a witch link her with Elena so that if they hurt her, it’ll hurt Elena too. Katherine has a gift for self preservation and it is her main motivation in everything she does, so the Salvatores should have known she would have her own tricks up her sleeve.

However, they are able to capture her in the end when Bonnie turns her own witch against her. This was one of the first episodes were I really felt like I saw the Bonnie that I know and love. She finally figures out what her role in everything needs to be. Even if she wants to stay out of it, she can’t knowingly let people get hurt. Lucy tells her that she is a good person and being in the middle of it all is what is right for her. There is a lot of history of vampires using witches to further their own agendas usually at the expense of the witch. This is why Bonnie has been so hesitant to get into it with them, but if she can make sure that people stay safe then that is what she will do. Bonnie is concerned with other people’s safety more than her own, she will put the people she loves ahead of herself.

For now, Katherine’s plans with the moonstone and Tyler are unclear. If a werewolf bite can kill a vampire, why would she be interested in turning one? She clearly did not love Mason, so why would she want to break the curse? Stefan believes that it has to do with what she was running from in 1864. What she has been planning will become clear in the next few episodes but the mystery of the moonstone and curse will be a large part of this entire season. One of the things that makes season 2 one of my favorites is that it really feels planned from beginning to end, even if that may not have been the case. I know these shows often make things up as they go along, but this season to me really feels like there was a plan from the beginning and it pays off well as the season unfolds.

This is one of my favorite episodes just because it is so fun to watch all of the shenanigans go down. When I wanted to show my roommate why I liked this show so much, this is the episode that I made her watch. There is so much good stuff ahead as well. Tyler’s werewolf curse has been triggered and I can’t wait to get into that storyline. There is a reason they refer to being a werewolf as a curse. Unlike being a vampire, it really isn’t much fun. Katherine mentions at the end of the episode that Elena is in danger because she is the doppelgänger and then we see her get kidnapped by a stranger. Is this related to Katherine’s reasons for wanting to fake her death in 1864? At first Damon thinks it is a desperate plea for them to not lock her up, but his face after he shuts the door implies that he is worried that she is right.

Episode Grade: A

Other Thoughts:

  • Stefan: “You’re not going to kill her, because I am” – I like this side of Stefan
  • Caroline: “She killed me; fair is fair”
  • Event of the Week: Charity masquerade ball for the homeless??
  • Poor Matt in this episode, he is being so sweet to Elena talking to her about Stefan. Then Katherine uses him to fight with his best friend.
  • Katherine is also really thirsty for Matt. Do doppelgängers tend to have similar tastes in men?
  • I enjoyed seeing Lucy and Bonnie ultimately team up against Katherine. Witches gotta stick together.
  • Katherine/Damon: “What happened to you Damon, you used to be so sweet and polite” “That Damon died a long time ago” “Good, he was a bore” – gotta agree with Katherine on this one.
  • Katherine: “Does Elena enjoy having you both worship at her alter” – I hope you don’t hate this line because it will be a part of like every previously on for at least the next couple of seasons.
  • Caroline breaking up Matt and Tyler’s fight by knocking Matt out was pretty badass.
  • Even with Katherine gone, Elena needs a break from Stefan and vampires. Girl this will not help with that. This is your life now.
  • Body Count: 2, Katherine kills Amy, Tyler kills Sarah

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