The werewolves finally leave town

Season 2, Episode 14 (“Crying Wolf”)
Image: The CW

When watching the previous episode I thought that was the end of the werewolf drama, because I had mostly forgotten a lot of what happened in this episode. Once they find out about the existence of the moonstone and what it means for breaking the curse, of course they want it so that they can break the curse before the vampires do. Jules and Brady are telling Tyler that the vampires and Elena are the enemy, but these are people that Tyler has known his whole life. He wants to break the curse, but when he finds out that Elena would have to die for that to happen, he regrets helping the werewolves. Thankfully, most of them end up dying in this episode, thanks to Elijah, and it ends with Jules and Tyler leaving town. Tyler doesn’t feel like he can stay in Mystic Falls anymore after everything that has happened and so he leaves without really telling anyone. At this point he probably doesn’t feel like anyone other than his mom will be concerned. And now I do think this is the end of most of that drama, but certainly not the end of Tyler’s story.

I had also forgotten that nobody but Elena was aware that Elijah was planning to let her die. Or at least they should have realized that it was a possibility. They have said numerous times they do not trust him and yet they thought he would keep her safe? He only promised to keep the people she loved safe, not her. Elena thinks she is doing the right thing by keeping this from everyone, because otherwise they will try to stop her. However, it really isn’t fair to anyone for her to pretend like everything will be fine, when she knows that there is a good chance she will not make it through. She still doesn’t see how her dying for everyone is any different than Stefan dying for her, which he is willing to do. Stefan values human life much more than he does vampire life. They are technically already dead, they feed on innocent people for fun, and many of them have lived well beyond the normal human life span. Elena on the other hand doesn’t see the difference. All life is valuable, even someone who has already been alive for 160 years.

Damon is still hooking up with Andie the reporter and the whole thing is super weird. I’m not really sure what the point of having her there is, it doesn’t feel like she has a purpose other than to be a distraction/tool for Damon. He is compelling her not to tell anyone that he is a vampire or any of the secrets related to that. It is very similar to what he did to Caroline in the first season, but at least Andie is an adult and not a high school student. I feel like there is a way that they could do this without it having to be so gross. Even for 2011 standards this seems far over the line. When he was doing it to Caroline he was in villain Damon mode, but now he is supposed to be a character that we are invested in and rooting for at least in some way. So I just don’t understand why the writers went back to this dynamic for him. Why not just keep Rose around to be his Elena distraction? Why does it need to be this emotionless thing where he can manipulate and control someone he is sleeping with? My gripe with this whole thing is more for the writers than it is for Damon’s character. Mostly because I am not sure what we are supposed to learn about his character from it.

This episode feels like a transition episode as the werewolf conflict of the past few episodes is settled by most of them dying or leaving town in the case of Jules and Tyler. Elena’s deal with Elijah and what it exactly means for her fate are beginning to take the forefront again. Usually when I write these reviews I watch the episode, take notes, and come up with a few major themes or talking points I want to cover and throw the rest of my notes in the “other thoughts” section. However with this episode I really struggled to come up with those talking points because there just wasn’t that much I wanted to talk about. Tyler learns about the curse and the doppelgänger, something the audience, and most of the other characters, have known about for a long time. Everyone else finds out that Elijah is planning to let Elena die through Klaus’s sacrifice, something Elena already figured out and the audience could pretty much surmise. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a bad episode, but it definitely didn’t contain a lot of substance.

Episode Grade: B-

Other Thoughts:

  • Alaric’s judgy face when he sees Damon and Andie is pretty great.
  • That lake house is gorgeous.
  • The trick that Elena plays on Stefan when they get to the house about not being able to invite him in was actually pretty funny.
  • I can’t tell if Elijah is trying to put on an American accent with Jenna and Carol, but he sounds different when talking to them.
  • Jenna looks horrified to see Damon and Andie together, isn’t she the one that introduced them?
  • Elena brings up her and Stefan’s future and then is like oh wait, that is an awkward conversation I don’t want to have. You should probably have that conversation, putting it off will probably make it worse.
  • Damon tries to intimidate Elijah… he is an Original…
  • Elijah stabs Damon in the neck with a pencil and then hands him a handkerchief. This is why Elijah is great.
  • Stefan is cooking dinner and Elena is drinking wine… like most 17 year olds do with their boyfriends.
  • Elijah: “You realize this is the third time I have had to save your life now” I wonder if Elijah realized how much work protecting Elena’s loved ones was going to be.
  • The scene at the end between Tyler and Matt was pretty great. Explaining that Caroline helped him through a difficult time and he fell for her, but she loves Matt and deserves someone like him. “I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t because she is pretty incredible” VERY TRUE.
  • Body Count: 4, Stefan kills Brady (1) and Elijah kills three other werewolves (3).

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