Damon attempts to kill Elijah at a dinner party

Season 2, Episode 15 (“The Dinner Party”)
Daniel Gillies, Ian Somerhalder (Image: The CW)

This is an episode that has always stood out to me because of how much fun it is. It is definitely one of the highlights of season 2 for me, even if it’s not the most important one. There are multiple schemes and plot twists throughout the episode and by the end of it you can’t believe how much has happened. And through all of this we learn some new information that will be important for the show going forward, mostly surrounding the exact parameters of killing an Original. Also by the end Elena has agreed to fight for her survival instead of just giving herself over to Klaus.

Damon plans a dinner party (or has Andie suggest one for him) in hopes that it will lead to an opportunity to kill Elijah. He knows that Elijah is much stronger than him so in order for him to be successful, he will need to catch him off guard. The only person who knows that he is doing this is Stefan who is still at the lake house with Elena. He repeatedly lies to Alaric about his intentions with Elijah, and Elena is kept in the dark. When she finds out what Damon is planning (and that Stefan knew) she if furious that they would do anything to jeopardize her deal with Elijah.

John gave Damon the dagger knowing that it would kill him. He also likely knew that killing Elijah would free Katherine from the tomb, which apparently was one of his goals. At this point though it is still unclear what John is after and why he would want Katherine freed. After Alaric attempts to dagger Elijah, they learn that the dagger has to stay in place, otherwise the vampire can wake up again. Finally, when Elijah reawakens he calls off his deal with Elena. She renegotiates her deal with him by threatening to turn herself into a vampire and she ends up being the one to dagger him for good. Of course if anyone takes it out, he can come back. This is The Vampire Diaries after all and people are rarely dead for good.

While all of the scheming at the dinner party is going on, Stefan is telling Elena about his days as a bad vampire. He was killing and playing with people for sport, and not being careful. He drives Damon away because of his behavior which is an interesting swapping of roles. Later in life, Damon’s similar behavior drives Stefan away. We also see Stefan meeting Lexi and how she helped him bring his humanity back. I am always happy to see Lexi, and I believe this was the first time we saw her since Damon killed her early last season. We also see the beginning of Damon’s turn from good vampire to who we saw at the beginning of the series. Lexi warns him that his hatred of Stefan and the world for what he has become will get the best of him and indeed it did.

Stefan tells Elena this in hopes that it will inspire her to fight for her survival. I guess it works since by the end of it she has agreed to try, but she is calling the shots in her life, not the Salvatores. It is good to see her standing up for herself in this way. To just go down without a fight is not heroic, even if you don’t see any other way. There is still so much they don’t know about Klaus and the sacrifice since all of their information has come from legend and Elijah which doesn’t exactly make it true. She didn’t spend time exhausting all other options before just deciding that she would let Klaus kill her. There is always another way. I also enjoy anytime the show lets Elena be strong and make her own decisions. At times she is too often playing the damsel in distress and one of the brothers has to save her. But in general it seems everyone gets a chance to save other people throughout the series which is much more interesting.

A lot of plot happened in this episode and most of it was pretty great. It moved quickly and further complicated the mechanism for killing an Original. It has to be a human and the dagger has to stay inserted. This means that they never truly die, since you can always just remove the dagger and they come back. So killing one of them is dependent on no one pulling out the dagger. No one on this show dies easily so it is fitting that they would make it so difficult to kill an Original. Last episode was kind of a slump for me, but this one put it back on track. I’m very excited to get to this last third of season 2 as Elena fights for her life and Klaus is eventually revealed.

Episode Grade: B+

Other Thoughts:

  • Gotta run. Got a murder to plan. Busy day.”
  • Once again, Jeremy tried to act all tough with Luka but that guy could do so many things to him.
  • Elena calling her and Stefan’s fight a difference of opinion when she is planning to die was cold.
  • Alaric’s facial expression with Damon and Andie at the Grill is great. In general he has great facial expressions so if you haven’t been noticing them you should. Also when he says “this is too weird”
  • I love that the first thing Lexi ever says to Stefan is “what kind of idiot are you?”. She is the best.
  • There is a great bit of choreography between Damon and Alaric when Alaric comes in to stop Damon from killing Elijah.
  • Detox cellar! This time Elijah’s corpse is chilling in there.
  • When Bonnie agrees to try and channel power from Jeremy, his face looks like she just said they could have sex.
  • The Salvatores get the moonstone back from Elijah – it is hard to keep track of who has that thing.
  • The whole deal with compulsion wearing off when a vampire dies is very inconsistent throughout the series. This was the first mention of it so I will attempt to keep track of it from here. We already know that when someone becomes a vampire compulsion wears off and now at least when an Original dies it does as well.
  • Body Count: 1, Stefan kills Thomas Fell in the 1864 flashback.

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