The Martins are killed off as the end of season 2 starts to ramp up

Season 2, Episode 16 (“The House Guest”)
Bryton James (Image: The CW)

We are getting to the point in season 2 where the show has to start gearing up for the end of the season. We aren’t there quite yet, but you can see the preparation. There is a lot of information building about how our heroes are going to defeat Klaus. It also evaluates the importance of certain characters and their place on the show. At time this show has an overabundance of characters, some struggle to fit into the greater scheme of the show, and others are only designed to be with us for a short while. This episode starts to clean up some of the excess characters of the season and ponders what it is going to do with a couple of others who have been here for a while.

Luka and Dr. Martin were never going to be here for the long haul, and this episode swiftly kills them both off. I was not terribly sad to see them go, they had started to overstay their welcome. They were not really villains, but not really good guys. They were just helping one Original vampire in the hopes of getting their sister/daughter back from another Original vampire. In the end they want the same thing, Klaus dead. The difference is that they were willing to sacrifice Elena to make that happen. hey are both killed by a Salvatore (with the assistance of Katherine) and Dr. Martin gives Bonnie her powers back while giving her a message about how to kill Klaus.

The other characters to be evaluated in this episode are Matt and Jenna, both through the lens of their love interests who are struggling to tell them the truth. Caroline and Alaric have both been keeping the information about vampires and the supernatural world from Matt and Jenna and they are now questioning that choice. It is dangerous to bring them in for sure, but it is also potentially dangerous for them not to know. They both recognize that they can’t have a relationship unless they tell them, but how do you even do it? In Alaric’s case, it is not just his call. Jenna is Elena and Jeremy’s aunt and they are just as wrapped up in this as he is. Alaric wants to tell Jenna but only if Elena agrees.

This conflict not only feels like one that exists for the characters but Matt and Jenna’s roles on the show as well. At this point anyone who is in the dark just doesn’t seem to have much importance on the show. If they can’t bring them in on the action, maybe it is best to let them go. At the end of the episode Caroline is forced to reveal herself to Matt who does not seem to be taking the information well. Additionally, Isobel shows up at Jenna’s door, revealing to her that Isobel isn’t dead. We will just have to wait and see how these characters deal with this new information and if they can be brought in on the action.

This episode also involves a lot of information building going into the final stretch of the season. Damon is going through Johnathan Gilbert’s journal to find out where the witches were burned. Elijah’s plan for killing Klaus was to use a witch to draw a lot of power from the dead witches and kill Klaus without a weapon. Katherine is trying to convince them that she wants to help since killing Klaus is her ultimate goal s well. They do not really buy it though and refuse to trust her. They aren’t kicking her out either though since she probably has a lot of information she hasn’t yet divulged.

This episode is pretty fun, it keeps the plot moving forward and trims the cast a bit. Next episode we will have Isobel back and we will find out what Matt is going to do with the information he learned at the end. After finding out that Caroline is a vampire, his immediate response was to remember that Vicki had talked about vampires and is now questioning her death. I am excited to get into this last stretch of the season as we inch towards unraveling the mystery of Klaus. The end of this season is probably one of the most action packed, crazy plot twisty section of the series and I am not sure how I am even going to be able to write about it all.

Episode Grade: B+

Other Thoughts:

  • They keep calling Dr. Martin “Dr”, but do they ever say what he is a doctor of? Witchcraft? Can you do that?
  • It was kind of weird seeing Katherine in Elena’s clothes even though they are the same actress. I give this up as props to Nina Dobrev’s acting abilities that she doesn’t need the curly/straight hair or difference in clothing choices to sell the two characters.
  • Product placement! The AT&T tablet /yelp? that they are ordering food from.
  • Damon: “You’re the unwanted house guest, go feed yourself”
  • Caroline singing at the Grill was pretty cheesy. It felt like the show knew that Candice King can sing and thus wanted to give her an opportunity. Everyone seems pretty impressed though.
  • Damon: “Katherine, there are six other bedrooms in this house, go find one” Damon is very proud of himself for this one. He is still continuously hurt by Katherine’s lack of caring for him, but he is learning that it is really more about her than him. This makes me very happy, because he is kind of pathetic when it comes to her.
  • Body Count: 2, Damon kills Luka, Katherine/Stefan kill Dr. Martin.

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