Klaus fails to create more hybrids

Season 3, Episode 2 (“The Hybrid”)

Joseph Morgan and Paul Wesley (Image: The CW)

Much of this episode continues in the vain of the previous one. Stefan and Klaus are off by themselves trying to carry out Klaus’s plan of creating more hybrids. Elena is still looking for Stefan, convinced that she can bring him back. Damon and Alaric are less sure about it after the events of the previous episode, but cannot let her go by herself. Stefan is still on the edge of humanity, he has to do what Klaus wants him to, but he is still protecting Damon and Elena. The best thing about this episode is that we get to learn a little bit more about Klaus’s motivations, giving him some real character development beyond being the big, bad vampire.

Elena is still refusing to give up on Stefan, despite Damon’s belief that he is past saving. When he refuses to help, Elena takes matters into her own hands and finds out from Tyler where Stefan and Klaus might be looking for werewolf packs. She is determined to go and find them herself, and Alaric reluctantly agrees to go with her. Alaric has been struggling since Jenna’s death and doesn’t want to be a part of the vampire drama anymore. However, he still cares about Elena and cannot let her go by himself. He also doesn’t really have anyone else at this point so what is he going to do if he gives up on Stefan and Damon? By the end he has agreed to get back into it when Elena tells him that they are all lost and alone so it makes sense for them to band together. Alaric moves back in with them and they form a little makeshift family.

After seeing Stefan kill Andie, an innocent human, Damon is convinced that Stefan has gotten himself in too deep and cannot be saved. He has seen Stefan without his humanity before and knows how long it took for him to come back. However, he also cannot let Elena go after him by herself and so he reluctantly goes with Elena and Alaric. They get into trouble with one of Klaus’s attempted hybrids, Ray, who almost bites Damon before Stefan shows up and rips his heart out. Seeing that Stefan is still protecting him, makes Damon realize that he was wrong, Stefan isn’t completely lost. If he can still save Damon, then Damon can save him.

Klaus finds an entire werewolf pack to turn into hybrids. However, all of their bodies reject the transition and they all die. He doesn’t know why it didn’t work since he killed everyone he was supposed to in the sacrifice. He of course only thinks he killed Elena, her survival is likely why the hybrids failed. Klaus says he wants to build an army of hybrids, not for any particular battle, but just so that he is even more powerful and intimidating. Klaus has been seeking power for the sake of power for the past 1000 years. It has led him to having no one. By the end of the episode the only person left by his side is Stefan, a vampire that he has forced into serving him. It is interesting that he refers to them as comrades, implying that they are his equals. Of course Klaus would never consider anyone to be his equal but it speaks to the fact that Klaus doesn’t have anyone who is loyal to him. He craves loyal companions but he doesn’t know how to get them unless they feel indebted to him in some way. Klaus is far from having any humanity in him, but his desire for companionship is definitely his most human characteristic.

Carol Lockwood has figured out that Caroline is a vampire, and thus a monster. However, she has known Caroline since she was born and is struggling to figure out what to do with her. She calls in Caroline’s dad, Bill Forbes, as backup and he is much more sure about what to do. He hates vampires and doesn’t care if she is his daughter, she is still a monster. When Tyler reveals to his mom that he is a werewolf, she has a change of heart. She realizes that it is not so black and white, vampires and werewolves aren’t necessarily evil, it is much more complicated than that. She agrees to help Caroline. I am a fan of this development, mostly knowing how it goes forward. Having Liz and Carol who are both leaders on the Founder’s Council, secretly on the side of the supernatural beings is fantastic.

This is another great episode that both moves some plot along and allows for more character development. Klaus as a character is really starting to come together, as we start to see what his real motivations are. He is exercising his power for the sake of having it, and not really for any grand master plan. What exactly he wants with Stefan is still not clear, though he promises that in time Stefan will figure it out. There are some smaller plots going on in the background as well with Jeremy and Matt attempting to contact Vicki who says she can come back, though Anna appears as well and tells Jeremy not to trust her. This plot will become bigger later on but for now is like a C-level plot. I am also excited to see Carol and Liz’s roles in the Council get much more complicated now that they both have kids who are supernatural.

Episode Grade: A

Other Thoughts:

  • The Lockwoods drink coffee like they are at a bed and breakfast, but they are just at home by themselves.
  • Carol is drinking whiskey in the morning, this makes me like her even more.
  • Jeremy found information on the internet about how to contact the dead. How accurate can this information be? Are there witches out there putting this info on a reliable website?
  • Matt starting to come around a bit when he feels bad for Tyler that he is going to have to turn by himself since he can’t find Caroline.
  • Damon pushing Elena in the lake is a pretty fun move, “thanks for the tip, brother”
  • This also leads to the sexual tension moment of the episode: the two of them fighting with each other while standing in the lake. Also Alaric’s facial expressions during this scene are fantastic.
  • Bonus sexual tension moment when Damon is in Elena’s room trying to get her to admit that she cares about him. “Know what you are doing there?” “No, I don’t”.
  • Damon: “Even in his darkest place, my brother still can’t let me die”
  • Body Count: Klaus kills probably like 20 werewolves in this episode, Stefan kills Ray (1).

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