The Salvatores have a very awkward dinner with Klaus and Elijah

Season 3, Episode 13 (“Bringing Out The Dead”)
Daniel Gillies, Joseph Morgan, Ian Somerhalder, and Paul Wesley (Image: The CW)

Ever since the introduction of the Originals, the show has drawn many parallels between the relationships between Stefan and Damon and Klaus and Elijah. Essentially showing Klaus and Elijah as an extreme example of Stefan and Damon. Damon is not as evil as Klaus, and has more space for redemption, he also doesn’t have Klaus’s desire for power so it is unlikely that even after 1000 years he would ever become Klaus. However, his self-destructive tendencies could lead him to an eternity of loneliness. Stefan is also not quite as intense and calculating as Elijah. Both believe in doing what they think is right and have more compassion for humans than either of their brothers, but they are also both willing to kill when they deem it necessary. In this episode these parallels are continuously drawn throughout the dinner party.

This dinner party is one of my favorite scenes in this season. Both sets of brothers are fighting and they are constantly struggling between their differences and their love for each other. Elijah has just come back after Damon undaggered him, and he is rightfully pissed at Klaus. For much of this episode it is unclear which side Elijah is on. He himself probably isn’t really sure until the end. He is mad at Klaus for dividing their family so he would rather get his vengeance by forcing Klaus to reunite with all of them than by destroying his brother. Damon and Stefan are still fighting over Elena, and Stefan in particular is hardly able to get through the evening without saying something bitter about Damon every other sentence. This whole story plays out like two couples who got in fights before they had to go to a dinner with another couple that they don’t like, but they agreed to this dinner a long time ago, so they have to go. They try to hide their fighting but it is impossible. I honestly could have just watched an entire episode of this dinner party, I loved every minute of it.

The Salvatores’ relationship is very rocky at this point. Stefan is slowly coming back to his former self and he is hurt at what has happened in his absence. So he pretends like he doesn’t care, but clearly he does. He is able to care for Elena again, but also his brother. Even though he is mad at Damon for kissing Elena, he is touched when he sees that Damon still wants him back. As he tells him, Damon could have just let Stefan die and have Elena to himself, but that isn’t what he wants. Elijah and Klaus tell the story of how they both were in love with the original Petrova doppelgänger, Tatia, but that in the end their love for each other was stronger than a girl. Stefan and Damon’s relationship is the same. They can fight over Elena, or Katherine, or one of their many other differences, but they still need each other and in the end that is the story that matters. Whether Elena ends up with one of them, or neither, it doesn’t really matter. So long as the two brothers are still together. Klaus tells the Salvatores that Elena is better off without them, they will ruin her life. Of course he just wants to keep the Petrova line going, but he isn’t necessarily wrong. At this point I am not sure what they are each fighting for. She doesn’t want to be a vampire, something made very clear at the end of last season, so neither can have a life with her. Something they all know but can’t seem to admit.

Speaking of people who don’t want to be vampires, Bill Forbes is turned into one by the same mysterious attacker who killed the medical examiner. However, he doesn’t want to go through with the transition, so he chooses to die instead. Caroline is very hurt by this decision, but he says it has nothing to do with hating her for what she is. He doesn’t believe that humans should cheat death and that is what becoming a vampire is. Humans die when their time is up and that is the way it should be. Elena can understand this, if he doesn’t want to be a vampire even his love for his daughter shouldn’t force him into an eternity of misery and self-hatred.

This was a much better episode than the last couple as it focused on the important relationships and what all of this coffin drama means for Klaus. When he is faced with all of his undaggered siblings at once, he is genuinely terrified of what they will do to him. Klaus’s entire thing is that he doesn’t want to be alone so the idea that all of his siblings will leave him is devastating. Without them he only has his sired hybrids, who only follow him because they are supernaturally obligated. In a great twist their mother is what was in the locked box and now he has to answer to her as well. Though the coffin drama got exhausting, the result could be great for Klaus.

Episode Grade: A- (all of the sassiness of the dinner party bumps this up to an A- instead of the B+ that I was initially inclined to give it).

Other Thoughts:

  • The other two Original siblings we haven’t met, Finn and Kol, have been locked up for 900 years and a century respectively.
  • The weapon used to kill the medical examiner and stab Bill Forbes were both weapons from the Gilbert family and Alaric’s collection of weapons.
  • Stefan is hurt that Elena would ask him if he killed someone, but that is fair considering his lack of humanity for most of this season.
  • Klaus: “Well we can sit and eat, or I can reach down your throats and pull out your insides. Choice is yours”
  • Stefan is acting like an angsty teenager in this episode. When asked where Elena is he responds “I don’t know, ask Damon”
  • Klaus’s bursts out laughing and tells Elijah, “I’m sorry you’ve missed so much”. It is one of my favorite Klaus moments. He looks genuinely amused by the whole thing. In general Klaus seems always amused by all of the love triangle drama.
  • The cut between Elena stabbing Alaric and Klaus feeding on a random girl was really weird.
  • Damon: “Matt Donovan? Really?”
  • Sheriff clears Meredith as a suspect. Additionally, she notices that all of the attacks have been on council members, interesting.
  • Mama Original shows up at the very end and forgives Klaus for killing her.
  • Elijah: “Family above all”
  • Body Count: 2, Klaus kills the random girl at the dinner party and someone kills Bill Forbes.

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