The Originals throw a ball so Esther can plot her children’s deaths

Season 3, Episode 14 “Dangerous Liaisons”
Alice Evans (Image: The CW)

There is nothing like a fancy ball to bring out the drama. Instead of yet another Founder’s party, this one is thrown by the Mikaelsons, a.k.a. the Originals. And I have to say they know how to throw a party, it puts a lot of those Founder’s parties to shame. Now that all of the Originals are out of their coffins, things are getting more interesting again. There is also a clearer idea of what the story is here. The problem is that the Originals are becoming the more interesting element of the show, and they are not the main characters. The core three are currently engaged in a love triangle that is more explicit than ever and this episode really takes it to new heights, and not in a good way.

The entire Original family (minus Mikael) is together for the first time probably since they all became vampires, and they still bicker like any other family. Esther says she has forgiven Klaus for killing her, but really she is only playing nice so that she can kill them all. She uses Elena’s blood to link all of her children so that when one dies, they all die. She violated the witch code when she made all of her children into vampires, and she very much regrets it. They have shed untold amounts of blood over the years and she feels it is her duty to fix the mistake she made. Elena gets caught in the middle of this scheme and she is unsure of what she should do. On the one hand they have been trying to kill Klaus since last season and this may be the only opportunity. But is it worth killing all of them? Elijah protected her from Klaus, can she just let him die?

The Salvatores are unhappy with the idea of Elena having anything to do with Esther and they don’t trust her. They are still quarreling about Elena and how best to protect her, which they have been doing since season 1. The show keeps spinning this wheel and by the second half of the third season, it is just exhausting. The only thing that is different now is that Elena isn’t so sure she belongs with Stefan. Damon has been given a little bit of hope which he never had before, but he can easily revert back to his self-destructive ways as we see at the end. Damon wants to keep her from going anywhere near Esther on her own, he is being fiercely protective and kind of controlling. He sees this as love, Elena sees it as a problem. When Elena tells him that it is a problem (which is pretty cold) he snaps, attacks Kol, and sleeps with Rebekah just to make Elena mad.

Stefan is free of Klaus, but his return has not been smooth. As he is slowly coming back to his old self the main emotion he seems to be channeling right now is bitterness and jealousy. He is in love with Elena again but won’t tell her. He just lets her keep thinking that he doesn’t care, this is all to kill Klaus. He is given multiple opportunities to say something and let her know he cares, but he chooses to just keep brooding instead. To make a truly interesting love triangle you need to have two options that are both compelling. For the first two seasons, Stefan is the only real option. In this season, Damon starts to emerge as a real option, but at this point neither of them are compelling. Elena is kind of exhausted with both of them right now and so am I.

A less dramatic and more endearing part of the episode is Klaus’s obsession with Caroline. Apparently she made a good impression when he saved her from the werewolf bite which I think is the only interaction they have had. Caroline is mostly creeped out by his attempts to court her, but she is half going along with it. He is trying to show her his good side and for a minute she is impressed by it. But she knows him a lot better than he knows her. She pretty accurately psychoanalyzes him and he is hurt at first but ultimately appreciates the honesty. Outside of his family, probably no one else is ever honest with him. And it is always more effective coming from someone outside of your family.

I half liked this episode and half hated it. When I saw that it was up next for me to watch, I was not excited. I remembered it mostly for the love triangle drama and that this is the point at which it gets too much for me. There has never been a point in which both brothers have been viable options and that is where it needs to get before she can make a real choice. But do they have to both be so crappy at the same time? On the rewatch I liked the Originals stuff much more and realized there were also a lot of fun parts of the episode as well. Unfortunately the love triangle is going to stay pretty intensified for the rest of the season and I am sure I will have a lot to say about it.

Episode Grade: B-

Other Thoughts:

  • The side story of Rebekah using Matt so that she can kill him and Kol joining in just because he is bored was pretty fun. When Rebekah realizes that Matt is a good guy and she doesn’t want to kill him anymore, Kol is so annoyed. I think he just wants to kill someone because it is fun. He has never met Matt but for some reason he is really committed to killing him.
  • Stefan didn’t know who the Mikaelson’s were. He spent months with Klaus and never thought he had a last name? Given their Viking roots it makes sense that that would be it.
  • Caroline: “A Salvatore would look a lot better in a tux, and by that I mean Stefan”
  • Elena: “I can’t deal with either Salvatore right now”
  • Rebekah: “Get over yourself Elena, it’s not all about you” I’m glad Rebekah is back
  • Damon/Kol: “Have we met?” “I’ve met a lot of people, and you don’t particularly stand out”
  • So much of this episode was a sass fest.
  • How did Elena get that ball gown so quickly? It seems like the ball was very short notice and I find it hard to believe she just had that sitting around.
  • When the Salvatores both put their arms out to escort Elena, I cringed.
  • I get Elena’s frustration that the Salvatores do try to control her, but she is kind of dumb to walk in to a meeting with Esther on her own. You can never trust an Original!
  • Klaus is intensely staring at Caroline while they dance and she is doing her best to never look at him directly.
  • Damon: “I care too much, I’m a liability, how ironic is that?” Damon has always cared too much, he is just more honest about it now.
  • Body Count: None!

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