The show continues to spin its wheels as another attempt to kill Klaus fails

Season 3, Episode 15 “All My Children”
Caspar Zafer and Alice Evans (Image: The CW)

In the past few years many shows have switched from the classic 22 episode long seasons in favor of shorter 12-13 episode seasons. Part of me is very happy that this show came out before the shorter seasons became so common because I love this show and I am happy that there is so much of it. However this season feels like it really could have benefitted from being shorter. It started off so strong and then is forced to spin its wheels in order to keep it going for a whole 22 episodes. In later seasons they get through this problem by just having more plot happen quickly so that each season isn’t dominated by one storyline. I think this works in it’s favor because even if those storylines are sometimes not great, they never get boring because they are at least moving quickly.

This episode felt like a lot of wheel spinning. There is yet another attempt to kill Klaus, along with all of the other Originals, that fails. The show clearly does not want to kill Klaus so instead of just having many failed attempts they need to find a way to incorporate him that doesn’t revolve around his demise. The love triangle is also at a stand still while both brothers are still in love with Elena, but both believe they cannot have her. And Elena still can’t admit that she has feelings for both of them. The episode ends with the reveal that there may still be a weapon that could be used to kill Klaus and the others, which really just means there is another thing to find and more attempts to kill Klaus that will likely fail in the future.

Probably the highlight of the episode is that Damon volunteers to be the one to turn Abby into a vampire to save Elena’s life. He even won the coin toss meaning that Stefan would have to be the one to do it. However he notices that Stefan is trying to get his life back and that he hasn’t been drinking human blood for a while. He is in a fragile state right now where he could easily tip back over to the dark side. In order to recover he has to resist his vampire instincts and thus turning someone into a vampire could be the thing to push him back over the edge. Damon doesn’t want that for him so he volunteers to do it. After his fight with Elena he already assumes she doesn’t want to be with him anyway, so he doesn’t feel he has as much to lose. Anytime Damon is hurt his impulse is to revert to being the bad guy. It is easier to be rejected if you feel you have done things to deserve it.

Both Damon and Elena are being ridiculous in this episode as they both pretend that they don’t care about each other. Damon claims that sleeping with Rebekah had nothing to do with their fight, but it is obvious that that is exactly why he did it. Elena doesn’t want to apologize and thinks he just needs to get over it. But she also won’t admit why she is really mad. The show will do whatever they can to keep them apart at this point, while also keeping Stefan as an option.

Another good part of this episode was Elijah’s realization that he is not as moral as he prides himself on being. Elijah and Elena have always respected each others morality and both are disappointed in themselves when they compromise that to achieve a goal. Elena lied to Elijah about what Esther was planning because it was part of the plan to destroy Klaus. Elijah kidnapped a human and threatened to kill her if the Salvatores did not stop the ritual. He realizes how often he is willing to bend his morals when it suits him and he doesn’t like that about himself.

Overall this episode is a fairly forgettable one and there isn’t much in it that is important. Turning Bonnie’s mother into a vampire should have been a very important, emotional part of the episode but I honestly keep forgetting it happened. Probably because she is pretty much never seen again after this, which is strange. The secondary plot involving Alaric and Meredith and the mysterious attacks is still chugging along without any new information. As I stated at the top, this season really could have benefitted from being shorter and cutting out so many of these failed attempts to get rid of the Originals. They have kind of taken over the show at this point but there are too many of them now to have them all be interesting.

Episode Grade: B-

Other Thoughts:

  • Elena: “If you are mad at me Damon you need to get over it” that is not how apologies work.
  • Kol and Finn are two Originals too many. Kol is bored and just wants someone to be bad with him. He forces Klaus to stop his sketching to hang out with him. Finn is a weirdo.
  • I do enjoy watching all of their bickering though.
  • Damon sends Caroline to distract Klaus which ends up being pretty effective because Klaus is still obsessed with Caroline. I can see why people are into this pairing, their flirtation is fun to watch and it brings out a charming side of Klaus. However, it will take a lot more than a cute girl to change Klaus. But their scenes together are always fun.
  • Elena goes to see Bonnie after her mother is turned but Bonnie doesn’t want to see her. This is yet another sacrifice Bonnie has had to make for the sake of saving Elena. She didn’t even get a choice in the matter.
  • Elijah: “Mother made us vampires. She didn’t make us monsters, we did that to ourselves”
  • Body Count: None!

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