Zoe learns that she isn’t going to get by in Bluebell by herself

Hart of Dixie Season 1, Episode 3 (“Glory & Gumbo”)
Rachel Bilson and Tim Matheson (Image: The CW)

The theme of pride runs strong through this episode, particularly for Zoe and Brick. Both of them are too prideful to admit that they may need help. They both struggle to see the importance of the other’s contributions to saving the farmer. Brick thinks he can and should have the practice all to himself. But even in a small town, having only one doctor is going to make it pretty difficult to see everyone in a timely manner. Zoe is also too prideful to admit that she may need help from other Bluebell locals (specifically Wade in this case). She is quick to accept George’s help in getting the right ingredients for her gumbo, but dismisses Wade when he offers the same. Considering how important it is to her to have the town like and accept her (she literally needs it to maintain her half of the practice), she isn’t really an a position to turn down friends.

There are two cases this week that function to show Zoe that she has a lot to learn from Brick. The first is the kid with the snake bite. She is unfamiliar with snake bites having grown up and practiced medicine solely in New York City. She is dedicated to finding out though and goes to look for the snake and ultimately ends up getting bit by one. Brick of course knows right away that it was a copperhead because he is from Alabama and has seen plenty of snake bites. The second case is the farmer who gets his arm stuck underneath some heavy machinery. He is bleeding out and Zoe realizes they will need to do a complex procedure, she can’t do it because of her snake bite, and Brick is unfamiliar with it. Zoe talks him through the procedure and together they save the man’s life.

The issue comes when Brick is happy to take all of the credit for saving the farmer. He uses the fact that Zoe was there with George to keep them quiet. Zoe just wants him to acknowledge her contributions in front of the town because it will go a long way in helping her reputation. But when Brick tells her that it was him that helped to keep the guy calm, and that he was there for his family as well, she realizes that those are just as important as medical skills. Instead of trying to get the glory, she realizes the best way to get the town to accept her is to show that she is willing to learn from Brick instead of trying to compete with him. She has to swallow her pride and ask for help.

Zoe repeatedly tells Wade that she does not need his help. But she doesn’t know how to fix the fuse box, would not have been able to find the snake (though this was unnecessary), and she wouldn’t have had gumbo entered in the contest at all without him. Her popularity in Bluebell is pretty low to say the least. Why turn your nose up at anyone who is willing to help? She can’t exactly afford to be picky. However, Wade doesn’t want her to know that he helped. He lets her believe it was Lavon who did it, because he isn’t too proud. She doesn’t just stand to benefit from accepting Brick’s help, but also Wade as well. He is the quintessential Alabama man, which is probably why she doesn’t think much of him. But if she wants to learn the culture, there is no one better.

Lavon has a potential new love interest in Didi, the new receptionist for Zoe and Brick. When Lemon finds out she is jealous and does what she can to sabotage it. She plays nice with Didi, hooking her up with a job in Montgomery, but she really wants her out of town. Lavon is nervous at first about jumping into a new relationship and clearly has not had to pick up a girl in a long time. Didi is sweet but pretty annoying. Her accent (and general character) is way over the top. I did enjoy watching Wade’s attempts to help Lavon and Shelley’s horror at having to listen to it.

This is another decent episode that features Zoe starting to figure some things out. In the last episode she thought that her doctoring skills would be enough to win the town over. But she is learning that in Bluebell, to be truly welcomed, she has to become a part of the community. She still has a long way to go in figuring out how she is going to accomplish that, but this is a start. She won’t get anywhere fighting with Brick, she needs to swallow her pride and accept that he has been here a long time and knows more about being a doctor in Alabama than she does.

Episode Grade: B

Does Bluebell Get It Right?

  • Didi and Lemon are competing for worst fake Alabama accent.
  • It would more likely be a chili cook off in Alabama than a gumbo contest. Gumbo is much more of a Louisiana thing and though some people make it in Alabama, it isn’t that common.

Other Thoughts:

  • Zoe/Wade: “Well apparently I have alienated most of the people in this town” “More like all of them”
  • AnnaBeth: “She parades around in front of the mayor without a stitch of makeup”
  • Wade/Zoe “Used to bring my high school girlfriends here” “Please tell me they were still breathing at the time”
  • On Shelley’s suggestion that Lavon do a romantic gesture to show Didi he is interested in her “I don’t know, could be a trick”.
  • Lavon: “Hey can we lower the volume a bit… in case the phone rings?”
  • On tasting Zoe’s gumbo “A moral victory is good too”

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