There is a lot of unrequited love in Bluebell

Hart of Dixie season 1, episode 7 (“The crush & the crossbow”)
Rachel Bilson and Scott Porter (Image: The CW)

The love lives for the characters in this show get complicated. For my review of “In Havoc & In Heat” I made a graphic illustrating the three love triangles going on in the show right now. And in this episode things are not any less complicated. We meet Tansy, Wade’s soon to be ex-wife, who was/maybe still is in love with him. But Wade is interested in Zoe, who is interested in George, who is engaged to Lemon, who still has feelings for Lavon (her secret ex-lover), and Lavon is still in love with Lemon. Everyone seems to be in love with someone they can’t have or is uninterested in them.

Zoe is starting to get concerned about her lack of a social life in Bluebell, and specifically that she isn’t dating. She is also apparently very bad at dating, having not really done it before. She meets a cute and single veterinarian who asks her out, but she freaks out and sabotages it. She is too afraid she will mess it up by not knowing how to date and be in a relationship, so she stands him up. At the same time she is really starting to fall for George. She realizes how easy it is for them to get along and have the conversation “flow” and she laments that she can’t have him. Though they mostly just seem to talk about New York. I can see why Zoe would be into George, he is cute, successful, and much more worldly than his fellow Bluebellians, having actually lived somewhere else. They have a lot of the same interests, but that doesn’t really make someone a good match for you. He seems like the guy I would have had a crush on in high school as the least “Alabama” guy in Alabama. But considering Zoe’s dating experience is pretty minimal, it would make sense that she would fall for a guy who has the same tastes as her.

Wilson Bethel and Mircea Monroe (Image: The CW)

In this episode we also meet Tansy. She and Wade actually get along pretty well for people getting a divorce. They have been separated for a few years, but have never gotten around to actually getting the legal divorce. Wade doesn’t seem to have ever really been in love with Tansy, but she is delightful and I can see how they would have had fun together. Tansy was in love with him, but could tell he didn’t feel the same way. She is now getting married again and so needs the divorce. Wade is happy to oblige until he finds out who she is marrying, an old nemesis that he believes is wrong for her. It is clear that he cares about Tansy enough to want what is best for her, and to not string her along like he might someone else. He does convince her to break things off with her fiancee and in return she tells him to get over Zoe. He denies having feelings for Zoe, but it is pretty obvious he does.

Cress Williams and Jaime King (Image: The CW)

While George and Zoe are reminiscing about New York, Lavon and Lemon are co-hosting a turtle race. George is conveniently not there because he is afraid of turtles. Lemon and Lavon are initially nervous about hosting together but decide that they should try and be friends. It is a small town, he is the mayor, and she is involved in so many projects, it will be difficult for them to avoid each other. They end up having a good time with it and Lavon is even able to bring out the more fun side to Lemon. He doesn’t believe that Delia Ann should be allowed to win the race every year and refuses to throw it for her. Lemon enjoys the rebellion and even helps Lavon expose Delia Ann’s nasty side. The fun however makes Lavon realize that he is still in love with Lemon and therefore can’t be her friend.

This is a busy episode but it benefits from not focusing on Zoe’s medical career and more on her personal life. It also gives the other characters equal screen time. Zoe will always be the main character, but as the show goes on the rest of the cast gets more to do and that is when it is at its best. The medical cases take up too much time that could be spent on characters we actually care about.

Episode Grade: B+

Does Bluebell Get It Right?

  • Zoe and George go to a Woody Allen film festival in Mobile… Mobile doesn’t really do film festivals and certainly not for Woody Allen.

Other Thoughts:

  • There is a very strange cameo by (apparently real life) Brian Vickers, a NASCAR driver. He is supposed to help Lemon with the turtle race but is having to back out because of another charity event he is a part of. This cameo made very little sense – was he just trying to plug his work with Make-a-Wish? I did enjoy watching him be so intimidated by Lemon.
  • Tom offers himself up to Zoe as a potential romantic interest, “I gut my own fish”
  • “Do you think it’s okay for doctors to wear shorts?” NO ZOE
  • Lavon: “I haven’t seen fire like that in you in a long time”
  • Tansy has a very messed up idea of love – “he loves me enough to try to kill you!”

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