Zoe is warming to Bluebell, even if it isn’t quite there for her yet

Hart of Dixie season 1, episode 8 (“Homecoming & coming home”)
Rachel Bilson and Cress Williams (Image: The CW)

Looking back on your high school days can definitely highlight how much you have changed. And though you may miss certain things from that time, overall the change can be good. There are a lot of big life events happen in your twenties and most people aren’t the same from one end of the decade to the other. That theme is very prevalent in this episode. It is homecoming week in Bluebell and while Wade, George, and Lemon are reminiscing on the old days, Zoe is realizing just how much Bluebell has changed her in the few months she has been there. She isn’t the same person she was in NYC, but is she a true Bluebellian yet?

Zoe agrees to plan Lavon’s yearly homecoming party as a way to show Bluebell that she is one of them. However things quickly get out of hand when she involves her New York friend, Gigi, who is a professional party planner. She has no idea how to throw a party for Bluebell and thinks she is helping, but is really just making everything worse. Gigi throws a way over the top party for a high school homecoming and it definitely makes Zoe look even more like she doesn’t belong in Bluebell, or understand it. The only person who likes the party is Dash, because he is the only person in Bluebell who can appreciate a “good truffle foam”. Zoe feels bad that she let it get out of hand and that she seems to have offended the people of Bluebell. She is growing to appreciate who they are and her priorities are shifting. She is learning to judge people based on who they are, not what they are or what they are wearing.

Wilson Bethel, Jaime King, and Scott Porter (Image: The CW)

Meanwhile, George, Wade, and Lemon hatch a plan get back at a high school nemesis. Watching George and Wade come up with ideas was pretty fun, though they were all terrible. I think this is also the first time we have really seen these characters interact outside of George drawing up Wade’s divorce papers. Though it seems like they hung out a lot in high school, it is unclear how close they are now. I also think the show is somewhat inconsistent on this point, specifically how close any of the characters were prior to the start of the show. But it was good to see different pairings between the main characters. Up to this point we have mostly only seen Wade interacting with Zoe and Lavon, and George with the Breelands and Zoe. As the show goes on the cast will become much more intertwined, and this felt like a good start to that.

Lemon has changed a lot since she and George first fell in love in high school. At first, she is reluctant to participate in the prank, feeling like it is beneath her. Apparently, she was a pretty good prankster back in high school but feels she has grown beyond it now. However, George pulls her in saying they need her expertise. George is concerned that she isn’t as happy as she she used to be. When she was in high school she had a fun, crazy side but now she is much more reserved. She assures him that it isn’t that she isn’t happy, she has just grown up and finds fulfillment in different ways.

I enjoyed this episode, it was the most personality we have seen from George so far so that was fun. I am always a fan when large casts play around with the pairings for various storylines, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, but this mostly worked. Also seeing Lavon as the interim coach made me question why he doesn’t coach more. Yes he is the mayor, but it doesn’t seem to take up that much of his time since he is around the house an awful lot. He got very invested in the game – he looked so pained when he told the quarterback that his health was more important than football. Also every step towards Zoe falling in love with Bluebell is always good. The show obviously doesn’t work if she isn’t in Bluebell, so we know she is going to be here for the long haul.

Episode Grade: B

Does Bluebell Get It Right?

  • Small towns can get pretty into high school football. I don’t know that mine particularly was, but our team was also not very good. The neighboring town, Daphne, was much better and actually competed in state championships so I think they got more into it.

Other Thoughts:

  • Medical Case of the Week: Both quarterbacks get flu-like symptoms and then Gigi does as well after rolling around with Judson in the turf. Zoe figures out that the chemicals from the turf was making them sick.
  • Gigi’s party looked terrible but Lavon’s description of crab dip, mix CDs, and apple martinis also sounded terrible.
  • Wade tells Lemon that he isn’t a waiter, he is a bartender, but I feel like we see him wait tables plenty of times.
  • George and Wade call each other Mighty Mouse and Donkey Kong…
  • “But Joey sucks” “Yeah he does Colby, yeah he does…”
  • “I guess that would take twice the amount of tarantulas. I know a guy who can get them on the cheap” I have many questions.
  • There is a world breaking moment when Gigi says Bluebell’s homecoming is like “Friday Night Lights without all the depressing parts”. This was strange not only because Scott Porter was in both shows, but Friday Night Lights literally starts with his character getting paralyzed for life while playing football.
  • It appears Lavon played for the Carolina Panthers during his NFL days.
  • Tom being confused by everything at the party was hilarious. He doesn’t feel like food should be foamed and he just hit the centerpieces like he has never seen one before.
  • The whole town of Bluebell was deeply disturbed by the lack of chicken fingers at the party.

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