The cure to vampirism gets more complicated on The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries season 4, Episode 14 (“Down the rabbit hole”)
Steven R. McQueen and Kat Graham (Image: The CW)

The island adventures continue in this episode and with everyone split up, and the revelation that there is only one dose of the cure, the race is tighter than ever. It is another jam packed episode plot-wise and ends with a pretty exciting twist. Katherine’s return could not have been foreseen – we haven’t heard from her since the middle of last season. But we know that she always keeps tabs on Stefan so it is not too surprising that she would have heard about the cure and want it. Though what she wants it for is less clear. We’ve never gotten the impression that she wants to be human. But she is crafty and a survivor, she probably sees the cure for vampirism as fantastic leverage.

Shane purposefully separated Bonnie and Jeremy from the pack so that he could have the highest chance of getting the cure, and not being killed. He wants to raise Silas, but knowing that the others don’t, he goes rogue. Unfortunately for him, he overestimated Bonnie’s loyalty to him and underestimated her bond with Jeremy. This episode almost made me feel bad for Shane. He has essentially been under Silas’s mind control since he first came to the island a year ago. He isn’t particularly bad or good at this point, but just kind of pathetic. When he breaks his leg, Bonnie just leaves him there. Stefan also could have saved him but doesn’t. Everyone is so focused on finding the cure that it is bringing out the worst in some, but the best in others.

Damon ends up getting sidelined by another member of The Five, Vaughn. He injures Damon to the point that he is too weak to get to the cure. He tells Stefan to go on with Elena and leave him. He wants to make sure Elena is the one who gets the cure because it is what she wants. However, he doesn’t really trust himself since he doesn’t really want her to take it. He gives up on trying to get there, which Stefan thinks is him giving up on being with Elena. But it is probably the most selfless thing he has done in the series so far. He wants her to be happy no matter what it costs him.

When Rebekah finds out that there is only one dose, she still wants it for herself. I can understand why she would think she deserves it the most. She is an Original which means that no one has been a vampire longer than she has. Her life as a vampire has been pretty miserable. The more we learn about Rebekah the more tragic her character seems. Klaus has refused to let her have a life and has interfered with every good thing to come her way. She is controlled by him and every time she tries to get away, he pulls her back in. When I first watched this and didn’t know what happened to the cure I wanted her to have it the most. It would really feel like a good ending for her and a good choice for someone to cure since she is a major character, but not a central one.

When Elena finds out she immediately says she can’t be the one to take it. If there is only one, she isn’t the person who deserves it most. She decides it is time for her accept who she is a as a vampire and figure out what her new life is going to be. She recognizes that no matter what, she will be forever changed by her time as a vampire and thus she can never be who she was before. I’m glad for her to finally reach this revelation. It is not like becoming a human again will magically erase all of the things that you did as a vampire. Elena will never be the pure, innocent girl she was as a human. She killed someone, and the guilt of that isn’t going to just go away.

Realizing that they won’t be able to force the cure on him, Klaus is ready to get his revenge on Tyler. Considering that Klaus was already angry, it probably wasn’t a good idea to trap him for three days and taunt him about what you are going to do him. Klaus agrees to giving Tyler a head start, but if he finds him he will kill him. This is as much as he is willing to compromise for Caroline. He thinks that he has shown Caroline his good side, and it hasn’t been enough. This is probably why he is unwilling to show Tyler mercy. He knows that it won’t make a difference.

The big twist ending is that Katherine was also on the island and she ends up feeding Jeremy to Silas and running off with the cure. After going through everything they had to to get there, they lose the cure. I expected some complication in getting the cure because I didn’t really believe they would cure anyone at this point in the show. But I was definitely surprised for the complication to be Katherine. There was so much plot happening in this episode that it left little for character exploration. The most interesting part is probably everyone’s reaction to the news that there is only one cure. But now none of them have it, and its fate is in the hands of Katherine Pierce.

Episode Grade: B

Other Thoughts:

  • Damon: “Do I look like I know anything about tattoos? Look at my skin, it’s flawless”
  • The tombstone was just a bargaining tool for the islanders to help Shane get to the cure first. It’s core contains Qetsiyah’s calcified blood, so to the witches on the island it is very valuable.
  • It feels like a stretch that Klaus would know Aramaic – according to Wikipedia, it was replaced by Arabic in the 7th century which would have been a few hundred years before Klaus was born.
  • Stefan and Elena agree to be friends again. Good. Stefan’s bitchiness was making me like him less.
  • Damon: “If I wasn’t a vampire, then I wouldn’t be able to do 9 of the things I’m gonna do to you when I’m free”
  • Shane/Bonnie: “My leg’s broken” “Best to stay off it then” Probably my favorite Bonnie moment so far.
  • Tyler and Caroline saying goodbye was incredibly sad. I got choked up watching it.
  • Tyler: “I will live a happy life without you” – only in this context is that line sweet.
  • Damon: “Life sucks, get a helmet”
  • Katherine: “God I forgot what a brat you are”
  • Body Count: No official deaths in this episode…

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