The annual Sweetie Pie Dance is rough for multiple couples

Hart of Dixie Season 1, Episode 13 (“Sweetie Pies & Sweaty Palms”)
Wes Brown Rachel Bilson, and Wilson Bethel, Hart of Dixie

It is the annual Sweetie Pie Dance in Bluebell, which is essentially a Valentine’s dance but for adults. The people of the town put a lot of pressure on the people attending this dance. Going to it with someone apparently means that you are serious with them. Zoe is reluctant to go with Judson since they have only been on a few dates, but eventually decides there shouldn’t be anything holding her back and asks him to go. George feels that he and Lemon’s relationship has been lacking for the past couple of months and hopes that the dance will help them get some sparks back. However, both Zoe and Lemon end up too distracted with other things to focus on the people they came with. Everyone is probably putting too much stock in this dance and it ends up almost ruining multiple relationships, instead of being the romantic night it is supposed to be.

Zoe sabotages her relationship with Judson because she is too caught up in her feud with Wade. Both of them are acting pretty immature in this episode, unwilling to admit they like each other. On paper, Judson is everything that Zoe wants in a man, exactly the kind of guy she has always pictured herself with. However, in practice she is clearly bored with him. She literally has to force herself to get into the mood to spend time with him. Zoe’s biggest hurdle to happiness in Bluebell right now is her inability to see what she really wants. She recognizes that she has chemistry with Wade, but won’t consider him as a possibility because he isn’t the type of guy she thinks she is supposed to want. Wade is too afraid of her rejection to ask her out so he messes with her relationship with Judson instead. Not that Judson is any great loss to Zoe (or to viewers) but if Wade wants a shot with Zoe he is going to have to grow up.

Scott Porter and Jaime King, Hart of Dixie

George is reaching a tipping point in his relationship with Lemon. She has been distant since Christmas and he still doesn’t know why. He finally finds out, via Brick, that it has been because of what she learned about her mother. Frustrated that Brick has refused to let go of her, Lemon tells him that she has moved on and found a new family. Though it is still not the whole truth, George learning Lemon’s secret about her mother alleviates his doubts about their relationship and he is very understanding. She says she didn’t tell him because she doesn’t like him to see her so broken. She has always striven to be like her mom and now that she knows the truth she feels like her whole life has been a waste of time. George accepts this, but what he still doesn’t know is that she did confide in Lavon about all of this. Lemon puts her and George’s relationship up on a pedestal. She wants them to be the perfect couple everyone thinks they are, but that isn’t a relationship. Lavon is the one she feels she can be vulnerable with. With George, she feels the need to put up walls. She still didn’t even really tell George, he only found out because she told Brick. Like Zoe, Lemon is denying herself a potentially better relationship for the sake of the one she feels like she is supposed to have.

Lavon is still struggling to move on from Lemon and almost sabotages his relationship with Didi when he finds out her ex-boyfriend still loves her. He is afraid of getting hurt again so he breaks things off with Didi. However, he comes to his senses and they make up only for her to find a picture of Lemon hidden under his desk. Obviously this secret is going to come out eventually and it appears that time may be soon.

Though the whole Sweetie Pie Dance is pretty cheesy, I mostly liked this episode. I don’t really understand a town dance, but the show has always felt like it wants to be a bit of a teen show but with adults. All of Zoe and Wade’s shenanigans were ridiculous but shows that they are probably more on the same level than Zoe thinks. Though it is not necessarily a good level to be on. The dance focuses the episode on the various romantic relationships, most of which are on thin ice. Judson breaks up with Zoe, Didi is on the verge of finding out about Lemon’s affair with Lavon, and though Lemon and George are doing better at the end, she is still hiding a major secret from him. No one seems to be with the person they really want to be with and it is all because they can’t be honest with themselves.

Episode Grade: B

Other Thoughts:

  • Dash has a gossip site called The Blawker, where he puts all the town gossip.
  • I’m still finding Didi very annoying and unrealistically dumb. She still wins for worst fake Alabama accent.
  • Zoe is unable to say “sweetie pie” without choking which is understandable.
  • Wade: “The guy is Boresville, USA”
  • Rose: “He reminds me of a mute Rob Lowe”
  • I enjoyed that everyone else finds Judson as boring as I do.
  • I also enjoyed the mailman being petty to George when asking him if he mailed the save the dates since he wasn’t invited, “Oh look, they invited me”
  • Shelley: “Girl can’t resist the urge to stand the man up in public”
  • Joelle: “Wade I told you to get the real doctor”
  • Wade: “All day, I write Mr. Wade Hart in my notebooks”

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