Hart of Dixie’s quirk is maybe too much this episode

Hart of Dixie season 1, Episode 14 (“Aliens & Aliases”)
Jaime King, Hart of Dixie

“Aliens & Aliases” is probably one of the weirdest episodes in a show that often features quirky, over-the-top plots. A science teacher believes he is being contacted by aliens and one of the main plots is based on helping a character no one really cares about (Joelle). We unfortunately return to the “case of the week” episode structure and it really demonstrates why this it is not an element that works for this show. The last few episodes got away from them and they were much better for it.

George thinks that Lemon should take the day off from all of her many projects, especially wedding planning. However, Lemon is not someone who particularly enjoys taking the day off. She has no idea what to do with herself and can’t stop planning. Finally, Wade brings her into a scheme designed to trick Joelle’s ex-boyfriend into thinking he didn’t see her the previous night at a bar. Lemon dresses up as Joelle (and does a good job of it) and she and Wade go to a bar in another town to find the ex-boyfriend and set him straight (it was Lemon he saw, not Joelle). This whole plot is weird and is based on the idea that Wade cares enough about Joelle to go through these efforts to help her, which I am not really convinced that he does. However, watching Lemon get into character and really let loose was a lot of fun. Wade and Lemon are not characters that spend a lot of time together but they are a fun pairing when they do. They are such opposite ends of the Alabama spectrum but they were friends in high school and still seem to care about each other. It was sweet to see Lemon tell him that he deserves better than he has, he just doesn’t think he does. This whole thing does at least convince him to break up with Joelle, ideally in order to pursue something better.

The even weirder plot of this episode was the case of the week. The high school science teacher believes he is being contacted by aliens, a belief the school fires him over. George wants to find a medical explanation so he brings him to Zoe. Eventually Zoe finds that he has lead poisoning which is why he has been experiencing weird episodes, which he though was alien contact. This is possibly one of the weirdest case of the weeks the show ever has and for a show that is often over the top, this was maybe too over the top. Annoyingly, it does also loosely relate to Zoe’s problem in the episode. She learns the truth about Lavon and Lemon’s affair and struggles to know what to do with the information. She wants to tell George because she feels like a bad friend lying to him (and probably on some level because she likes him). But Lavon is also her friend and though she is disappointed in him she values her friendship with him. The science teacher doesn’t want to tell his wife that the alien contact was just lead poisoning because she too is a believer of aliens and it is part of what their relationship was founded on. He thinks that a little lie to keep their marriage alive is okay. This leads Zoe to also decide that it isn’t her place to tell anyone about Lemon and Lavon.

This is an episode I had largely forgotten and I think I have generally skipped it when rewatching this show. Though I enjoyed watching Lemon and Wade’s scheme (even if the set up felt unrealistic) and that there was some forward progress in the season long plot of Lemon and Lavon’s affair. Now that someone knows about the affair, it is only a matter of time until the information spreads. I don’t think that Zoe would actually tell anyone, but obviously these kind of secrets don’t stay secrets on television. I was not excited for the return of the case of the week and the forcing of it to relate to Zoe’s dilemma (which was a pretty weak connection). They have been less frequent in the second half of the season so far, and luckily I believe the show is going to abandon them all together pretty soon.

Episode Grade: C+

Other Thoughts:

  • Does Bluebell Get it Right? Wade and Lemon go to a bar in Fairhope (my hometown!) and I don’t believe there are any bars like that in Fairhope. At least when I lived there, there were almost no places to go out at night. Though I have heard that is changing but I still don’t think they have any country bars with dancing.
  • In order to convince Didi that the picture of Lemon wasn’t what she thought, Zoe tells her that it was her who put the picture there. She was trying to model herself after Lemon in order to fit in. Didi thinks she is trying to tell her she is in love with Lemon. Didi seems convinced.
  • Tom filling in as the receptionist was delightful and I wish he could be the receptionist always. He is so impressed with Zoe’s doctoring and just so excited in general.
  • Lemon drunkenly decides she wants to elope with George and he agrees. We will have to see if that sticks!

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