Snow in Bluebell teaches everyone a bit of reality

Hart of Dixie Season 1, Episode 15 (“Snowflakes & Soulmates”)
Cress Williams, Hart of Dixie

It is snowing in Bluebell and apparently that means chaos for the entire town. I can understand this, snow is extremely rare along the Gulf Coast and when it does happen, it feels like the whole area just shuts down. In high school I got a snow day when there was just a chance at snow, but it never came. Roads and facilities are not equipped to deal with snow so the strategy is just to stay home and stay safe. Which it seems is what everyone should be doing in Bluebell, but many seem determined to keep on with their lives. This episode deals a lot with expectations vs reality and fantasy vs. what is real. Despite the snow, they are committed to keeping up their fantasies.

Lavon’s parents are breaking up after 40 years of marriage. He is understandably upset with this (as is Wade who sees them as the perfect couple and parents) and does what he can to bring them back together. His parents have lost the spark in their marriage, and his dad, Ernie, has been inattentive of his wife, Carolyn. The distance leads Carolyn to reconnect with an old high school flame. However, they eventually realize that they can work on their marriage, the old boyfriend was a fantasy about being young and in love. Their 40 years of marriage means so much more, that is true love. Their relationship acts as a mirror for Lavon’s own relationships with Didi and Lemon. Not being able to be with the one he loves (Lemon), Lavon has convinced himself that being with Didi is the practical, realistic option and that being with someone he loves like Lemon is just a fantasy. He really wants it to work with Didi but ultimately decides that he is not in love with her and so they break up.

Lemon and George are going through with their decision to elope and are going to Charleston to do it so that no one will know. They end up bringing Magnolia and Brick along as well, even though Brick is suffering from a mild concussion. A lot of things go wrong to almost make them not make it, mostly due to the snow. It seems like they are not fated to get married on that day, but they do get there and what stops them in the end is the realization that they do want the big wedding. This is probably the best we have seen Lemon and George all season. She tells Lavon that him closing off their emotional relationship has made her and George closer, now that she is leaning on him instead of Lavon. In this episode at least it appears that Lavon was her fantasy that she got swept up in when George was unavailable, but George is her true love. She just needed to work on her relationship with him.

Zoe is expecting a call from her father after she sent him a gift to his address in Germany. Despite all of the evidence that he has no intentions of calling her, she keeps making excuses for him and finding explanations for why she hasn’t heard from him. When she finally learns that he never got the package because he moved back to New York without telling her, she realizes that their relationship has changed. She still sees him as her real father, even if he is not her biological father. He clearly doesn’t feel the same and hasn’t spoken to her since she found out. Zoe has been holding onto the fantasy that her relationship with her dad won’t have been changed, but it isn’t the truth. She sees how dedicated Brick is to seeing Lemon elope and realizes that that is how a father should feel about his daughter, and hers doesn’t.

This episode was much better than the previous one, the only real medical case was Brick who clearly had a concussion from a snowboarder (where was this guy going snowboarding on the Gulf Coast?). It felt like a Christmas episode because of all the snow but it wasn’t, it actually aired in late February. It even has the somber feel of a lot of Christmas episodes. I read an article about how the best Christmas episodes are always sad but I can’t seem to find it now. But I realize I definitely agree with it. We always expect Christmas to be a happy time of year (and thus our Christmas episodes to be happy) when in reality it is a sad time for many that highlights all the ways in which our families are not perfect. Lavon’s parents get back together, but Lavon (the character we actually care about) is single once again. I am not sad to see Didi go, her entire character was incredibly annoying, but I am sad that Lavon is still so heartbroken over Lemon. It is also sad that Zoe’s relationship with her father is so damaged and that she is finally realizing it. It in the actual Christmas episode they did we see Lemon get a reality check about her mother, and in this fake Christmas episode we see Zoe get the painful truth about her father.

Episode Grade: B+

Other Thoughts:

  • Does Bluebell Get It Right? Though “snow days” do happen on the Gulf Coast it is never that much snow. The only real snow day I ever got was in college and there was a dusting of snow/ice that didn’t even fully cover the ground. I am also really unsure where that guy with the snowboard was going. The region is very flat.
  • Lavon really has to convince himself that he thinks Didi is worthy of introducing to his parents.
  • Wade’s love of Lavon’s parents was adorable. “But I have a mother, she’s amazing” “Not really, not like Carolyn”
  • When Wade learns that Lavon’s parents are getting divorced he has the classic response of the kid thinking it’s their fault that their parents are getting divorced “I just keep thinking maybe it was something I did”
  • Tom has a dial-up connection that Zoe can use to check her old email account and that whole scene really made me want to know more about Tom’s interior life. He lives in his mom’s basement (which as Zoe points out is really a crawlspace – they don’t have basements in that region since they live at sea level) and he has built a hamster maze that takes up half the room.
  • Tom: “I have waited so long for that line to work!”
  • Tom: “If someone named JarJar8388 pops up, ignore him
  • Wade finally apologizes to Zoe for interfering in her relationship with Judson, but she admits she wasn’t in love with him.

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