George finally learns the truth about Lemon and Lavon

Hart of Dixie Season 1, Episode 18 (“Bachelorettes & Bullets”)
Jaime King, Hart of Dixie

I have already said many times that to me Hart of Dixie is about finding happiness. And in order to do that you have to first get rid of what is not working for you. Much of this first season is showing what is not working for these characters. George and Lemon don’t work. Despite many claims to the contrary, Zoe is not a New Yorker (even if she still struggles to find her place in Bluebell). Wade is wasting his time not going for what he wants because he is afraid of failure and rejection. Lavon too is so consumed by missing Lemon that he doesn’t really seem to be going for anything either. As we near the end of the season we see the show moving these characters towards those realizations.

George finally learns about Lemon and Lavon’s affair and breaks up with her. Lavon attempts to take full responsibility for the kiss George witnessed, but Lemon decides it is time to come clean. Lavon kissed her because she let him believe that there was a possibility that they could be together again. Lemon should have told him a long time ago, but George finds out because of that kiss he saw and is forced to put the pieces together on his own. Lemon is certain that George will change his mind and doesn’t start canceling anything. She continues on with her bachelorette party as if nothing happened. Lemon is so stuck on the idea that she has to be with George for her life to work that she refuses to see that she could be happy with someone else. She clearly loved Lavon, so why is she so insistent that George is the guy for her? Their relationship seems to be primarily built upon their history from high school, not who they are now. Breaking up with George could be the best thing for Lemon, and vice versa. Though they are broken up for the time being, Lemon will not let it go without a fight.

Zoe is once again caught in the middle of the George-Lemon-Lavon love triangle just by being the only other person who knows (and that she just can’t seem to stay out of it). But just as she states that she is tired of being in the middle of other people’s problems, she unwittingly gets caught in between Wade and his brother Jesse. She goes on a date with Jesse, not knowing that he is Wade’s brother. They are not very close as it is, and when Wade finds out that Zoe is hanging out with Jesse, he is extremely jealous. But their divide is about more than Zoe. Jesse got to leave Bluebell, join the army, and pursue higher education, while Wade has been stuck taking care of Earl alone. He feels inferior to his brother, but puts it on his brother’s for making him feel that way. He thinks that Jesse and Zoe look down on him for being uneducated which is why Zoe won’t seem him as a possibility (ignoring the fact that he has acted incredibly immature towards her and never really given her a reason to think he could be a contender). He thinks that Zoe is only interested in dating guys that are educated like she is. For Zoe I think it is a subconscious choice, not born out of prejudice, but it is part of that picture in her head about the kind of guy she should be with. Just as Lemon’s picture must include George, even if it isn’t necessarily what will make either of them happiest. In Zoe’s defense it is difficult for highly educated women to find men who are truly comfortable dating a woman who is more educated than them. Wade telling her that she is a snob is probably not showing her that he is going to be okay with that difference between them.

Episode Grade: B

Other Thoughts:

  • George is trying to find any explanation for what he thinks he saw between Lavon and Lemon. He makes Zoe and Wade stand incredibly close to each other which gets real awkward.
  • Wade’s plan for George’s bachelor party is to get drunk and go hunting – sounds safe.
  • Also if Wade is planning George’s bachelor party does that make him best man? That seems like a stretch. And Lavon was not initially invited?
  • Magnolia is planning Lemon’s party and she predictably makes it everything that Lemon would never want. She is only 14 and very different from Lemon.
  • Tom remains the best townie in this episode. He is horrified at the idea of them going hunting. He even goes to the hunting cabin ahead of them and hides the guns and then throws the ammo in the fire.
  • Tom: “Killers.”
  • Wade’s brother is an eco-geological oceanographer – did they just find the most specific, fancy sounding science thing possible? Also Wade’s brother is literally never seen or mentioned again. I feel like later in the series it is implied he is an only child.
  • AB: “If it comes down to Lemon and the bear, I pity the bear”
  • Does Bluebell Get It Right? There are black bears in that portion of Alabama but they are very rare on the Eastern Shore so it is pretty unlikely they would come across one. I guess those edible undies were too good to resist.
  • George very unfairly tells Zoe they are not friends if she didn’t tell him when she find out about the affair. It is not really her fault, it wasn’t her business and she and George were not that close.

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