George explores life without Lemon

Hart of Dixie Season 1, Episode 19 (“Destiny & Denial”)
Scott Porter, Hart of Dixie

Now that George knows about Lemon’s affair we can finally begin to deal with the fallout of that. Last episode George broke up with Lemon as soon as he found out and in this one he seems to be very happy with that decision, maybe too happy. Lemon is still convinced that she and George will fix things so she hasn’t told anyone about the breakup. George and Zoe get swept up in the fantasy of being together now that he is free of Lemon, but George eventually realizes that he can’t shortcut his grief. Lavon is the only level headed one, recognizing that their breakup doesn’t mean that Lemon will want him back (or that George is picking Zoe in any way).

For the first time in 15 years, George is single and without Lemon. He is living in a fantasy life, enjoying his freedom and doing all of the things he wants to do instead of having to take Lemon into account. He goes to New Orleans with Zoe where they pretend to be a couple living an adventurous life. The fantasy is only a distraction though from dealing with his anger and hurt over what Lemon did. George feeling of relief over his breakup with Lemon is very telling though. Much of his interest in Zoe stems from his desire for more. He wants to travel and do more things that he can never do with Lemon. Zoe is from New York which seems like a place he was very happy. New York represents possibilities and that is what George wants. Not being with Lemon is probably the best thing for him but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to hurt having to go through the breakup.

When Zoe hears about the breakup all she can think about is what it means for her. She tries to push George through his grief and rushes off to New Orleans when he calls. She lets herself get swept up in George’s fantasy life thinking that it means they have potential to be a great couple. But my problem with the idea of a relationship between Zoe and George is that it all seems built on what they think it will be instead of actually knowing each other. George wants a life with more culture and diversity in it (something he feels he can get with Zoe) and Zoe sees George as the kind of guy she thinks she should be with (he is attractive, nice, educated, successful). But these are not qualities that make relationships. In truth they have spent very little time together. They only see the good in each other so they think that’s all there is. Eventually the fantasy comes crashing down and George is forced to deal with his grief and anger and they leave New Orleans before anything can really happen. Zoe however is still hopeful that she can have a future with George but realizes it isn’t the right time.

Wade is realizing that he needs to change and better himself after seeing Tansy getting her life together, and Tom finding love with Wanda. He had a pretty embarrassingly drunk night where he made a lot of bad choices, none of which he remembers. I didn’t really care for his subplot, it seemed like an unnecessary way of Wade getting around to the idea that he wants to do better. There was a lot of weird fat jokes and Wade spends the whole episode trying to piece the night together only to come to a conclusion that I feel like we have already seen him arrive at before. Clearly the more important part of the episode was the stuff with George, Lemon, and Zoe and this plot felt like an after thought thrown in to give Wade something to do.

This was a good episode in the sense of where it takes Zoe, George, and Lemon. Lemon eventually accepts the breakup and George is torn between missing his relationship and enjoying being out of it. Zoe is still hopelessly in love with George which is not great as someone who has never had an interest in seeing them together. There was a lot of good town stuff as well. I loved all of Dash’s theater review and I am excited to see more of those kinds of things on the show as it lessens its focus on Zoe’s medical career. I love this show for all of the ridiculous, over-the-top town quirk and the writers seem to be figuring that out more towards the end of this season. It was probably the most musical episode of the show between the theater stuff and George’s performance at the bar in New Orleans. The only thing I really didn’t like was Wade’s storyline – it felt like it was just used as a reminder that he has a dream of opening his own bar which is important for the plot of the next episode.

Episode Grade: B+

  • Lavon/Wade: “Wade, write it down. If you do your laundry once a week, you won’t have to borrow my socks” “Yeah or your underwear”
  • Dash’s theater review seems to be focused on operas and everyone in town is miraculously a good singer, he did not pick easy songs.
    • Brick is performing “I am the Very Model of a Modern Major General” from Pirates of Penzance and watching him struggle over the lines was fun, that song is insane.
    • Lemon, Crickett, and AnnaBeth are performing “Three Little Maids From School” from The Mikado.
    • Wanda and Tom end up performing “I am the Pirate King” also from Pirates of Penzance.
  • Wanda and Tom start an adorable little romance.
  • At the bar George sings “Jambalaya (On the Bayou)” and actually does a pretty good job.
  • That couple though was over the top, convinced he must be a professional singer.
  • I had to look up who Scotty McCreery was, when he appeared on the show he had just put out his first album, and he was only 19. That couple acted like he was a huge star though. Later in the series the show will continue to have musical guests on that are newish acts but the characters act like they are a huge deal.
  • Tom: “Our life as wild bachelors was incredible” – It was half a night Tom.

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