Getting Bonnie back hits a few snags

The Vampire Diaries SEason 5, Episode 6 (“Handle with Care”)
Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley, The Vampire Diaries

Anytime an episode starts with a line like “today is the day we are going to bring Bonnie back” and “Elena is trying to have a good day” (not an exact quote) you know that Bonnie is not coming back, and no one is going to have a good day (although does anyone on this show ever have a good day?). Silas is mortal now (but still a witch) so the only thing they need to do is destroy the Other Side so he can die, but first he will bring Bonnie back. Obviously it was never going to be that simple, and Qetsiyah is smart enough to make the anchor something that Silas wouldn’t be able to destroy. She is still set on making sure he never finds happiness so she does everything she can to thwart him.

The big plot twist in the episode is that the anchor to the Other Side is actually a person, Amara, the original doppelgänger that Silas betrayed Qetsiyah for. There was only one cure to immortality and therefore they can’t both take it and die together peacefully. Amara doesn’t seem to be coping as well as Silas with having been turned to stone for 2000 years and doesn’t want to keep on living, so she takes the cure from Silas so that she can die. Of course if she dies then there goes the Other Side with Bonnie still on it. So the plot thickens a lot more. Amara is mortal and being held captive by Damon, Silas has now lost the cure (which is starting to show some negative side effects for Katherine), and Bonnie is still no closer to being brought back. With Katherine around this season, Nina Dobrev is now playing three parts at once – Katherine as a human, Elena as a vampire, and Amara as a very old, mentally unstable, human (?). It is always great when Nina Dobrev is given more to do than just playing Elena who is often a very flat character.

Stefan finds himself once again kidnapped by Qetsiyah and she wants to make sure that Silas dies and gets stuck on the Other Side. She lures Elena to her cabin and threatens to kill her if Damon doesn’t kill Silas. Her character is still just the “crazy woman” trope and it is not particularly enjoyable. She is also easily distracted by Stefan who is pretending to flirt with her so she doesn’t kill Elena. With both Qetsiyah and Silas it seems the show is going for more comedic villains rather than ones with interesting backstories. This can be fun to watch, but doesn’t give the show much depth. Though Stefan is still mad at Elena and Damon, he is starting to see that Elena is a good person and that Damon does truly love her. It is because of this that he decides to help Elena get away from Qetsiyah. Though he may have forgotten her revenge tendencies because she comes back for him at the end and gives him all of his memories back. She wants him to remember all of the pain he has experienced including killing his father, turning Damon, being a ripper, losing Elena to Damon, and how he was tortured all summer. It appears we may finally get Stefan back for real this time, though he is likely to still be mad at them all.

Probably the most fun part of the episode was Caroline and Katherine teaming up to find out more information from Dr. Maxfield about the secret vampire hating society and Megan’s death. They find out that the society is called the Augustine Society and they have their own vampire, which is the one that killed Megan. Katherine also pretends to be Elena (another side of the character Nina Dobrev plays in this episode) to prove to the society that she isn’t a vampire. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them working together. We don’t see Caroline torture people very much so that was a fun side to see.

Though this episode did not convince me that the Qetsiyah/Silas storyline was anything to get excited for, it did at least move it forward (and closer to a resolution). Katherine is falling apart since she lost the cure, will the same happen to Silas? Hopefully. Amara doesn’t seem long for this world so they will have to figure something out quick to get Bonnie back before she kills herself. Although once we are done with Silas, the Augustine storyline will be next up and it is one my least favorites of the series. Season 5 does get better in the second half, but this first half is becoming a real slog to get through. The problem is that it isn’t terrible, but it isn’t great. Either of those things are easy to talk about, episodes and storylines that are just uninteresting are the most difficult to discuss.

Episode Grade: 5.5/10

Other Thoughts:

  • Silas has gotten extra sassy as a mortal who is very excited to die.
  • Silas: “Good morning frenemies”
  • Silas: “I feel like I’m constantly reinventing myself” – kind of like Stefan in this season and his many personalities.
  • Stefan: “One good thing about having amnesia is I don’t remember how I got in the middle of all this” That makes two of us.
  • Silas’s knock knock was possibly the only knock knock joke I have every laughed at. I think Paul Wesley’s delivery was what really made it but it was also absurd.
    • “No one. That’s the joke. No one’s there because I killed the mayor”
  • Silas: “It binds a spell to a supernatural hell dimension. It’s not going to look like a freaking Ikea sink”
  • Body Count: 2, Damon kills both of the travelers that show up to protect the anchor.

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