Season 5's first story arc comes to an end, thank goodness

The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Episode 7 (“Death and the Maiden”)
Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries

This episode marks the end of the first story arc of the season, the Silas/Qetsiyah/Amara complication. In my review for the season 5 opener I mentioned that this season’s pace and format is changed a bit from previous seasons. There are three major story arcs throughout the season all of which are initially set up in the season premiere, but only one is really focused on at a time. I’m not sure if this is a better format for the show or not, but at least it means that plots that you don’t like are not focused on for an entire season (like the sire bond from season 4). This episode provides resolution for the first arc, killing off all of the major players including Silas, Amara, and Qetsiyah.

After Amara took the cure from Silas all he has to do is let her die and theoretically the Other Side would be destroyed along with her. They figure out that if they can make Bonnie the anchor to the Other Side instead of Amara then she can come back, so they turn to Qetsiyah for help, who is successful in doing the swap. Amara dies, Bonnie becomes the anchor, Stefan kills Silas, and Qetsiyah kills herself so she can be with Silas for eternity on the Other Side. After everything that happened, Qetsiyah still wants to be with Silas, even if he doesn’t want to be with her. She won, not just over Silas, but also the universe if you believe in the fate of the doppelgängers. In that sense I liked the ending of it all. I don’t find fate a particularly interesting story concept, as it takes away choices. If characters can’t make choices, they aren’t very interesting. Even if it didn’t really feel like Qetsiyah deserved to win, it is better than the idea that no matter what happens, two people will be together because that is what “the universe” has decided.

Stefan has his memories back and as a consequence he is reliving his trauma from the summer over and over again. It makes it impossible for him to be himself and think clearly. He is more concerned with killing Silas than bringing Bonnie back, something that normal Stefan would never do. It is similar to how he was after he was released from Klaus’s compulsion. Even though he had free will back, he could only focus on getting revenge on Klaus and it almost cost him all of his relationships. He thinks that killing Silas will make the visions stop, but ultimately it doesn’t. He is not only suffering from the physical and mental torture, but also from the knowledge that Damon and Elena weren’t the ones to save him. He held onto hope all summer that they would come to rescue him, but they never did. They were happy and in love while he suffered and he can’t get over that. Even with Silas dead, the effects of being locked in that safe for months will continue to haunt Stefan.

Losing the cure has caused Katherine to begin aging rapidly. As long as she had the magic of the cure running through her veins she would be able to live a normal human life. Now that she doesn’t have that magic, her body is catching up to where it should be, which should have died 500 years ago. But in true Katherine Pierce fashion she isn’t going down without a fight. She tries to make a deal with Qetsiyah to do a spell to slow the aging process, but Qetisyah declines. Messing with people’s life spans only comes with consequences, as she learned from what she started with Silas 2000 years ago. Not even being aware that she only has a few months to live, Nadia wants to bond with her mother. Katherine however is much more concerned with figuring out how to extend her already very long life than getting to know her daughter in the little time she has left. If there is any sort of redemption for Katherine, it probably lies in Nadia. But will she take it?

I can’t tell if I actually liked this episode more or if I was just happy to be done with this storyline, probably the latter. Even though Qetsiyah kind of ended up being the villain of the story, I enjoyed her still winning in the end. She is the only one who got what she wanted, other than everyone who wanted Bonnie back. But Bonnie’s resurrection comes with a price. She is now the anchor to the Other Side meaning that all supernatural beings must pass through her when they die. We’ve already seen the effect that had on Amara. Luckily for Bonnie she isn’t immortal so she won’t have to put up with it for 2000 years, but still. Next up we have what I call the “mad scientist plot” as we will dive more into what is going on at Whitmore. I will say, it is not better than this plot, but it is less boring. I found this section of the show extremely difficult to write about, mostly because it just wasn’t that interesting. The mad scientist plot is frustrating for MANY reasons, but at least it evokes some emotion, and I will take that over boring any day.

Episode Grade: 6.5/10

Other Thoughts:

  • I will miss Silas’s sassiness. The bus stop scene at the beginning was probably the best part of the episode.
  • Silas: “I’m sitting in a bus stop in frigging Delaware” “You’re in Philly” “I’m in Philly? Oh God, it’s even worse”
  • The detox cellar makes its first appearance of the season! This time it is holding Amara so she won’t kill herself.
  • Dr. Maxfield: “Patient is irritable, not sure if this is a symptom or personality”
  • The weirdest thing about season 5’s format is that they bring up plots and then drop them for several episodes until they have time for them later. Generally TVD is much more fast paced with these things. Remember how Jesse became a vampire two episodes ago? Now we haven’t seen or heard from him since.
  • Damon: “You remember Amara, right? Brunette, brown eyes, I’m surprisingly not in love with her”
  • Katherine: “The cute one’s here”
  • Qetsiyah: “True love prevails. Universe be damned”
  • Body Count: 2, Silas kills the guy at the bus stop and Stefan kills Silas.

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