Hart of Dixie kicks off Season 2!

Hart of Dixie Season 2, Episode 1 (“I Fall to pieces”)
Jaime King and Rachel Bilson, Hart of Dixie

We have finally arrived at Season 2! This season features some big changes for the show as well as the characters, and it is much better for it. It is the season where everyone really starts to question the lives they have been leading and what will make them happy. Season 1 was a good introduction to the show, but it really starts to shine in the second, which is also its best. I am very excited to get into everyone’s journeys.

This episode really focuses on how the events of the Season 1 finale affect both Lemon and Zoe. Though George is the one who incited the complications by breaking up with Lemon, he is the much more passive party in this episode. He broke up with Lemon and told Zoe it was for her, but he spends most of the episode waiting to find out if Zoe is going to choose to be with him… she doesn’t. Initially, Zoe is confused about how she feels about both George and Wade, but her decision to not be with George right now has nothing to do with Wade. George has been with Lemon for 15 years and has only just recently started to envision his life without her. Zoe is absolutely right that he needs time to be single, date other people, and figure who he is and what he wants before he jumps into another relationship. He feels like he is ready, but Zoe knows that if they get together now it will end badly. She would rather wait and hope that they can have something down the line but now is not the time. She is surprisingly mature about it all.

Wade on the other hand is being very immature this episode. He is afraid that even if he tries to fight for Zoe, she will inevitably pick George so he doesn’t try. Wade’s biggest flaw right now is that when he is afraid of failure, he runs away. He acts like he doesn’t care about being with Zoe, that it was just about sex for him. Of course we, and Zoe, know that that isn’t true and that he just doesn’t believe he can compete with George so he takes himself out of the race. You can’t lose if you don’t play. Zoe sees through it and knows why he is acting like this which only frustrates her. Who wants to be with someone that can’t be honest about their feelings? Even though she sees what he is doing, she still falls for his goading her into sleeping with him again to prove that she is more than a “B-” in bed. The whole rating her in bed thing was weird and gross, it dates the show for sure. I don’t think that that kind of thing would have happened if this was written today, we have come a long way in 8 years. They are not exactly headed in a healthy direction right now, where they are sleeping together while pretending not to like each other, but most journeys are not linear.

Lemon is the real star of this episode and she really starts to come alive this season. George and Lemon needed to be broken up so that both of them can find themselves and greater happiness. Both of them will emerge better having gone through this, especially Lemon. She has always judged her life based on what it looked like from the outside. She has never asked herself who she wants to be and George breaking up with her forces her to re-evaluate everything. She realizes that she has never really had to make it on her own before, she has always depended on Brick and George to care for her financially and she has focused on charity and social events that don’t pay her. She doesn’t want everyone to think that George leaving her has broken her. No one seems to think that she can get a job and live on her own, which only fuels her desire more. She wants to be more than somebody’s wife or daughter and decides she is going to get a job and move out from Brick’s house. Wade offers her a job at the Rammer Jammer which will likely be a disaster, but it is a start.

This episode also introduced Ruby. She is originally from Bluebell and dated Lavon in high school. She moved away after and started her own very successful cosmetics company. She is back to help with her grandparents and she immediately hits it off with Zoe. They are very similar, both ambitious career women who are more accustomed to the big city but find themselves being drawn to Bluebell. She also has an old rivalry with Lemon, probably because they are both leaders.

Episode Grade: 8/10

Other Thoughts:

  • Zoe and Brick’s office building changed on the outside, but the inside is the same.
  • The intro has also changed to include the full main cast instead of just Zoe.
  • Crickett: “Lemon’s not like you, she cares what people think”
  • Lemon: “I. Can. Hear. You.”
  • Zoe: “Wade and I… connected”
  • Crickett: “Living on your own is like saying you’ve given up. It’s one step away from letting your hair go gray and caring about animals…” Crickett had some great lines this episode.
  • Dash briefly discusses Lavon’s re-election with him. He is currently running unopposed but that will change and it is a big part of this season.
  • Brick goes on a date with one of George’s relatives, Emily.
  • Ruby vs. Lemon will prove to be a great dynamic this season. “Lemon Breeland is that you!” “Oh, dear God, no”.
  • Lavon: “A girlfriend! Good for you. And me. Mostly me” Regardless of what Lavon says, he is a great girlfriend.
  • The whole “hostage” situation was ridiculous but very Bluebell. Sheriff Bill clearly has no idea how to handle a real crisis.
  • Sheriff Bill: “Oh man. I was finally going to solve a real crime”
  • Season 2 also ends with alliteration naming of episodes and switches I believe to titles of country songs. “I Fall to Pieces” is a song by Patsy Cline.

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