Hart of Dixie’s characters have a lot of growing up to do

Hart of Dixie Season 2, Episode 4 (“Suspicious Minds”)
Rachel Bilson, Wilson Bethel, and Stephen Bishop, Hart of Dixie

No personal journey is a straight line and that is very clear in this episode. One of the reasons that I think this is Hart of Dixie‘s best season is because it focuses on the character’s faults and them actually beginning to recognize them. It is much easier to forgive someone’s faults if they themselves actually recognize them. A lot of the plots of this episode could have been avoided if people were mature and had a single conversation with the person they were having an issue with (Zoe and George), but how often do we actually get straight to having those conversations in real life? Confrontation is difficult and avoiding it often feels easier, even if it creates more problems in the long run. On the other hand, Lemon is growing at the fastest rate and is actually the most mature in this episode. “Suspicious Minds” highlights both Zoe and George’s biggest issues and shows why Lemon is going to be just fine.

Zoe is being very immature and just plain unlikeable in this episode. As much as she would like to think she is so much more mature and put together than Wade, this is clearly not the case. She uses Ruby’s cousin to make Wade jealous and then just ends up making a fool of herself. A lot of this plot could have been avoided if Zoe just had a single conversation with Wade at the beginning of the episode instead of at the end, especially considering it was all built on a misunderstanding. She also potentially ruins Lavon’s chances at re-election, another casualty in her games with Wade. As annoying as she was in this episode, I do appreciate that the show doesn’t make it just Wade who has to prove himself worthy of Zoe, but that they both have a lot of growing up to do. Zoe being the more successful, educated one could easily have the upper hand. They could have gone the route of Wade feeling inferior because of their different education levels and though that is brought up, it is never the focus of why their relationship is difficult. It is more often put on Zoe being a snob than Wade actually being lesser in any way. But all of her education has not made her any more mature or knowledgable when it comes to personal relationships. They both have a lot to learn in that area.

George spends most of the episode trying, and failing, to break up with Shelby. They clearly have nothing in common but he has no idea how to let her down. He gets advice from Wade (a mistake) and he tells him to use the “compliment sandwich” where you give the person a compliment, break up with them, and then compliment them again. Not only does this not work for George, it is terrible advice. No one really wants to hear about how great they are while they are being broken up with. Then when he finds out about Lemon’s pregnancy scare he rushes back to tell her he would be there for her. Lemon once again being the more adult one, tells him that it would have been a bad idea. She knows that George would have only been doing it because it is what he thinks he should, not because he would have wanted it. George being the southern gentlemen he is always does what he feels is right for others, not what is right for himself. And he really needs to start prioritizing himself more.

Lemon forces Lavon to let her be his campaign manager, despite his reluctance due to their personal history. Unsurprisingly, she is pretty good at it and fixes her (and Zoe’s) mistake that could have cost Lavon the re-election. She let Lavon take the fall for her shoplifting the pregnancy test but when she sees what it cost him, she makes it right. Even if it has been a struggle, Lemon is adapting to independence pretty well. She is finding out what is for her and actively fixing what isn’t. Brick and Magnolia are not doing as well as they realize just how much they depended on Lemon to run the household. There is no doubt that Lemon will be fine. She is strong willed and stubborn and once she finds what she wants, she will get it.

Episode Grade: 7.5/10

Other Thoughts:

  • Lavon has no interest in listening to Zoe’s drama about Wade which is fair. But when he does he shows why he is such a good friend. He actually listens, lets Zoe vent her frustrations, and then helps her to see what the real problem is.
  • Shelby has a discount shopping addiction and is trying to get George hooked. “She keeps on sending me links for designer ties at incredibly reduced prices”.
  • Ruby: “Is it George? Is it Wade? Is it… you know, that’s all there is”
  • Ruby: “An unspoken agreement with Wade Kinsella?”
  • Poor Zach he seems like a genuinely nice, cool guy and Zoe is treating him terribly.
  • I think this was the first time we met Frank the owner of the Dixie Stop. Was this also the first time we hear it called that? It was featured a couple of times in the first season but I don’t know that they actually called it that.
  • Wade: “Well I suppose alligators do have internal sex organs”.
  • Lavon takes some blame for what happened with Zoe because he wasn’t willing to listen to her talk about Wade. He is being too nice, it is all Zoe’s fault.
  • Episode Title Trivia: “Suspicious Minds” is a song by Elvis Presley.

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