Another love triangle emerges in Bluebell

Hart of Dixie Season 2, Episode 5 (“Walkin’ AFter Midnight”)
Cress Williams and Kaitlyn Black, Hart of Dixie

Love triangles are never in short supply in Bluebell. They never really go away, the players just shift from time to time. In season 1 there were three that were all tightly linked together, but in this season they have separated to two distinct triangles. Zoe and George still in love with each other, except now Zoe has also developed real feelings for Wade as well. Lemon and Lavon are also still in love, but now AnnaBeth is also showing feelings for Lavon. However, Lavon doesn’t seem to have considered AnnaBeth in that way before. Both triangles are given a lot of attention in this episode, both of which feature a fake relationship while the third party looks on.

George has been sleepwalking and in this state he believes that Zoe is his girlfriend, leading him to her house every night. Zoe allows herself to get caught up in the fantasy of being with George, even though she is technically with Wade. George is seeing Zoe this way in his sleepwalking state because he hasn’t legitimately tried to move on from her. He is just biding his time until he can be with Zoe by going on meaningless dates. Initially Wade allows the situation to play out in front of him until he finally stands up for himself and his “relationship” with Zoe. She made the rules in their relationship, but forgets them when it comes to George. It was good to see Wade stand up for himself and is a mark of growth in his character from just a few episodes ago. Instead of acting like he doesn’t care or responding by hooking up with someone else, he enforces the rules that Zoe set forth. Now that he has her, even if it is in a casual way, he isn’t going to give up so easily.

Zoe chooses Wade over George in this episode and it is a sign that these triangle is getting much more muddled. Does Zoe really believe that George needs to first develop a meaningful connection with someone besides her? It seems that it is entirely up to her to decide when he has sufficiently moved on, instead of allowing him to make that decision for himself. She is trying to protect herself from potential heartbreak, but pushing him to developing feelings for other people means that they may never be together. She has to know that, but she continues to push him away anyway. Is it because she actually wants to explore what she and Wade have? Or does she just see him as someone to bide her time with? Zoe still has this idea of her and George being endgame but she is really putting that in jeopardy.

Lavon and AnnaBeth pretend to be in a relationship to persuade Auburn fans to vote for Lavon, a former Alabama linebacker. This plot definitely brings the college football obsession in Alabama to somewhat ridiculous heights, but it is like a religion there and some take it very seriously. AnnaBeth is doing this because she likes Lavon and she hopes that if they spend enough time together that he will develop feelings for her as well. Lemon is extremely jealous of this and watches on bitterly as they schmooze voters. Until she blows up at Lavon for being dishonest and playing political games. Though Lemon would 100% have done the same thing, she is certainly not above going through with crazy schemes to get what she wants. Her feelings for Lavon have reemerged without her quite realizing it until now. He still cares what she thinks clearly because her being angry with him is enough to make him call off the plan. But Lemon’s feelings for Lavon are now complicated by the fact that her best friend also has feelings for him.

This was a fun episode but not as good as some other early season 2 installments. I am always happy to get more AnnaBeth whose role will only continue to be expanded. I also enjoyed Wade standing up for himself with the Zoe and George situation. I always find Zoe the most frustrating when she is motivated by her feelings for George and blind to how it affects those around her, mostly Wade. The idea of Zoe and George has driven so much of the plot of this show so far but actually having them be together would be boring. So they have to keep inventing reasons for them not to be together, which gets exhausting to say the least.

Episode Grade: 7.5/10

Other Thoughts:

  • This was a Hart of Dixie’s first, and maybe only, Halloween episode.
  • Wade: “Have you considered the possibility of demons?”
  • Lemon has made all of the Belle’s join in Lavon’s campaign.
  • All of the women that George has been going on dates with have very annoying voices. He ends the episode asking out Presley, a beer distributor for the Rammer Jammer. She is going to be much more of a challenge for him, a girl not wooed by the fact that he is George Tucker.
  • AB got Romeo and Juliet costumes for her and Lavon for the Rammer Jammer Halloween party.
  • Lemon goes as Marilyn Monroe.
  • Wade goes as James Bond, which I think was just an excuse for him to put on a tux.
  • Wade guesses that Zoe’s stalker was either Tom Long (makes sense) or Crickett (an odder choice).
  • Zoe thinks that George going to the party as a firefighter (which she suggested Wade be) is a sign that they are fated for each other… it is also a very common costume.
  • Tom Long is a piece of bacon and Wanda is a fried egg, because of course they are.
  • Lemon: “Wanda. I’m switchin’ to gin”
  • AB: “I figured looking past his poor choice in college was the Christian thing to do”. I could vote for someone who played for Alabama if they were a good candidate, but I could not date them.
  • The matriarch of the Beaudry’s seems to have the power to decide who their entire extended family is voting for.
  • Episode Title Trivia: “Walkin’ After Midnight” is a Patsy Cline song. The second Patsy Cline song they have used this season.

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