Lavon defends his mayoral title

Hart of Dixie Season 2, Episode 6 (“I Walk the Line”)
Cress Williams, Hart of Dixie

It is election day in Bluebell and it is exactly what you would think. There is small town quirk and ever shifting love triangles. The episode originally aired a week after the 2012 presidential election. Had it aired a week earlier I would have said that it was a PSA for voting considering there is quite a bit of election ethics and comes down to literally one, absentee ballot vote.

Lavon and Ruby are running on opposite platforms that are pretty much the small-town clichés. Lavon wants to preserve Bluebell’s small-town, southern charm. Ruby wants to modernize it. However, neither of them seem as dedicated to their platform as they are to their newly developed feelings for each other. To the point that Lavon is almost hopeful he will lose so that Ruby will stay in town. While everyone else is fighting for Lavon to get every possible vote, he is just concerned with whether he should tell Ruby about his feelings for her. Lemon on the other hand is intensely fighting for Lavon to win which is primarily motivated by her hatred for Ruby. When she realizes that Lavon and Ruby are developing feelings for each other she quits. She finally tells AnnaBeth about her affair with Lavon. AnnaBeth still has feelings for Lavon but when she learns about Lemon’s history with him she supports her fighting for him. I don’t even know what shape to call this love web? anymore.

In the fight for Lavon to get every vote, some election ethics are brought up. The first is Tansy who has moved back to town, but just over the town line. Lemon sends Wade to get her to vote for Lavon, but since she doesn’t technically live in Bluebell she feels it would be dishonest of her to vote. Even though it is a mobile home and she could just move it. Tansy is trying to do better in life and though it may seem ridiculous this little thing act of integrity is important to her. Wade doesn’t really get that and calls in George to help him move the trailer anyway. George actually listens to Tansy and strikes up a deal that will help her cosmetology business. Once again demonstrating the dichotomy between these two characters. Both are charming in very different ways. George makes you feel like he cares, that you are important, and that he will always strive to do the right thing. So when he asks you to help out you feel like it is the right thing to do. Wade on the other hand mostly thinks of himself and won’t take the time to make you feel important. But he’s got a great smile. Last season we saw Wade always feeling inferior to George because he was able to get a response out of a woman that Wade couldn’t, which is pretty much what he is doing here. But that was because it was Zoe and not Tansy who Wade constantly forgets has/or had real feelings for him.

The other bit of election ethics involves George not coming off as well. His new girlfriend Presley doesn’t believe in voting. She thinks that elections are controlled by corporations and that real people’s votes don’t count. George being himself is able to convince her that she should. Until votes for Ruby which was the opposite of what George was trying to do. He didn’t really care about her voting, he was just trying to get another vote for Lavon. This essentially ends their relationship when she realizes that his big speech was about getting her to vote for who he wanted her to, not because voting in general is important.

Zoe this episode is pretty much just relegated to a side plot involving Brick’s long distance relationship and teaching Magnolia to drive. One of the great things about this season is how much it opens up the storylines to more than just Zoe and there are episodes like this one where she plays a pretty minor role. The show is realizing how great its extended cast is and is really starting to utilize them. Zoe is still the main character but the others are getting more than just supporting roles.

Episode Grade: 7.5/10

Other Thoughts:

  • Lemon is on fire in this episode. I wanted to write down literally everything she said. But my favorite is the quick, bitchy smile she gives Ruby in the opening scene. It makes me wish I knew how to make a gif.
  • Magnolia: “Dr. Hart, you have to fix my dad” Zoe: “Oh I like that idea but I’m not a vet”
  • “Bear down!”
  • AB: “Am I the only one that needs a cigarette after that?”
  • Lemon: “Is this person your girlfriend?” George: “We’re dating…” Lemon: “Is she old enough to vote?”
  • AB: “In Auburn, Alabama it is illegal to deflower a virgin” Lemon: “So? In Auburn you are unlikely to encounter one”
  • Wade doesn’t just move Tansy’s trailer six feet, he moves it all the way to the town square. But I don’t think they make it in time for her to vote.
  • Episode Title Trivia: “I Walk the Line” is of course a Johnny Cash song.

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