Zoe is romantically pursued by a minor

Hart of Dixie Season 2, Episode 7 (“Baby Don’t Get Hooked on Me”)
Rachel Bilson, Hart of Dixie

Only in Bluebell could a woman in her late twenties be romantically pursued by a minor and the town be upset with her for breaking it off. This is one of my favorite episodes of Hart of Dixie, it has a lot of town quirk – a 14-year-old puts on a flash mob to impress Zoe and the rest of the town is okay with it. But the absurdity of that doesn’t overshadow the character development. Lemon and AnnaBeth are both starting to take control of their lives and AnnaBeth is fighting to have an identity that isn’t overshadowed by Lemon. Meanwhile, Wade gets pointers on romantic gestures from a kid who can’t drive a woman to their date. The show has come a long way since the early days where every episode was centered around Zoe learning lessons about community and it is much better for it.

Zoe is starting to feel the lack of romance in her and Wade’s relationship. The casual arrangement is not enough for her anymore and seeing others in happy relationships is making her jealous. She tells Wade (in so many words) that she needs to feel special as well and he struggles to find a way to do it (a glow in the dark thong Wade? Really?). He has never had to do any sort of romantic gesture before, his charm has always gotten him pretty far. He has also never dated anyone who would have asked for it, though I am sure many a lady (Tansy) would have appreciated it. Other than his brief marriage to Tansy, this is probably the only monogamous relationship he has been in his whole life.

Set up in direct comparison is Max, Bluebell High’s placekicker that Rose has a crush on. Max gets all of his confidence from having a girlfriend. When his previous girlfriend moves to Montana, Zoe tries to push him towards Rose, but he develops a crush on Zoe instead. Max has no problems with romantic gestures, he is just focusing them on the wrong person. Even though Zoe is weirded out by being pursued by a minor, she applauds his bravery. But Max in general places too much of his confidence in who he is dating, instead of having it come from himself. Wade on the other hand has no shortage of self-confidence. Zoe pushes Wade to put more effort into making her feel special, but she pushes Max to make himself feel special without the help of another person. It isn’t hypocritical, it is okay to need acknowledgment from your partner, so long as it isn’t your only source of confidence.

Lemon and AnnaBeth are both looking to start careers and both want to start a catering business. However, AnnaBeth doesn’t want to do it with Lemon because she has never had something to herself. These are both women who for so long were defined by their roles in other people’s lives, AnnaBeth by her husband and Lemon by being Brick’s daughter and George’s partner. Now they are both trying to find their own way. AnnaBeth has taken orders from Lemon their whole lives and wants to be the one in charge for once, but she knows if she works with Lemon that won’t happen. I loved seeing AnnaBeth stand up to Lemon in this episode, and take the opportunity to have their business named after her. AnnaBeth is beginning to fight Lemon to be her equal and it is fantastic. George eventually helps them to see that they work best together, AnnaBeth is a better cook, but Lemon the better organizer. Both of these women are finding themselves outside of their relationships for the first time and they should be doing it together.

One of my favorite things about this show is how it really pushes for everyone to have full lives that aren’t dominated by either the personal or professional aspects. In the first season Zoe and Lemon were set up as opposites, each having what the other lacked. This season features both of them going after what the other has always had and puts Lemon on a parallel trajectory with AnnaBeth. Zoe has a career and she has chosen to stay in Bluebell so she doesn’t really need to fight for that anymore. But she has never really had a relationship and a lot of this season is about her figuring out how to do that. Lemon and AnnaBeth have always had the relationships, but never careers and they are working to find themselves in that way this season and especially this episode.

Episode Grade: 9/10

Other Thoughts:

  • Wade: “We also missed out on Bieber fever”
  • Lavon and Ruby are a couple now and Zoe is grossed out by it. She also hasn’t been so forgiving of Ruby as Lavon has.
  • Rose is going to fill in as the receptionist for Zoe and Brick, she is cute but I wish they would bring Tom back.
  • I loved Rose’s face when Zoe defended her “stylish put professional” shorts.
  • Max’s flash mob dance is to “Bad Case of Loving You” originally by Moon Martin.
  • Earl is a part of the flash mob and it is amazing.
  • Olympic gymnast, McKayla Maroney guests as Rose’s friend Tanya. Her acting is atrocious but she gives good bitch face.
  • Lemon: “We need you to draw up the papers. For free of course for leaving me at the alter and all”
  • Lavon is watching replay of the game on a tiny portable DVD player? Doesn’t he have a large TV in the living room?
  • Wade ends up making Zoe some really gross looking cookies but she appreciates the thought.
  • Episode Title Trivia: “Baby Don’t Get Hooked on Me” is by Mac Davis.

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