RIP Katherine?

The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Episode 15 (“Gone Girl”)
Kat Graham and Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries

After over 500 years, Katherine Pierce finally dies, probably. She is expelled from Elena’s body and with her own body gone she will die. However she did not go to the Other Side. She was unable to pass through Bonnie. She instead got swept away to another unknown dimension. Did she skip purgatory all together and go straight to hell? Or whatever other after life exists for supernatural beings? She is human at this point and thus maybe couldn’t go to the Other Side because she isn’t supernatural. But she is still a doppelgänger. Do doppelgängers go to the Other Side? The way the afterlife is treated on this show is very interesting and doesn’t necessarily fit into the heaven/hell system. All we know about at this point is that the Other Side is like purgatory and there is something beyond for those that find peace. Either way Katherine Pierce is gone for good, but she didn’t leave without getting her one last bit of revenge, infecting Elena with a werewolf venom version of the “ripper virus”. We have gotten so much of Katherine this season, it is difficult to believe that she is gone for good. Of course it is Katherine and she has a knack for never dying, but it seems unlikely at this point.

This time Katherine makes the choice to die instead of run. It is sort of her mini-redemption. She could have gone on the run like she did with Klaus and continue to fight for survival, but it isn’t really a life. She has ruined any chance she had at love and the only person who cared about her is now dead as well. She chooses to say goodbye to Nadia even though she knows that the squad will be waiting to kill her the moment Nadia is dead. Katherine is a survivor. When she finally goes to die it is her choice. In “500 Years of Solitude” we heard everyone list their grievances about Katherine, all the various ways she ruined their lives. In this one we hear Katherine’s spin on those deeds as she says goodbye to each of them. She sees it as her giving their lives purpose, improving them. Damon always says that Katherine ruined him, made him into the monster he is. But from what we have seen of Damon when he was human, he was weak. She has made him strong. Tyler has certainly grown into a better person since he became a werewolf. As a human he was a jerk, becoming a werewolf gave him humility and a new family. Caroline will even admit she is better off as a vampire, it gave her confidence and strength. Of course she glosses over all of the other things she did that weren’t better for them. Good or bad, they have all been changed by Katherine Pierce, she has done her damage and now it is time for her to go.

Caroline and Tyler have a conversation that is essentially the one that tells us these two are done as a couple. They haven’t been a couple all season but they both have been holding onto hope that maybe they still could be in the future, but I think they are past that here. Tyler will never be able to get past her sleeping with Klaus and she is tired of him constantly judging her for it. I enjoyed them as a couple, especially early on when Caroline helps Tyler to become a better version of himself and helps him through his werewolf transition. But the show is ready to move on from them. The show is struggling this season to incorporate Tyler which is probably why he has been so absent most for most of it. Without any werewolf/hybrid/Klaus storylines there isn’t much for Tyler to do other than have him helping out with schemes. And now he isn’t even with Caroline.

The episode primarily dealt with the squad figuring out how to kill Katherine and get Elena back. It also cleaned up some characters from this season so that it can move onto the last major plot of the season. Nadia is dead, as is Dr. Maxfield (thanks to Damon). With the Augustine Society gone and Dr. Maxfield dead, the mad scientist plot can finally die as well, once they deal with the whole ripper virus that is. It was a fine episode and certainly necessary to move the story forward, but that is mostly what it was good for. Katherine will be missed as a character and it is a bit surprising that they would make the choice to kill her off, it is always such fun to see Nina Dobrev go between the two characters. Maybe they felt they had done everything they could with her and certainly after this round of her villainy they are probably right.

Episode Grade: 7/10

Other Thoughts:

  • Katherine refuses to ask Klaus for blood to cure Nadia because it would jeopardize her Elena cover, but he would 1000% not give it to her.
  • Tyler: “So how do we kill the bitch?”
  • Damon cuts off Dr. Maxfield corneas before he kills him, because he is just a bit extra.
  • Nadia’s last words were a fitting eulogy for Katherine “She is a liar. And a murderer. She manipulates. She betrays. She will do anything to survive”.
  • Tyler is responsible for Nadia’s death making this only his second kill in the show and the first since he turned in season 2.
  • Katherine: “I guess this is how our love story ends”
  • Matt wants to bury Nadia somewhere other than the woods by the Salvatore house but it is never explained where exactly.
  • Also those woods must have a lot of bodies.
  • Body Count: 3, Tyler kills Nadia, Damon kills Dr. Maxfield, and Stefan kills Katherine.

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