Bluebell throws a picnic auction

Hart of Dixie Season 2, Episode 9 (“Sparks Fly”)
Hart of Dixie

This week’s town event is a picnic basket auction that is the same premise as the Gilmore Girls episode “A-Tisket, A-Tasket”. The only difference is that in this one the guys make the baskets and girls bid on them. I like the gender flip, it makes it a bit less sexist. “A-Tisket, A-Tasket” is one of my favorite Gilmore episodes, which is probably why I noticed some very specific similarities between the two. Considering that Hart of Dixie films on the same town set as Gilmore Girls I imagine they got the idea from them. Or is this something people actually do? Either way it is a convenient way to cause awkwardness and drama between couples and throw together new pairings. Some people got paired with exactly who they wanted, some are unexpected successes, and others end up having some extremely awkward picnics.

Let’s start with Zoe and Wade. To say this didn’t go well would be huge understatement. Wade has been avoiding Zoe since the previous episode, until he decides he wants to go on a real date with her and uses the picnic auction to make that happen. He is finally putting himself out there and going for what he wants, but Zoe is the worst about it. She completely freaks out because she doesn’t want things to change between them. She is so afraid that they won’t have anything to talk about that she pretty much ruins the whole thing before giving it a chance. Which is all a bit ridiculous considering how much time they have spent together at this point and we have seen them have many organic conversations. But all of a sudden she feels pressure because it is a date. Wade is very hurt by her clear pain at having to make conversation with him. When she makes a comment about George and Tansy not being serious contenders, Wade knows she is really talking about them. As I said in the last episode, they are the same couple with the genders flipped. The picnic pretty much ends in them breaking up.

Speaking of George and Tansy they go on their first date when George intentionally puts strange things in his basket that only Tansy would like. They end up having a fun date that ends with George punching a car window to get her dog back from her ex-boyfriend. They have a very Legally Blonde moment when George makes up some laws that says Tansy is the rightful owner of the dog. Clearly Tansy is going to keep George on his toes and bring some adventure to his life. Whether or not they have much of a future is not really the point. George needs someone who will push him outside of his comfort zone. He and Lemon lived such structured lives which is largely why they didn’t work out. George wanted more adventure and spontaneity in his life and Tansy is a great person for that, probably much better than Zoe.

Lemon and Lavon end up together unintentionally, Lemon thought she was bidding on someone else’s basket. Ruby also forgot to find out which basket was Lavon’s so she didn’t bid at all. Lavon had this whole romantic, over-the-top thing planned for Ruby and ends up having to do it with Lemon. It is mostly very awkward but they are good sports about it. Lavon reminisces a bit about their relationship and tells her that if he hadn’t had his heart broken by her, he wouldn’t be in a position now to know what real love is. He feels that he has real love with Ruby and he is going to fight for her to stay in Bluebell. Poor Lemon just listens to all of this while she is still in love with him. Lavon is definitely a hopeless romantic which is probably what makes him think he can convince Ruby to stay. It would be unfair of him to ask her to give up her career for him and she would only end up resenting him. Love is enough for Lavon, but not for Ruby.

The final pairing from the auction is Brick and Shelby. I am excited anytime Laura Bell Bundy graces us with her presence. The pairing is random and at first Brick is not excited but he and Shelby actually end up kind of hitting it off. He is genuinely interested in all of her shopping apps and she even introduces him to Angry Birds (which very much dates this show). I wouldn’t say this one lives up to the Gilmore episode but it still had its fun moments. Zoe was incredibly frustrating but the George/Tansy and Brick/Shelby pairings were a lot of fun.

Episode Grade: 7/10

Other Thoughts:

  • Gilmore Girls Similarities:
    • Zoe was supposed to bid on Wade’s basket and didn’t so she had to buy it off Magnolia by trading Taylor Swift tickets. In Gilmore the same thing happens with Sookie and Jackson, and Jackson has to buy Sookie’s basket off of Kirk by paying an absurd amount of money.
    • Tansy convinces George to eat something gross pretending that she likes it. Rory does the same thing to Jess.
  • The auction is used to raise money for Dash’s Shakespeare Society. I love that the entire town participates in an event to raise money for Dash’s project.
  • Zoe thaws a bit towards Ruby when she needs someone to discuss the Wade situation with.
  • Wade very accurately predicted what Zoe would do to figure out if she wanted to go on a date with him, discuss it with Lavon and half the town.
  • Lemon is reunited with Walt the guy from the bar a few episodes back.
  • Zoe brings a fun facts book on her date with Wade.
  • Lavon had a gondola and hired violinists for his picnic with Ruby.
  • Episode Title Trivia: “Sparks Fly” is a Taylor Swift song which is appropriate because they mentioned her concert in the episode.

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