Another solid holiday episode for Hart of Dixie

Hart of Dixie Season 2, Episode 10 (“Blue Christmas”)
Rachel Bilson, Hart of Dixie

The holidays can be a weird time emotionally. As someone who loves Christmas I would love to join in on all of the Bluebell festivities. I also have a mostly good relationship with my family so I enjoy doing holiday things together. But that doesn’t mean that those things don’t result in fighting and family drama that the holidays just seem to bring out in everyone. Hart of Dixie‘s second Christmas episode has a lot of charm and Christmas fun, while also bringing up family issues and people’s pasts that threaten to ruin the holiday all together. It is probably their best holiday episode, and one of my personal favorites.

Zoe’s mom is coming to Bluebell to spend Christmas with Zoe who does everything in her power to avoid being alone with her. She is so afraid that her mother will criticize her life choices, as she usually does, and Zoe is feeling particularly vulnerable this year. To keep them busy, Zoe gets over invested in the town festivities and makes it her personal mission to find a new Santa for the tree lighting ceremony (after she unknowingly gives the original Santa medical leave). In the end Zoe was judging herself more than her mom was. Her mom genuinely just wanted to spend time with her and know what is going on in her life in Bluebell. It is clear that Zoe is unhappy with the way certain things in her life are going and she didn’t want her mom to know. She makes up terrible lies about her love life, she dated a guy who worked on the Mars rover, Tansy is a nickname for Lemon, etc. Zoe is mad at herself for ruining things with Wade but she doesn’t want her mom to know that she dated Wade because of course she thinks she will be judged. But it is Zoe who is judging her relationship with Wade as something to be ashamed of. At the end of the episode she makes things right with Wade and they get back together, for real this time.

One of the best parts of the episode was Earl being the new town Santa. He used to play Santa 20 years ago but had to stop when he started drinking. We get more backstory with Wade and Earl and learn that Wade’s mom died of cancer when he was a kid and that is when Earl started drinking. That year playing Santa he got drunk and ruined everything. We already knew that Wade was mostly just frustrated with his dad’s drinking and this places that anger in the larger context. He was still a kid when his mom died and Earl started drinking, meaning that Wade lost both parents essentially at the same time. He probably really needed his dad (and the brother the show has conveniently forgotten about?) and his dad responded by becoming the town drunk. Now Earl just wants to make it up to him and though he is still an alcoholic, he is able to put it aside for an evening and play Santa again.

Lavon is desperate to convince Ruby to move to Bluebell after her year in Dallas and he wants to use the holidays to really sell it to her. He is also planning to propose which feels like a pathetic last attempt. Lavon is one of those people that falls in love quickly and it consumes him. It also blinds him from the larger picture. He is so focused on getting her to stay that he doesn’t even ask why he wouldn’t be willing to move for her. If she was really this great epic love he would move to Dallas for her. Lavon doesn’t exactly have a lot keeping him in Bluebell. His family isn’t here. Sure he is mayor and he loves Bluebell, but he could easily move. The fact that that isn’t an option for him should make it obvious that he isn’t really as in love with Ruby as he thinks, he just likes the idea of it more. And if he knew Ruby at all he would know that she will never be happy in Bluebell. Realizing that neither of them are ever going to make the compromise they breakup, with some help from Lemon. Though Lavon and Ruby were doomed anyway, Lemon certainly helps the relationship come crashing down. She is jealous of them and “accidentally” reveals that she and Lavon had been in love prior to Ruby coming to town.

Overall this is a pretty fun holiday episode that still has some emotional stakes for everyone. Zoe realizes that she is the one standing in the way of her own happiness and sometimes you have to follow your heart even if the picture doesn’t look like what you thought. I also love any episode that features Earl who certainly has some major faults but is overall a sweetheart. The only real “sad” thing in the episode was Lavon and Ruby breaking up but I don’t think she will be missed all that much. She was a fine character but didn’t have much longevity on the show. However, Lavon will be holding this against Lemon for a while.

Episode Grade: 9/10

Other Thoughts:

  • Does Bluebell Get it Right? They have a tree lighting ceremony which is a big thing in southern small towns, though probably small towns in general. Growing up, going to the tree lighting ceremony was one of my favorite events of the year.
  • Lavon is judging 17 Christmas contests in like a day, how many contests do you think they have for the whole season?
  • Zoe and her mom run into Wade and he is wearing a shirt that her mom had sent her that says “I love my Alabama girl”, which he definitely did on purpose.
  • Lavon: “I need Santa”
  • Shelby is back to help George pick out a gift for Tansy and she also hooks up with Brick.
  • Earl: “Someday we may be in-laws”. Earl is the biggest cheerleader for Zoe and Wade’s relationship.
  • Tom and Wanda also get engaged this episode!
  • Episode Title Trivia: “Blue Christmas” is an Elvis Presley song.

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