Enzo goes off the rails

The Vampire Diaries SEason 5, Episode 19 (“Man on Fire”)
Michael Malarkey, The Vampire Diaries

Enzo has been a fairly grey character up until now. Having been locked up and tortured for 70 years he doesn’t have any friends other than Damon and though he has had some violent tendencies, he has overall been an okay guy considering all he has been through. He got his revenge out on the Augustines by killing all of them, and then he just wanted to find Maggie, the woman who kept him going throughout his captivity. But in this episode he switches to straight up villain focused solely on getting revenge on Stefan, whether he killed Maggie or not.

When Enzo finds out that Maggie was killed in Mystic Falls in 1960, he believes that Stefan was the one that killed her. He takes Stefan and Elena hostage to force Stefan to confess, but he didn’t kill her, Damon did. Enzo never questioned if Damon could have been the one to kill her, probably because he wouldn’t have wanted to believe it. When he finds out, he turns off his humanity rather than deal with the fact that his only friend killed the woman he loved. All of that is fine and makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is that even after he supposedly turns it off, he still goes after Stefan. For what? Damon killed Maggie, why is he still trying to make Stefan suffer? Also if he turned off his humanity then why would he care? He allows Stefan to kill him because he knows Damon will hate him for it, which is better revenge. So are we to believe that he was only pretending to turn his humanity off? After Stefan kills him, we see Enzo on the Other Side saying that he is not through with this revenge. Does he know what is going on on the Other Side? Does that factor into his plan?

Damon feels like he is responsible for Enzo because he saved him when they were locked up together. Damon wanted to feel resentment and hatred for Stefan for not noticing he was missing and coming to find him. But Enzo defended him and encouraged him to hold onto his loved ones. Now that Enzo has gone off the rails, Damon feels that he has to be the one to help bring him back. Unfortunately Stefan kills him before Damon gets the chance to try. Stefan decides it is best for Damon not to know that Enzo is dead because he is afraid that he will lose it again. This immediately seems like a terrible idea, of course Damon is going to find out and is it really better to let him go on believing that Enzo is out there humanity-less? Does he think that Damon won’t want to go after him?

I like Enzo’s character for what he does for Damon in this season, giving him someone other than Elena and Stefan to care about. He was able to keep Damon sane throughout both his time with the Augustines and when he had the ripper virus. I have definitely admired his relative sanity after everything and can understand how the revelation that Maggie was killed would send him off the rails. But his obsession with getting revenge on Stefan, again for no clear reason, is where he gets inconsistent.

Though all of the stuff with Enzo dominated this episode, there were some developments with the Travelers and the destruction of the Other Side. The Traveler’s plan to take over Mystic Falls gets worse when we learn what exactly they plan to do with the doppelgänger blood. They can use it to reverse witch’s magic and thus rid themselves of their curse. However if they want to rid the town of magic that includes anything that is being kept alive by magic, like vampires. We also learn that the Other Side is disintegrating and if it goes Bonnie will go along with it. And there really isn’t anything Bonnie can do about that. So she is going to die, again. But she keeps that information to herself, telling everyone that she is working on a plan to save herself even though she isn’t. However, this is Vampire Diaries and as Bonnie said, there is always a loophole.

This was a fine episode but not one of the best ones in the Traveler storyline. We only have three episodes to go in season 5 and though it is arguably the worst season, I do think the ending is pretty good so I am looking forward to that. This episode did some things to set that up but mostly focused on Enzo and how his actions will affect Stefan and Damon’s relationship. Obviously Damon will find out so how will he respond to Stefan both killing Enzo and keeping it a secret from him?

Episode Grade: 7/10

Other Thoughts:

  • The episode starts with a reminder that Elena is indeed in school, Stefan is helping her study. Though she mostly just wants to complain about her situation with Damon. Which I am sure Stefan does not want to talk about.
  • Stefan: “Did I say Damon? What I meant to say was George”
  • This episode also featured Damon’s employment of Matt and Jeremy in his plan which is always fun. He then sidelines them at home for the episode because they are idiots and they just obey him.
  • Matt: “And we’re stuck here because Damon said he’d twist off our kneecaps if we left”
  • Body Count: 3, Damon killed Maggie in 1960 (1), Markos kills Sloan (1), and Stefan kills Enzo (1)

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