Hart of Dixie “Lovesick Blues” and “Take Me Home, Country Roads”

Hart of Dixie Season 2, Episode 13 (“Lovesick Blues”)
Rachel Bilson, Hart of Dixie

Watching this episode while we are still on coronavirus lockdown put a lot of it a new perspective. There is fighting in the town over a 48-hour quarantine where people cannot enter or leave Bluebell. They don’t even have to stay home. Watching people fight over it because they want to do continue doing fun things was definitely a relevant argument to what is going on now. Also Zoe is clearly a terrible doctor, she never wore a mask while treating any of her sick patients and then gets sick herself because of it. If this episode were made in post-coronavirus times I think it would have played out a little differently.

Zoe’s attempts to prevent the flu pandemic coming to Bluebell are ruined by her boyfriend, who sneaks back into town so that he can escape Lily Anne, his crazy ex-girlfriend. This storyline is also an opportunity for Zoe and Wade to learn more lessons of how to be in a relationship. Primarily that it is okay to lean on each other and intertwine their lives more, they need to do it. At the beginning of the episode they pride themselves on not being a couple that does everything together. They can still have their separate lives. But by the end Zoe realizes that isn’t a good relationship, they should be supporting each other.

This episode also introduces the rivalry between Bluebell and Fillmore, another fictional Alabama town. Fillmore makes a semi-pornographic commercial advertising their strawberries to boost tourism. George wants to help Lavon make a commercial for Bluebell as well and he gets really into it. It is probably the most entertaining I have found George in the show so far and allowed Scott Porter to actually be funny. He becomes a bit of a diva director. Clearly George is tired of being a lawyer and wants to branch out more, but I don’t think he is ready to make any big changes yet.

Lavon just wants to get AnnaBeth in the commercial because apparently he likes her now. His interest in her feels very out of nowhere, there doesn’t seem to be anything that sparked it. AnnaBeth though has had feelings for him for a long time. But now that she knows that Lemon has history with him, and even had feelings for him earlier this season, she is hesitant to pursue anything. She fakes being sick to get out of the commercial but it backfires, Lavon brings her soup and they spend the afternoon bonding. And then making out.

Episode Grade: 8/10

Hart of Dixie Season 2, Episode 14 (“Take Me Home, Country Roads”)
Laura Bell Bundy, Hart of Dixie

Coming off her success in dealing with the flu outbreak, Zoe is riding a career high. She is finally feeling appreciated and respected by the town and she wants to revel in it. She gets concerned that if she backs off of work for a few days she will lose that good will. This causes her to neglect her relationship with Wade which he is extremely frustrated by. This was one of their more interesting conflicts because both sides had merit. Zoe has been seen as the lesser doctor compared to Brick since she arrived in Bluebell. People are finally asking for her and trusting her. It is fair that she would want to enjoy that. But it also sucks when you feel like you matter less to your partner than their career. And being constantly pushed to the bottom of the priority list is hurtful.

However, they both could have handled it better. It had only been less than a week, Wade could have let her have this moment of glory. Zoe also could have been more upfront about wanting to enjoy it instead of trying to make plans that she wasn’t interested in upholding. Zoe insults Wade when she says that he can’t understand how she is feeling because he doesn’t really have a career. Which is harsh, but not untrue. He is initially hurt by it but it ends up pushing him to rethink opening up his own bar. Then just as they are finally about to have some sexy alone time, Lavon interrupts them with his own drama.

AnnaBeth is unsure of what to do about Lavon. They slept together after the flu outbreak and she feels like a horrible friend for it. She doesn’t want this to ruin her friendship with Lemon and she struggles to talk to her about it all episode. When she does, Lemon basically confirms her fears causing AnnaBeth to break things off with Lavon. This doesn’t really jive with Lemon’s attempts to be a better person, but she was tested too many times. She attempted to rise above her dislike of Shelby by not interfering with her and Brick’s relationship. She figures that that relationship will probably run its course on its own so she doesn’t need to scheme to ruin it. Unfortunately Magnolia is learning to scheme on her own and tries to pick up Lemon’s slack. But she isn’t as good as Lemon and ends up helping their relationship. Brick is initially concerned of what the town will think of his relationship with Shelby and is reluctant to introduce her as his girlfriend to the town. When Shelby catches wind of this she forces him into it by doing a cake dance in front of the whole town, and they end up loving it.

Episode Grade: 7/10

Both of these episodes were pretty enjoyable. “Lovesick Blues” was a lot of fun to watch, especially the commercial stuff. It was a much lighter episode than “Country Roads” which had a lot of tense moments. Zoe almost ruining her relationship with Wade because she couldn’t take her mind off work was rough, but understandable. The cake dance scene reminded me of the scene in the Mad Men season 5 premiere when Megan does a sexy dance for Don at his birthday, but it has a much different reaction. Watching it, you are assuming people will be weirded out by it, but Shelby is just too charming to resist.

Other Thoughts:

  • The flu also ruins Lemon’s attempts to get laid.
  • Tom was great as always in the flu episode as George’s assistant. When George calls him a genius for giving him the idea to change up the commercial, Tom is completely overcome with joy and pride.
  • “Bluebell, it’s yours for the picking!” is George’s response to the much more suggestive “Get your fill in Fillmore”.
  • We get a decent map of where Bluebell is supposed to be and turns out I was pretty spot on when I attempted to guess where it was back in my review of “Faith & Infidelity“.
  • In “Country Roads” we are introduced to Jonah Breeland, Lemon’s attractive and cocky cousin.
  • Lavon: “Help me eat my feelings”
  • Episode Title Trivia: “Lovesick Blues” is by Hank Williams and “Take Me Home, Country Roads” is by John Denver.

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