Zoe and Wade start to move on

Hart of Dixie Season 2, Episode 17 (“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”)
Mircea Monroe and Rachel Bilson, Hart of Dixie

The post breakup episode. It was much more fun than the breakup episodes but it still furthered the narrative that Zoe is a sweet angel and Wade is the evil man who hurt her. Everyone in town is doting on Zoe, making her pies, telling her how terrible Wade is. And Wade is being treated like a pariah. Given what happened it’s fair, but it isn’t interesting. However this episode was primarily about moving on and it did a good job of that.

Zoe is dealing with her heartbreak in not the healthiest ways. She is wallowing, getting angry, and assuming the worst of other relationships. She takes pointers from Wade’s other exes, Lily Anne and Tansy, but neither of them are that helpful. Getting drunk doesn’t help, it only makes it worse when you sober up (unfortunately I also learned this the hard way). Hating Wade is also only a temporary fix. It causes her to jump to conclusions about Rose and Max that turn out to be false. Interestingly, it is Lemon that gives her some clarity. She has to feel the pain and find a way to move on.

While Zoe is benefitting from the town being 100% on her side, and the knowledge that she didn’t do anything wrong, Wade is being constantly told what a monster he is. And he is just taking it. He knows he messed up. He doesn’t try to defend himself. He knows Zoe isn’t going to forgive him so he doesn’t even try to get her back. His friends are being hard on him, especially Lavon who is unfortunately caught in the middle of this being close with both of them. Wade thinks he has ruined his friendship with Lavon as well, but Lavon assures him this isn’t the case. He is upset with him for hurting someone he cares about, but they will get past it.

Shelby and Brick are moving in together and Lemon is determined to stop it. She ropes George into a scheme to find dirt on Shelby. George doesn’t want to be a part of it but he is still afraid of Lemon and she keeps using the “you left me at the altar” card. It was pretty fun to watch them pretend to be a couple looking for a house and being mostly friendly. However their efforts end up being for nothing because they don’t find anything that Brick didn’t already know. Shelby being in massive debt is not exactly a surprise since the only thing she talks about is shopping. But the conversation that Lemon has with Zoe also makes her realize that she can’t keep doing this to George. For her to move on she has to forgive him and not hold it over his head for eternity.

Episode Grade: 7/10

Hart of Dixie Season 2, Episode 18 (“Why Don’t We Get Drunk”)
Wilson Bethel, Hart of Dixie

The theme of moving on continues in this episode but the problem is still the imbalance in where Zoe and Wade are right now. Wade can only go up from here and this episode shows him doing that. For Zoe though the path is less clear. Their breakup wasn’t her fault. She doesn’t have an obvious thing she needs to work on. She already has the career she wants. Sure she could learn to have some more fun, but that isn’t related to her breakup. But she wasn’t the perfect girlfriend and there is a lot she could still learn, but unfortunately with this storyline that isn’t as likely to happen.

Lavon gets Bluebell on the spring break map to boost tourism and partying college students take over the town. Jonah Breeland is still around and making it is his mission to get Zoe to have fun. Although nothing happens with them, he is the perfect rebound choice. He is attractive, leaving town in a few days, and he clearly isn’t interested in anything more. Zoe has never let herself just enjoy the moment and let go and after her heartbreak she kind of needs it. Will it ultimately help her move on? Maybe. At the very least it will give her something else to do for a few days other than think about Wade. Of course Zoe and Wade are only broken up for like an episode before the show has to bring back the idea of her and George. George is very concerned about the idea of anything happening between Zoe and Jonah though he puts it all on just not liking Jonah. Is yet another love triangle emerging? Probably not considering Jonah left for his surgical residency at the end of the episode, but it looks like we will be revisiting George at some point.

The best part of the episode was Wade and Lemon’s competition for a boat so that they can get the money to buy the Rammer Jammer. It is up for sale and they are both interested in buying it. Obviously Wade’s goal has always been to have his own bar. And ever since George left her Lemon has been searching for something to do on her own and this could be a great opportunity to show what she can do. They end up tying and splitting the money, but half isn’t enough for either to actually buy the Rammer Jammer so they decide to pool their money and go in on it together. I really like the potential for this storyline. One because it throws two characters together that haven’t had a lot of interaction up until now which is always fun. But it also gives both of them a chance to better themselves and have plots that don’t revolve around their love interests. Wade hit a low point when he cheated on Zoe and the only thing for him to do now is move on and try to better himself. It is the best thing he could do right now. They both want to start over, why not do it together?

Episode Grade: 7.5/10

Other Thoughts:

  • Lemon finally gets over AnnaBeth’s feelings for Lavon and tells her to go for it. Ruby weirdly returns and tells Lavon she made a mistake breaking up with him. But Lavon has already moved on and he is only interested in AnnaBeth now so they finally get together.
  • Jonah: “George, your words, they cut. Not like knives, because you’re really dull, but more like the soft teeth of some leaf eating mammal”
  • The contest that Wade and Lemon enter is just touching a boat and to be the last one standing. They pretty easily thin the heard with fake sob stories. There is one hold out that they work together to bring down.
  • After 36 hours of touching the boat, they end up tying when Lemon gets news that Brick is going to the hospital for a brain MRI. Wade doesn’t want to win that way so he takes his hand off at the same time as Lemon and they tie.
  • Brick’s MRI comes out clean, he is just having migraines.
  • Episode Title Trivia: “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is another T-Swift song and “Why Don’t We Get Drunk” is a Jimmy Buffet song which is appropriate because he is from that area. And people there are very into Jimmy.

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