Zoe doesn’t know what she wants

Hart of Dixie Season 2, Episodes 19 & 20 (“The Kiss” and “If Tomorrow Never Comes”)
Scott Porter and Rachel Bilson, Hart of Dixie

As we near the end of season 2, it feels like most of the characters are in good places. Even if Zoe seems determined to ruin it for them. Lemon and Wade are working to make the Rammer Jammer their place. George is in a happy relationship with Tansy and even putting up with her insane brothers. Brick knows what he wants with Shelby and even when she almost bails on him, he is forgiving. Lavon and AnnaBeth are happy in their relationship as well. Zoe on the other hand is, understandably, a mess. Her well intentioned antics almost ruin both George and Tansy’s relationship as well as Brick and Shelby’s.

Zoe is the only one right now who seems to be directionless. She is starting to question her decision to choose Wade in the first place and is already getting back on the George train. I have been saying since the beginning of the show that I don’t buy that Zoe was ever really in love with George and I especially don’t now. As Brick suggested in their therapy session, it is about what could have been, not necessarily what is. She could have been with George but she chose Wade. Then Wade hurt her and it is natural that she would start to blame herself for choosing the wrong guy. George never would have done that to her, so she thinks if she had just chosen him she never would have gotten hurt. She even makes an idiot of herself by professing her love for George, while he is happily with Tansy. And he very rightfully calls her out for how unfair that is. She had many chances to be with him and didn’t take them. And now that he is unavailable, she wants him again.

Zoe also comes close to ruining Brick and Shelby’s relationship, though her intentions there were much better. Brick lied about his MRI being nothing, he has a benign tumor and at first hides it from Shelby. She is very supportive until Zoe interferes by unintentionally freaking her out when she tells her the risks of brain surgery. Shelby tries to bolt so Zoe has to fix that mistake by dragging her to the hospital against her will. When Brick proposes before going into surgery, Shelby reluctantly agrees. However she seems to have a change of heart later on and tells Brick everything, agreeing to marry him for real. But essentially none of this would have happened if Zoe hadn’t interfered in the first place.

However, Zoe telling Jonah that she did it all to help Brick because he is the closest thing she has to a father and so she didn’t want him to die, kind of made it all worth it for me. The evolution of their relationship is rarely made a big deal of but they should really dip into that well more often. I especially enjoyed Zoe talking about her love life with Brick during their therapy session. They are rarely each others confidants but considering they are the only two people at their office, it happens. Unfortunately, it is Brick talking about how he doesn’t want to have regrets about Shelby that makes Zoe decide it is a good idea to tell George how she feels.

Lemon and Wade re-open the Rammer Jammer under their new management and they have very different visions for what it should be. From who to hire after their entire staff quit to what kind of events they want to host. Lemon wants something more sophisticated and Wade wants to keep it mostly as it has been. Unsurprisingly, they fight a lot, but when they work together they can actually do some great things. The Rammer Jammer has always been the gathering spot in Bluebell and therefore it should be accommodating for many types of people and events. As they discover, after they both try to sabotage the others events, people mostly just want a reason to get together. What exactly that reason is is less important.

I liked these episodes a lot despite Zoe being incredibly frustrating at times. It at least made sense for her character and where she is right now. Of course she would try and go back to George, but they are forever star-crossed lovers whose timing is still not right. They even played Romeo and Juliet in Dash’s Shakespeare night, which was maybe a little too on the nose. She also doesn’t feel like she has a lot of people in her life right now. Lavon is busy being happy with AnnaBeth and she isn’t speaking to Wade. She doesn’t really have a lot of other friends so she is being extra protective of Brick, the closest thing to family. I also really enjoyed the stuff with Lemon and Wade. Them going into business together and developing a sort of friendship is definitely a highlight of the series for me.

Episode Grades: “The Kiss” & “If Tomorrow Never Comes” 8/10

Other Thoughts:

  • George and Zoe are both upset that the Dixie Stop is no longer carrying The New York Times, but surely they could get it online. It was like 2013 at this point in the show’s run.
  • The idea of mental health week in Bluebell is great, but does Brick have any qualifications to lead therapy sessions?
  • AnnaBeth helps Lavon overcome his fear of being on the stage. He is still terrible but it is not a complete humiliation.
  • Tom and Wanda have bees and named all 1000 of them.
  • Zoe: “I almost choked on a donut bite. By myself!”
  • Lemon and Wade turn a profit on the Rammer Jammer in like a week. I don’t know much about business but even I know that is impossible.
  • We get the first appearance of the Truitt brothers, Tansy’s three dumb, chaotic brothers. But George is determined to bond with them for Tansy’s sake.
  • Episode Title Trivia: I’m not sure what “The Kiss” refers to but I did find a song by someone named Karmina called “The Kiss” and is apparently influenced by Romeo and Juliet so I am guessing that is it. “If Tomorrow Never Comes” is by Garth Brooks.

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