Magic is returned to Mystic Falls just in time for the holidays

The Vampire Diaries Season 6, Episode 10 (“Christmas Through Your Eyes”)
Kat Graham, The Vampire Diaries

As with the last Vampire Diaries Christmas episode (“O Come All Ye Faithful” in season 4) the fact that it is Christmas is barely significant however, it does still feature some holiday themes. Here it is mostly used to reflect on the fact that Bonnie is still in the prison world by herself. And being alone for the holidays is very hard. She has always celebrated with Caroline and Elena and this is the first year they aren’t all together. We get a couple flashbacks to previous Christmases with the three girls. The first is from their freshman year of high school. This was long before any of them knew about the supernatural world and their lives were definitely much simpler. Caroline’s dad hadn’t left them yet but from her conversation with her mom their marriage is starting to fall apart. The second is to their junior year after they met Stefan but it is unclear if Caroline has turned yet. They played Secret Santa and Stefan gave Caroline a crappy snow globe key chain. Despite being annoyed about getting such a bad gift, she has held onto it.

A few Christmases later she and Stefan have gone through a lot and he would probably know to give her a better gift. For this holiday though he is working on regaining her friendship. He is trying to spend more time with her and helps her decorate her dorm room for Christmas. But she says that isn’t going to help, he abandoned her when things got hard and friends don’t do that. I would say it is both. I have had friends that are great at being there for you when something bad is happening in your life but kind of suck at being friends at other times. But when her mom gets sick he is committed to being there for her this time around. Liz is one of the only remaining parents of any of the main characters and the only present one. Now she has an advanced and aggressive cancer and her chances don’t look good.

The only other slightly Christmas thing is that everyone gets to be home for the holidays. Kai absorbs the Travelers’ anti-magic spell to increase his power. This is after Jo gets her magic back so that she can do the merge with Kai and try to beat him. With the amount of power he got from the spell, she is either going to have to wait until he is drained of it or she is going to need to boost her magic by many orders of magnitude. Unfortunately there really isn’t a good plan for how to deal with this merge. Liv is happy to finally have an alternative to having to merge with Luke. It was always supposed to be Jo and Kai. She and Luke were just the back-up plan. Luke however doesn’t think it is worth risking Kai winning. If he does they are all dead anyway. Along with probably a lot of other people.

Matt is certainly not getting into the spirit of Christmas as he focuses on carrying out his revenge on Enzo. He enlists Jeremy’s help but he is less interested in the vampires versus human fight. It isn’t a fight they are going to win. Also they are friends with vampires. Is he really going to turn his back on people he has known forever? I get Matt’s frustrations but he definitely isn’t thinking things through. When he first found out about vampires, werewolves, and witches he didn’t want any part of it. He still loved his friends but he wanted to to stay out of it. However time and time again he gets dragged back in because they are his friends and he can’t sit back while they are in trouble. But trying to fight with people who are so much stronger than him isn’t going to end well. Instead of killing Enzo swiftly like he should have, he takes his time to make it more painful. This is a new side to Matt and it is definitely not his best. But it makes sense, he has had to excuse vampires for so much and he has lost a lot to them too. Enzo killing Monique was the straw that broke the camel’s back. But because of his delays, when he tries to bring Enzo over the town border it is too late. Kai absorbed the anti-magic spell and Mystic Falls can now be inhabited by vampires again. Now he has made an enemy of a vampire that we know will kill him without much thought.

The first half of this season was pretty slow but things have certainly been kicked up a notch. How will they resolve the twin merge and deal with Kai? Their father is likely to want Luke and Liv to do the merge to stop Kai. If Jo can beat him that is the best outcome, but if she wasn’t strong enough when she was a regularly practicing witch she is unlikely to be stronger now. Will Caroline’s mom pull through or are they out yet another parent? Liz has been the most important and visible parent of the series and her death would hit hard.

Episode Grade: 8/10

Other Thoughts:

  • Paul Wesley’s face when he holds up those Christmas lights to Caroline makes me laugh every time. I wish they would give him more comedic stuff because he is actually pretty good at it.
  • Caroline gives Damon a compliment. Which is probably a first. She recognizes that Damon has always been there for Elena through good and bad times. Going through what she has with Stefan this season, she is realizing how important that is.
  • Elena is continuing to soften towards Damon and is starting to look at him differently in this episode. She is very impressed with how committed he is to finding Bonnie and she is seeing that he can be pretty reliable when he wants to.
  • When Kai cloaks Elena when she goes over to the Salvatore house for dinner, Damon is looking right at her the entire scene even though he can’t see her. Instead of looking around to see if anyone is there like a normal person.
  • Are we supposed to believe that Enzo has a crush on Caroline? He makes multiple references to Stefan hurting her as being one of the worst things he did. I mean every guy on this show has a crush on Caroline at some point so it makes sense.
  • Stefan repaired Damon’s car – a Christmas miracle.
  • Body Count: 1, Kai killed a girl as part of his dramatic reunion with Jo.

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