Bonnie almost gives up hope in the prison world

The Vampire Diaries Season 6, Episode 13 (“The Day I Tried to Live”)
Kat Graham, The Vampire Diaries

After a few months of being stuck in the prison world all by herself, Bonnie has given up hope of ever getting out. She doesn’t have any magic and decides that on her birthday she is just going to end her suffering and kill herself. She has lost hope, but in the real world Elena, Jeremy, and Damon are trying to give her some. They get Kai to send them over there but they can’t be seen or interact with anything. When Damon was in the prison world he had been planning to go to Nova Scotia and wrote some notes on an atlas, but never shared this with Bonnie. This is of course where the cure to vampirism is and more importantly, the island has magic that Bonnie could use. However, they struggle to send this message to her and almost don’t succeed in time. The loneliness is just too much for Bonnie until she remembers what her grandmother said right before she went to the prison world about staying strong. This renews her hope and she eventually finds the atlas and heads to Nova Scotia.

It is heartbreaking to see that Bonnie has gotten to this place, but it is understandable. She has been completely alone for months and Damon and Elena’s previous rescue attempt failed. Back in Mystic Falls, there is mixed hopes for Bonnie’s return. They don’t know if she ever found the atlas. Elena encourages Jeremy to move on with his life and not just sit around waiting for her to come back. His life has pretty much been at a standstill since Bonnie left. He has been waiting for her to either be confirmed dead for good or to come back. He considers applying to art school and finally getting out of Mystic Falls. Ever since they got involved in the supernatural world, it has been difficult to have any life outside of that. Some don’t have much of a choice, but Jeremy does. He can never be truly free of it since most everyone he knows is a vampire or a witch, but it doesn’t have to be his entire life.

Elena doesn’t have the luxury of just moving away from Mystic Falls and starting over. She is a vampire and that trouble will follow her everywhere. But she too feels like she and Damon have been stuck in a past that she doesn’t remember. She wants them to move on from that and just be together now. Throughout the episode, Kai makes a lot of comments about how Elena changed for Damon (which he learned from Damon’s perspective), but of course now she doesn’t remember any of that. The question of whether or not Elena would have ever chosen Damon if she had stayed human is brought up again. This was a major question in season 4, but it was pretty much dropped after that until now and I was not happy to see it return. This is mostly frustrating because, as Elena points out, it is irrelevant now. She did become a vampire and developed a deeper connection to Damon. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t feel it as a human as well. The entire sire bond plot was based on the fact that she did love him as a human. Just maybe not as much as Stefan. Elena too is tired of this and tells Damon that it doesn’t matter what she would have done if she was human because she isn’t. She is happy with him now so they should just enjoy that. It was good to see them have this definitive conversation because their relationship has been murky for several episodes and it was time for them to finally make a decision on that. At this point I’m just really not interested in anymore relationship drama with them.

The merging of Kai and Luke complicates things regarding Kai even more. As next in line to be the leader of the Gemini coven, if he dies so does everyone else in the coven. But as Papa Parker promised, when they merged he gained some of Luke’s qualities. And much to Kai’s annoyance, he has inherited some of Luke’s humanity. I have probably watched that scene of Kai describing feeling emotions for the first time about fifty times. It cemented Chris Wood as being the most comedic villain the show has ever had. He finds himself actually feeling a little guilty for how he has treated his siblings. He is mostly just annoyed though because it is inconvenient to his plans. Liv tries to bait Kai into killing her so that she doesn’t have to keep on living without Luke. However Kai can’t bring himself to actually do it. I wouldn’t take this as a sign he has really changed though, it actually makes him less predictable. It may cause him to hesitate to kill his family, but it doesn’t necessarily make them safe.

Episode Grade: 8/10

Other Thoughts:

  • When we first check back in with Bonnie in 1994 again she is listening to “Check Yourself” by Ice Cube.
  • Caroline and Stefan spend the episode digging up the original Miss Cuddles who Caroline buried in the woods when they were kids. Caroline is searching for something to be in control of and Stefan forces her to let out her frustrations (by being a dick and baiting her the whole time she is digging) about her inability to control her mom’s death or Bonnie’s return.
  • Kai: “So I googled how to process emotional pain”
  • In the prison world Bonnie is watching videos on that camcorder. The first is Damon’s drama queen video about his personal hell. The second is one where they were both pretending to be hosts of a news show. I really wish we could have seen more of this. We definitely did not get enough of them just hanging out and becoming friends in the prison world.
  • The Sarah Salvatore storyline unfortunately continues and in this episode is basically just Enzo trying to figure out how good of a person she is and uses Matt to do it. At first he gets Matt to flirt with her which he fails to do well (“You truly have an epic lack of game”). Then he goes for the sad puppy tactic and learns that Sarah is a very good person. Enzo is going to destroy her goodness as a way of getting back at Stefan.
  • Tyler breaks up with Liv when he realizes she doesn’t see him as worth living for. To be fair she just lost her brother.
  • Body Count: None!

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