Liz is laid to rest

The Vampire Diaries Season 6, Episode 15 (“Let Her Go”)
Candice King, The Vampire Diaries

Wow this was a jam-packed episode. For a season that has moved pretty slowly, this episode did a lot to push things forward. Liz’s funeral is the center piece and there is a lot of emotional content related to that, but there is also a lot of new plot being set up outside of it. Caroline wants to get her mother buried as quickly as possible so she can move onto the next phase of grief, turning off her humanity. Flipping the humanity switch never works out well. In addition to all of the funeral stuff, Kai also returns and reveals the existence of other prison worlds and Bonnie finally gets out of the 1994 world but not before catching a glimpse of another one that is going to have some personal connections to the real world.

Just before Liz’d died she asked Damon to write her eulogy as a way of making up for the fact that he failed to write the one for his own mother. He struggles to figure out what to say, but Elena tells him that it is more about what others need to hear. Funerals are more about the people dealing with someone’s death than the person who actually died. His speech ends up being perfect and is probably the nicest Damon has ever been to Caroline. Caroline has always hated Damon (with pretty good reason), but the feeling has never been mutual. The way Damon treated Caroline at the beginning of the series is something the show has mostly ignored, probably because they realized how over the line it was, even for Damon. At first Damon thought very little of Caroline but that has changed since she turned and became stronger. As is evidenced in the speech he thinks very highly of her now. He tries to bond with her by talking about his own mother’s death, but she brushes him off. He also plants the idea that things are only going to get worse for her after the funeral. Though this is true, it was probably not the best thing to say to her. And as we see at the end of the episode, it informs how Caroline is going to be dealing with her mother’s death. She isn’t going to. It has been a long time since the humanity switch has been brought up. But it seems the show wants to give everyone their turn and now its Caroline’s.

Damon isn’t the only Salvatore causing Caroline emotional turmoil. Having lost her mom, her one connection to the human world, Caroline is searching for something to hold onto. She places her humanity on Stefan’s shoulders and wants to know immediately what his feelings for her are. They kissed in the last episode but with Liz’s death they haven’t really talked about what it meant. At first Stefan is reluctant. He too takes bad advice from Damon who once again means well, but is ultimately wrong. He tells Stefan if he isn’t sure what he feels for Caroline then what he feels isn’t true love. If it was he would know. He is right that Stefan should carefully consider what he wants before jumping into something with Caroline. She is someone he has a close friendship with and not handling this right could jeopardize that. But that is also a great thing to build a relationship on. Even if he isn’t head over heels for her like he was for Elena, they have a history of deep friendship and trust and that might be better. Every relationship is different and you can’t compare your current love interest with your past ones. By the time that Stefan realizes that Damon is wrong and that he does want to be with Caroline, it is too late. She has already turned off her humanity.

While all of this is happening, the prison worlds are starting to unravel. Bonnie is back from Nova Scotia and she has the magic to get out of the 1994 one. But in the real world, Kai is sick because of some supernatural rejection of his merge with Luke. Being the leader of the Gemini, the prison worlds are tied to him. Kai’s sickness is causing the prison worlds to start collapsing on each other and Bonnie is constantly being shifted between the one in 1994 and another in 1903. Though Bonnie is able to get out before we learn too much about the 1903 one we do learn one very intriguing piece of information. Stefan and Damon’s mother is there. Until this season, their mother has barely been mentioned but they have brought up her death a couple of times before this episode. And of course it is majorly focused on with the flashbacks to Damon’s inability to write his mother’s eulogy.

This was a fantastic episode that contained both a lot of emotional content as well as some great plot twists that give us something to look forward to. We have already seen Stefan and Elena flip their humanity switch. What will Caroline look like without her humanity? The revelation of there being more than one prison world is interesting, but even more intriguing is the fact that Damon and Stefan’s mom is still alive and has been stuck in a prison world since 1903. That is about 50 years after she supposedly died. What is her story?

Episode Grade: 9/10

Other Thoughts:

  • Bonnie was in the prison world for 278 days.
  • The celestial event in the 1903 world is the Aurora borealis. Very strong solar storms can be seen as far as south as Virginia and in 1903 there was indeed an event strong enough to be seen there.
  • Jo is also sick in the episode but it is because she is pregnant. Alaric proposes to her and she says yes.
  • We have to talk about that flashback to young Stefan and Damon. They recast Stefan as a ten year old which makes sense. But they didn’t recast Damon and tried to make Ian Somerhalder look 15 despite being in his thirties. I will never understand this decision. How hard would it have been to find a young brunette to do these scenes? They were pretty minimal.
  • Tyler isn’t dealing with his breakup with Liz very well and shows up to the funeral drunk. Matt doesn’t let him in though.
  • Matt decides he wants to become a police officer after seeing Liz’s funeral. Will he replace her as the sheriff with a complicated relationship with vampires?
  • Body Count: None!

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