“One More Last Chance” and “Should’ve Been a Cowboy”

Hart of Dixie Season 3, Episodes 11 & 12
Josh Cooke, Hart of Dixie

As is the general theme of this season, neither of these episodes were particularly engaging. They weren’t bad, but they weren’t great. They merely exist as filler until they can do more interesting things at the end of the season. The main story for Zoe in both episodes is her and Joel’s house hunting/renovating troubles. This kind of plot could have been used to flesh out their relationship and give it some actual dimension, but instead they focused on other forces. Zoe’s Aunt Winifred and a bet with Brick to regain partnership so they have enough money for the renovations. Their only real fight is over whether to buy the termite house or the one next to Stanley and Crickett who sing show tunes 24/7.

Zoe’s primary reason for wanting to get to know the Wilkes in the first place was so she and Joel could rent the house that Winifred owned. Zoe is hoping to schmooze her aunt who hates New York. The best part of this storyline was Zoe and Wade teaming up to help each other win over members of the Wilkes family. Wade wants to get closer to Vivian’s son, Harley, who is a terror. He uses his salamander, Cecil, to tell Wade that he hates him and wants to murder him in his sleep. At first he seems like a cute, nerdy kid but he knows how to manipulate. It is unclear how long Vivian and her husband have been separated but probably not for very long. Harley is likely just upset with the idea of his mom being with someone else but he takes about two seconds to decide he hates Wade. To Wade’s credit he doesn’t let it deter him from continuing to try. It was nice to Zoe and Wade becoming more legitimate friends. They are never going to be besties, but they seem to be largely past the events of last season.

Both Wade and Zoe are trying to become more enmeshed with the Wilkes. Wade wants to get closer to Vivian’s son, Harley. Zoe is hoping to schmooze Aunt Winifred, the New York hating aunt who owns the house she wants to move into with Joel. This is of course the whole reason that Zoe had any interest in getting to know the Wilkes in the first place. But she does seem to actually enjoy having gotten closer to Vivian and Brando. I wasn’t particularly interested in Zoe and Joel’s housing woes. I just want Zoe back in the carriage house so it can feel like the show’s better days again. Zoe works hard to win over Aunt Winifred and then she ruins it by taking the fall for Wade when he loses Harley’s salamander so they are stuck with the termite house.

Matt Lowe and Ross Philips, Hart of Dixie

Not all couples in Bluebell are doing as strong as Zoe/Joel and Wade/Vivian. AnnaBeth is finally honest about what she wants with Lavon and he doesn’t reciprocate. Lavon comes across is a bit of an idiot in this case. He really doesn’t see why AB is concerned about their lack of direction? She is in her early thirties and definitely someone who wants to have kids. She isn’t going to waste her time on someone who doesn’t want the same things. He keeps thinking that as long as they are “moving forward” in the vaguest sense, she should be satisfied. AB was content for a while to let him call the shots, but she needed to take back some of the power in her own relationship. They can’t move forward until he says so. But if after a year together he is still uncertain what their future is then she isn’t the one for him. I was sad to see them breakup, I think they had a lot of potential together but at the end of the day I want AB to be happy and with someone who loves her as much as she loves them.

In “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” Joel got what might have been his first major storyline outside of Zoe. After Tom’s not so positive early review of his new book, Joel is afraid he won’t be able to write another good novel. His protagonist is essentially a mashup of Wade and himself, but he realizes he needs to make him 100% Wade. Now, the protagonists name is Wiley Kincaid… so he was clearly already subconsciously writing about Wade in the first place. He wants to shadow Wade to learn more about his “cowboy-like” ways. Joel is in awe of the effect Wade has on other people. He flirts with all of the ladies of Bluebell to get things like free muffins, his returns packaged and shipped without having to go to the post office, and concert tickets. He is also able to diffuse a fight in the Rammer Jammer with ease. Joel spends an evening bartending at the Rammer Jammer to try it out for himself, but he doesn’t have Wade’s charm. Joel should probably focus on writing what he knows instead of trying to be Wade.

Episode Grades: 6/10 for both

Other Thoughts:

  • “One More Last Chance” cleaned up two storylines from this season I hated.
    • Lynly. Her character never worked for me. Her accent was distracting and she literally only existed to help George move on and then she was gone.
    • The potential merger with Fillmore. Bluebell somehow got historic status (thanks to Tom’s toilet) and thus they won’t be taken over. Hopefully this is the end of these Fillmore rivalry plots.
  • The father of Shelby’s child is the Lt. Governor of Alabama. She didn’t know who he was when they had their one-night stand but they reunite and decide to raise the baby together. Sadly she departs again.
  • Don Todd Monster Golf Safari: We got two Don Todd sightings. In “One More Last Chance” he was on Easter Island. And in “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” he was at Mt. Kilimanjaro.
  • AnnaBeth hires Tom and Meatball to be the strippers for Elodie’s bachelorette party. This was amazing. They even had a synchronized dance.
  • Episode Title Trivia: “One More Last Chance” is by Vince Gill. “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” is Toby Keith.

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