Will Elena finally get to become human again?

The Vampire Diaries Season 6, Episode 19 (“Because”)
Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries

Every time this show uses the humanity switch as a plot it seems to have a smaller and smaller effect. Caroline gets her humanity back in this episode thanks to Stefan’s tricks. But thinking about her arc as a humanity-less vampire, it ultimately doesn’t amount to much. Compared to Stefan and Elena’s humanity-less storylines, Caroline’s definitely fails to be as interesting. It gave her something fun to do for a few episodes but it doesn’t really having lasting effects like the others. Stefan spent half a season recovering and to winning back Elena’s trust. Elena burnt her house down and broke her sire bond with Damon. Both Caroline’s and Elena’s were used as a way to skip over grief periods. I’m not a big fan of the show using the humanity switch in this way, but with how much grief this show gives its characters it can’t always afford to dwell on it.

The much more interesting part of the episode is Lily’s growing villainy. The TVD universe puts a lot of stock in family. The brother bond between the Salvatores is essentially unbreakable. Despite their many ups and down, they always come back to each other. The Originals is entirely about the importance of familial bonds. So it is very interesting to see the show use a mother in this way. Her loyalty is only to her “witch-pire” companions. We learned in this episode that she will not hesitate to screw over her sons if she doesn’t get what she wants. When she is denied what she needs to get her friends back, she takes it out on Damon. She gives Elena the cure behind his back and makes sure to let her know that Damon didn’t want to give it to her.

Unfortunately for Lily this doesn’t quite have the intended effect. It starts a fight between Elena and Damon but the fact that Elena now has the option to take the cure is the much more important part. Damon even offers to take it with her. Now this is a very heat of the moment offer so it is unclear if he really meant it. However this is a huge shift from his stance on it in Season 4, when he absolutely did not want to take it. Of course that was before he had a real relationship with Elena. Back then he was scared that she wouldn’t love him if she was human. Of course he is still afraid of that now, but he is more willing to take the risk. Him staying a vampire squanders any chance they have. If he really loves her he has to let her have the life she wants. Whether he fits into that or not.

This episode also finally gives Enzo something interesting to do. He had always thought that Lily abandoned him, never knowing that she was captured the night she turned him. Not really having anything else close to family, he wants to show her kindness for saving him. This is a much more interesting storyline for Enzo than the Sarah Salvatore mess. It places him in a position where he will have to take sides between Lily and the Salvatore brothers. But you can also sympathize with him. Since getting out of his imprisonment he hasn’t had much of anyone to count on. His friendship with Damon has pretty much disappeared and he has spent all season trying to get revenge on Stefan for being well liked. Lily has at least showed him kindness. He might actually have someone who puts him on their priority list.

As Season 6 starts to come to an end there are still a lot of questions. How exactly is the show going to write Elena off? What will a Season 7 look like without her? Will Damon really become a human? We will be getting into all of that very soon. There are also still two villains that need to be dealt with. Kai is locked up in the 1903 prison world with Lily’s companions which guarantees we will be seeing him again. What will happen when Lily gets her Heretics out? They have the powers of a witch and a vampire and will likely want revenge on the people that locked them up. There is still so much to happen in the last three episodes and I am very excited to get into it!

Episode Grade: 7/10

Other Thoughts:

  • Stefan destroys the letter that Caroline’s mom wrote to her to keep up his humanity-less cover. But every time I watch this episode I think: Why didn’t they make a copy of the letter first?? They had to know this was a possibility. Now Caroline will never know the last thing her mom ever wrote to her.
  • We also see in a flashback that Stefan told Liz that he wanted to wait to start something with Caroline until it was perfect – not when she was dealing with her mother’s death. Which shows he knew what he wanted before her mom died so why did he act like he didn’t know at the funeral?
  • “I think the PC term is witch-pire”
  • “You made me Matt Donovan in your fantasy?” I know the show writers thought seriously about having Elena end up with Matt but I think we can all agree that would have been a terrible ending. They have barely interacted for most of the series.
  • Lily went through a lot to set that cure up like a proposal – candles and everything – making it look like Damon did it. It was definitely want Elena thought was happening. But then she just immediately told Elena it was her. Could have saved herself some time.
  • Body Count: 2, it is mentioned that Caroline killed a security guard (1) and Lily kills a random guy in his car when she finds out the ascendant has been destroyed (1).


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