“A Better Man” and “Together Again”

Hart of Dixie Season 3, Episodes 19 & 20
Wilson Bethel, Hart of Dixie

Getting rid of Vivian at least wasn’t as sloppy as it was with Joel. This time they at least built it up for a few episodes with the return of her ex-husband. However it makes Vivian look foolish and thoughtless. Her husband left her and it seems to take very little for her to trust him again. Yes he is the father of her child, but is that really all she needs? We got no indication that she was pining after her ex-husband. It seems like she just wants to be with him to complete the family unit. Which doesn’t really seem to track with her character. I’d like to think she was more independent than that. Even though she was born and raised in Alabama, the few Wilkes we have met don’t seem all that traditional. She also treats Wade like crap throughout it and makes Zoe be the one to break his heart. She doesn’t even have a conversation with Wade about it. She just leaves. It was a pretty cruel way to end the relationship and my heart broke for Wade. I don’t blame him for wanting to stay away from the entire family after having his heart crushed both by Zoe and Vivian within the same year.

However he very unfairly blames Zoe for the dissolution of his relationship. She was put in an incredibly awkward position. Vivian didn’t respect Wade enough to even break up with him. She doesn’t explicitly tell Zoe to do it but it ends up being Zoe who has to tell him that she is leaving. Vivian is her cousin and she and Wade have really become friends. She is torn between wanting what is best for each of them. Even though she wants to let Vivian deal with it in her own time, she feels like she has to tell Wade. But it shouldn’t have been on her to do so. Wade blames her for not stopping Vivian from leaving but I think he knows that isn’t fair. Vivian isn’t there for him to take it out on so it is easier to kill the messenger.

Scott Porter and Rachel Bilson, Hart of Dixie

Even though George has stepped back from Fancie’s he still manages to mess things up for Lemon. He hooks up with a sexually repressed Sunday school teacher in the kitchen of Fancie’s just as Lemon is bringing the health inspector back through for a regrade, resulting in a C this time. George tries to make it up to her by finding Walter Wallen, a restaurant critic, to cover Fancie’s and bring their customers back. But he fails at that too. It would be an understatement to say that George has had a rough season. Getting broken up with by Tansy multiple times, his strange trip with Lynly, and renewed (probably misplaced) feelings for Lemon. He doesn’t have the George Tucker mojo he had back in season 1. That is partially good because he was pretty boring then as the “golden boy”. He is a bit more of a mess now which makes him more human but at times it is just pathetic.

Zoe also tries to get Wallen to go to the Rammer Jammer in order to prove her friendship to Wade. She stalks George to take advantage of his “triangulation” of Wallen’s patterns but they ultimately get duped by a car thief and then the Truitt brothers. Being forced to walk home gives them finally a chance to truly reconcile. The ice has been slowly thawing throughout the season but it was still there. George had never really forgiven her for the role she played in breaking him and Tansy up. Their conversation about any potential relationship between them felt very final. In the nicest way they say that they would be unsatisfied with each other. Their relationship wouldn’t be a challenge and without that there is no growth. A potential romance that dominated much of the first two seasons will likely never come to pass.

AnnaBeth is trying to move on with Davis and is ready to introduce him to her parents. They are pretty heart broken that she is no longer with Lavon. They even ditch AB and Davis to go hang out with Lavon in secret. Davis is very sweet but awkward. He doesn’t know what to say and he doesn’t have the presence of Lavon. The scene where Lavon has to breakup with AB’s parents was pretty cute but it was also something he needed to do to really let AB go and move on. He was pretty torn up about her dating again, especially a Gainey. But by telling her parents they have to give Davis a chance, he is telling himself as well.

These episodes like the last two continued to feel like classic Hart of Dixie and it made me so happy. The stuff with Vivian and Wade was sad but needed to be done if they wanted to keep Wade’s character interesting. Vivian was cute and mature and he learned a lot from being with her. She challenged him in a way that Zoe could not have. Being a single mom he had to step it up immediately if he wanted a chance with her. But other than that the show didn’t focus much on the inner workings of their relationship nor did they flesh out her character much more. But now she is done and next up is the season finale!

Episode Grades: Both 8/10

Other Thoughts:

  • I know this isn’t the first time Zoe has mentioned being her friends’ doctor, but should she be? In “A Better Man” Zoe mentions being Wade’s doctor but it seems like that would very much be a conflict of interest. Maybe he should be seeing Brick?
  • When Wade dropped down from that tree I actually jumped.
  • I’m sad we never actually got to see the Toast and Roast.
  • The Belles versus the Owls was a fun competition. The musical mashup seemed a bit out of place but this show really loves any excuse for a musical number. The Belles sing “Roar” By Katy Perry and the Owls sing “Brotherhood of Man” from How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. A movie I watched recently and lets just say it did not age well.
  • Lemon and Wade’s friendship continued to be amazing in “Together Again”. She wanted to spend the day cheering him up and then when they run into Walter Wallen they work together to sell him on both of their restaurants.
  • Shelby returns! She wants Brick back but this time he is able to resist. He has Tom and Wanda watch her baby, Ethel, for the night since they are trying to get pregnant. But Ethel is a tough baby that only responds to show tunes.
  • “Wanda we have to stick together, otherwise the baby wins”
  • Episode Title Trivia: “A Better Man” is by Clint Black and “Together Again” is by Buck Owens.

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