“Stuck” and “Second Chance”

Hart of Dixie Season 3, Episodes 21 & 22
Rachel Bilson, Hart of Dixie

We have finally made it to the end of season 3! It has been a rough season to say the least but this last stretch of episodes has been really strong. The season ends by getting the show back to basics in preparation for its fourth and final season.

Very appropriately Earl plays a large role in getting Zoe and Wade to reconcile after he blamed her for his breakup with Vivian. And Zoe is suddenly reminded that she is in fact in love with Wade. She has denied it for a very long time and it is hilariously Lemon that forces her to admit it. Calling out her entire relationship with Joel as being a denial of her true feelings for Wade. Last season ended with Wade declaring his love for her and then she got on a plane. This time it is her turn to announce her feelings and she very awkwardly does it in front of half the town. Wade is not exactly thrilled about this, which is fair. He waited a very long time for her to tell him she loved him and she finally does just as he is about to leave town. His hesitation to get back together with her is understandable. They caused each other a lot of pain and though he clearly still has feelings for her, I can see why he would have doubts about them trying again.

Let’s talk about Wade’s momentary lapse of character as he ponders franchising the Rammer Jammer. He almost moves to Atlanta to start opening up more locations which would mean that he would be a corporate guy wearing a tie everyday. I liked that Joel ended up being the one to talk some sense into him. Wade may have started out his friendship with Joel to mess with Zoe but they definitely grew to be legit friends. Joel knows Wade would never be happy in a job like that. He didn’t open up the Rammer Jammer to get rich. He did it because he loved it and he was good at it. The charm of a place like that is that it isn’t a chain. And he is not a chain restaurant kind of guy. The doubts are setting in on their own but after Zoe declares her love for him he is afraid that staying will look like a reciprocation of that. Thankfully he makes the right call. And he doesn’t seem completely against the idea of getting back together with Zoe.

Lemon is also having a bit of a rough time in love. After Fancie’s is accidentally set on fire, the only way to get the money to rebuild is to go on a singles cruise that Grandma Bettie thinks will find her a husband. She is pretty against going on the cruise but she is desperate for the money. Unknowing to her though, one of Season 1’s love triangles is re-emerging between her, George, and Lavon. Both of them are convinced by their idol Don Todd, who makes a fun appearance in the finale, to tell her how they feel so that there are no regrets. It is a bit out of nowhere that they both would feel so strongly for her again, but they both have a lot of history with her. Lavon likely never really got over Lemon and is a large reason that he couldn’t commit to AB. He didn’t feel for her the way he did for Lemon. George has been feeling an on and off attraction to Lemon the past few episodes. He has been very lost this season and he seems to be trying to get his old self back again, but he wasn’t happy with that version of himself either. They broke up because he didn’t like his life with her, so it probably isn’t a good idea to go back there.

These last two episodes were really fun and a great conclusion to the much stronger last six episodes of the season. The finale consisted of three weddings, but only one was actually gone through with. Lily Anne and Meatball? They were never going to make it. Crickett and Stanley were going to do a vow renewal until Crickett shocks everyone by announcing that she is gay. I loved this twist. The whole episode you think Crickett is having doubts about the wedding because Stanley is gay and everyone seems to think so. But then they turn the tables and she is the one using Stanley to cover up who she is. Brando and Sylvie do go through with their wedding though which is sweet. It brings back both Joel and Vivian who get a moment of closure with Zoe and Wade respectively.

Though this season lost its way for a good chunk of it, some very necessary work was done. It is the season of growth for many. Zoe and Wade were both in serious, mature relationships that taught them what it means to be a supportive partner. Neither of those relationships were great loves but sometimes its the experience you need. They needed to grow separately and now that they have they can take those lessons and come back together stronger than before. Lemon went from the owner of the Rammer Jammer to Fancie’s. She is going to have to continue to work hard for that dream but she has truly defined herself as an individual.

Others didn’t have quite as positive a season. AB got her heart broken and when she tried to settle down with someone else, she couldn’t do it because she hadn’t really healed. George’s season was pretty miserable too. He started off in a dark place after going on the road with Lily Anne and then went through a series of bad relationships and mishaps. Hopefully better things await him in Season 4. Finally, Lavon as usual remained the most steady. He had a great relationship with AB and he didn’t handle things great when that ended but it is hard to blame him for being honest with her.

Season 4 is up next and it is the final season! It is also much shorter at only 10 episodes. I think the short season suits it, allowing for everyone to get endings that aren’t too rushed and there isn’t much filler. Because of this I will go back to reviewing one episode at a time.

Episode Grades: 8/10

Season Grade: 6/10

Other Thoughts

  • “I’m Earl Kinsella and I’ve got a lot to offer”
  • I was not happy with the return of Grandma Bettie. She is so grating and over the top. Maybe if she just toned it down some.
  • We got one final Fillmore vs. Bluebell plot this season about the town exit sign and whose name should go first.
  • The hiccup theme was very on the nose in the finale but that is the kind of show this is. Zoe, AB, Lemon, and Crickett all experience hiccups when they have something they are struggling to say.
  • Davis owns 200 pairs of the same sneakers because they are his favorite. And he seems to rotate through them. Not just keeping them for when one pair is worn down, which would make more sense.
  • Tom and Wanda are expecting – both a baby and some alpacas.
  • Sal the Shrimp Guy is revealed to be the ladies man of Bluebell.
  • Franchising the Rammer Jammer doesn’t make much sense based on how they are selling it. Alabama cuisine isn’t really a thing, it is just southern food. And the name wouldn’t be that popular outside the state. For instance they mention opening a location in Baton Rouge, which is where LSU is and they hate the University of Alabama. No one would go to a restaurant called the Rammer Jammer.
  • I loved George and Lavon fan boying over Don Todd who despite his popularity in Bluebell, does not have a big fan base.
  • “Don Todd and Joel Stephens in the same room!”
  • Episode Title Trivia: I could not find what either of these referenced. Maybe they have ended their country song theme? I don’t think it continues into next season. But seems weird to abandon it in the last two episodes of the season.

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