“The Curling Iron”

Hart of Dixie Season 4, Episode 2
Kaitlyn Black, Hart of Dixie

This being the final season of Hart of Dixie, the focus is primarily on everyone finding their happy endings. Whatever that might look like for them. Some already kind of know what they want, but are struggling to actually get there. Others are still uncertain. Last episode Zoe found out she was pregnant and she is now having to figure out what that means for her and Wade and whether or not they can have a life together. Lemon has found her happiness in running Fancie’s and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the money to buy it back. Even if it means another fake boyfriend to appease her grandmother. Brick has found his with Shelby and he finally decides to be upfront with that and things actually work out. Shelby is amazing, some people just need a little extra push to see that.

As sympathetic as I am to Zoe’s problems, she is a bit frustrating in this episode. She is understandably freaked out about being pregnant and is unsure of what she wants from Wade. She is mad at herself for not being more careful. She is a doctor and should know better. The timing is also not ideal. She wants children and she loves Wade but she wasn’t really thinking it would happen at this point. All of that is valid reason to be anxious and the uncertainty about her relationship with Wade isn’t helping things. She is upset he took so long to come around to the idea of going out with her again and takes it as a sign that he isn’t sure. And she can’t really deal with that right now. He talks about wanting to take it slow this time and that isn’t really an option.

However she isn’t really treating him fairly either. She tries to give him a chance but when he doesn’t say what she wants to hear she leaves again. She is expecting him to say the right things without having all of the information. She is treating the issue of their having a baby and the question of whether they should get back together or not, as two separate issues. I can understand her wanting to make sure he is serious before telling him about the baby. She wouldn’t want him to get back together with her just because she is pregnant. But give him a chance to step up before deciding that he won’t. When she finally does tell him she is pregnant she just kind of drops the bomb and leaves. Sure he laughed at first but she could have given him a minute to process.

Tim Matheson and Jaime King, Hart of Dixie

What was infinitely more frustrating though was the continued existence of Grandma Bettie. Thankfully she finally left at the end. Poor AnnaBeth is saddled with everyone’s secrets. Bettie senses this and plies her with alcohol to get her to spill them. Brick comes to her rescue though and admits to dating Shelby so that Lemon won’t have to tell her secret about Henry. This time instead of threatening to stay, Bettie meets Shelby and realizes that she is fun and they sing show tunes together. The only thing I liked about this part was that it was the end of Grandma Bettie. Her weird obsession with making sure everyone is settled in a way that is satisfying to her before she goes on her trip is absurd, even for Hart of Dixie. Unfortunately for Lemon, her secret is let out too before Bettie can leave. George and Lavon are still fighting over her but in this episode they put it aside to take down the common enemy, Henry. Of course they don’t know that he isn’t actually their enemy and they accidentally end up ruining Lemon’s dreams of buying back Fancie’s.

This episode was not as good as the premiere but at least it moved things forward. Zoe tells Wade about the baby and now they can figure out the next step. For now Zoe wants to raise the baby on her own, but Wade isn’t just going to step aside. Grandma Bettie is finally gone and it leaves Lemon back at square one. She will have to find another way to get the money for Fancie’s but at least she doesn’t have to pretend to be dating Henry anymore. After teaming up to take down Henry, George and Lavon make up. They both still want to date Lemon but they aren’t going to let it get in the way of their friendship.

Episode Grade: 7/10

Other Thoughts:

  • Zoe has to give a sex education talk to a bunch of young teenagers. They are a lot of the same ones from the camping episode last season. They are still obsessed with her love triangles. They are also some very horny 14 year olds.
  • I really liked the scene where Lemon and AnnaBeth go to comfort Zoe. Lemon was probably just taking the opportunity to escape that insane dinner party but it was nice to see her be there for Zoe. She and Zoe have come to respect one another even if they still don’t really like each other.
  • Zoe tells Wade she is pregnant by saying “I’m having your baby” which is probably the weirdest way she could have said it.
  • I also enjoyed Lemon giving Wade advice on how to show Zoe he is serious about getting back together. Even if he didn’t quite interpret it correctly.
  • Stanley is very mad at Crickett for their separation. He through her entire doll collection in Mobile Bay. Snorkel gear would probably not help. That water is murky. But I would love an episode just about Crickett and Stanley’s life. It would certainly be a musical.
  • A small point in the episode that I loved was when Zoe is talking to Rose about her pregnancy (but using the curling iron analogy) and Rose asks her if she is going to keep it. Zoe is but she makes it a point to say that not keeping it is also a valid choice. For a show that is set in the very old, traditional South, it is surprisingly feminist. This isn’t the only case, there are many little moments like this throughout the series.

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