“The Very Good Bagel”

Hart of Dixie Season 4, Episode 3
Brandi Burkhardt, Jaime King, and Kaitlyn Black, Hart of Dixie

When I first started the reviews for Hart of Dixie I talked a lot about how great the character journeys are throughout the series. Most of the main characters started off with a false idea of what would make them happy. Throughout the last three seasons, those ideas have changed for the better. Zoe and Lemon especially had very specific ideas of what their life was supposed to be and eventually when that didn’t work out for them they were forced to reconsider. This episode really highlights how much those ideas have changed and that holding onto what you always thought your life should be only holds you back.

Lemon, AnnaBeth, and Crickett are all dealing with various setbacks. Lemon has lost the money for Fancie’s, Crickett is struggling to get back into the dating world, and AnnaBeth has been unable to shake Lavon. They are down on the idea that they aren’t where they hoped they would be by this point in their life. They were all raised to shape their lives around marriage and babies but that hasn’t really worked out for any of them. But more importantly they have learned to define their lives in different ways. Crickett is finally being honest about her sexuality, Lemon is more focused on her career, and AnnaBeth too seems to want more than just another husband. They think back to their high school selves when they felt on top of the world. When life got them down they snuck into George’s parents lake house, let off some steam, and came back strong. They try to recreate that weekend in the hopes it will have a similar effect. But that was much easier to do in high school when their lives were pretty simple. They were also very different people who had different desires. AnnaBeth notes her lack of ambition at that time and is not too upset her life didn’t turn out the way she had wanted.

At the beginning of the series, George and Lemon thought they would get married and that was going to be their happy ending. Obviously that didn’t happen and George has been questioning his decision to end things with her since the end of last season. But when he spends the night with Lemon at the lake house he realizes that he isn’t in love with Lemon now, he just misses how clear and simple his life was then they were together. Their relationship is safe, familiar, and comfortable. After going through several failed relationships, he yearned for that. But it is too comfortable. He can’t grow if he is still attached to what he wanted then. He drops himself out of the fight for Lemon, leaving the opportunity open for Lavon. Unfortunately, AnnaBeth’s drunken confession that she is still in love with him complicates that.

Zoe and Wade’s continued struggle and eventual resolution in this episode also highlights how far they have come since the first season. Originally Zoe was only moving to Alabama for one year and then was going right back to New York to start her “real” life. She wanted to end up with another doctor or a lawyer and she actively fought against anything that deterred her from that. She never imagined that she would accidentally get pregnant and raise her baby with a bar owner in Alabama. But when she goes back to New York in this episode it is clear she doesn’t fit in there anymore. Wade too has grown so much, from a guy who didn’t care about much, into someone who actually fights for what he wants and feels he deserves. Wade struggles to show Zoe that he is serious and wants to raise their baby as a couple. He gets some really bad advice from Earl to propose to her, which causes her to flee to New York. But he surprises her by showing up in New York to fight for them. By the end of the episode they finally work things out and are ready to go on this adventure together.

While some characters have started to settle down, this season will continue to make others question the picture in their heads of what they want from life. Zoe and Wade have gotten back together but having a baby is going to force them to make some compromises. Lemon still has to figure out a way to get Fancie’s back. She may want to revisit her feelings for Lavon but her friendship with AnnaBeth is going to make that difficult. Now that George has decided to look toward the future what does that look like for him? This episode was great for getting everyone on their trajectories for the rest of the season. I could not have handled another episode of Zoe and Wade going back and forth so I was happy to see them finally on the same page.

Episode Grade: 8/10

Other Thoughts:

  • Wade’s initial speech to Zoe was so terrible. “It’s like a car crash. I can’t look away”.
  • “No opera? Or light opera?”
  • In order to keep Dash from telling Lemon that it was them that leaked the information about Henry, George and Lavon agree to participate in his 2-day Pride and Prejudice re-enactment with a bunch of old ladies. Lavon is Darcy, George is Bingley which is pretty fitting.
  • “I am this close to people calling me Crazy Wade”
  • Crickett adopts a cat because a lot of people on the L-Word have cats. And that is apparently where she gets all of her ideas of what lesbians like.

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