The Originals crossover episode!

The Vampire Diaries Season 7, Episode 14 (“Moonlight on the Bayou”)
Joseph Morgan, The Vampire Diaries

After almost three seasons in, we finally get a crossover episode with The Originals! Now as far as being a crossover it was pretty minimal. We basically just got to see Klaus, but I was very happy to see his return, even if it is only for this one episode. The writers definitely wanted to write it so that people who were not watching The Originals didn’t feel left out of what was going on. What is happening on the spinoff is completely irrelevant to this episode. However there is a sister episode on The Originals that aired directly after this one and having seen that one as well they do not give the same courtesy to viewers. Without giving anything away for The Originals, I will say the show runners mostly tried to write that show in a way that if you had never seen The Vampire Diaries, but for some reason were interested in its spinoff, you could watch it without missing too much. However this means that the hand full of times that Vampire Diaries characters show up on The Originals, they have to do some very brief exposition to explain them in a way that just is not satisfying to the viewer. I do plan to review The Originals once I am done with the Vampire Diaries so I will get into that more then, but lets just say for now the episode of The Originals that follows this one, makes very little sense if you aren’t up to date with The Vampire Diaries.

Stefan is on the run from Rayna, and Valerie sends him to a bar in New Orleans where magic can’t penetrate. In The Originals this is St. James Infirmary but I don’t think they ever name it in this episode. While there he runs into Klaus and they start drinking and catching up. At first Klaus is pretty happy to see Stefan and get some information on Caroline. Remember last we saw Klaus (Season 5, Episode 11) he had returned to Mystic Falls with seemingly the sole purpose of sleeping with Caroline. However once he realizes that Stefan has been marked by Rayna’s sword he is furious that he would lure Rayna to New Orleans, where his family and daughter live. However after he kicks Stefan out, he has a phone conversation with Caroline which gives him a change of heart. He can’t let her down so he agrees to help Stefan. I think the rest of this storyline is handled on The Originals where Stefan basically just gets a paste to put over his scar to block Rayna from being able to sense him.

While Stefan is on the run and playing catch up with Klaus, Bonnie and Damon are investigating what Enzo is up to. We are introduced to The Armory, a secret organization that specializes in supernatural artifacts. The first bit of this was not that interesting, it takes quite a while to get the full story from Enzo on how he got there, why he is after Rayna, and what Tyler has to do with it. But basically Tyler found them while he was off hunting vampires with Jeremy. When Matt needed help with the vampire problem in Mystic Falls, Tyler asked for their help. They are the ones that kidnapped Enzo but decided instead to use him. This led to the much more sympathetic development for Enzo. In return for bringing them Rayna, The Armory offered him knowledge about his family. Even though he is screwing over Bonnie and Damon, he thinks it is worth it for the chance to have a family of his own. He knows he is not one of them. Damon was his friend but he hasn’t really treated him as such since Enzo came back from the dead. He just wants someone who cares about him. Someone who will come running when he is in danger. He has never had that which is incredibly sad. Enzo doesn’t always do the right thing, but he isn’t so evil that he doesn’t deserve to be loved. Even Klaus has people who are willing to risk their lives for him.

While at the Armory, Damon gets locked up with Tyler just as he is about to transition to his werewolf form. Damon has to make the decision to either escape or take the risk of letting Tyler bite him. If he frees himself, he also frees Tyler in werewolf form. This could potentially result in Tyler hurting Bonnie or someone else. Tyler convinces Damon to stay put instead of letting yet another person risk their life to save Damon. However, Bonnie is not convinced and she goes to the lengths of cutting off Enzo’s hand so she can open the door to the cell where Tyler and Damon are. Tyler really gets to Damon with his talk of how much people are alway sacrificing themselves for him and he realizes they will never stop. If he wants them to be safe, he needs to distance himself. He doesn’t really say how he is going to do this but just that it won’t be a problem after tomorrow.

I am definitely starting to get more excited about where this season is going. I remembered liking this half of the season much more than the first half. It brings everyone in on the same storyline, even if people are shifting their loyalties. Stefan and Damon’s relationship is really starting to be tested as Damon has to reckon with the fact that he does cause a lot of problems for his brother and the others that care about him. Will there be a final straw for Stefan? This episode also finally gave Enzo a sympathetic storyline and more to do in the show. He is a character with a lot of potential but they continuously fail to let him live up to it.

Episode Grade: 8/10

Other Thoughts:

  • “How are Elijah, and whoever else you’ve brought back from the dead?”
  • Caroline is having trouble letting go of the babies and helps Alaric move them down to Dallas. She is going to stay for a bit while he gets a nanny. Though I think we all know she is never going to leave.
  • In the flash forward, Caroline goes to New Orleans to find Klaus but the bartender at St. James tells her that no one has seen or heard from him in three years. Which is foreshadowing for what would happen at the end of Season 3 of The Originals.
  • “We only go to New Orleans for crappy booze and Klaus blood”
  • Enzo finds out from one of The Armory members that his father started the organization and that she an Enzo are related.
  • Nora and Mary Louise also get captured by The Armory.
  • Body Count: None!

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