Damon makes maybe his biggest mistake yet

The Vampire Diaries Season 7, Episode 15 (“I Would for You”)
Ian Somerhalder, The Vampire Diaries

Damon has made a lot of bad decisions throughout the series. Most of them are impulsive choices made when he is hurt or angry. He can be an incredibly frustrating character, but one you root for anyway. When he snapped Jeremy’s neck or killed Aaron Whitmore when rejected by Elena, I was like that is terrible, but that is Damon. But the decision he makes in this episode might the first one that I actually felt really angry about. This one was not a spur of the moment decision made out of emotional turmoil. This one was thought out, planned, and executed despite pleas from the people he loves the most. Just when he was needed the most, he abandons everyone he cares about.

For the past few episodes he has made bad decision after bad decision. He has screwed up a lot there is no denying it. Tired of those he loves constantly having to risk their lives for him, he decides what is best for everyone is if he is just not around. So he decides to desiccate until Elena wakes up in 60 years. Convinced that he can’t be good when she isn’t around. He thinks he is being noble, but he is really being a coward. Even with all of his mistakes that put his friends in danger, all they want in return is to know that he would do the same for them. The idea that he can’t be good unless Elena is in his life is crap and just an excuse to not try to be better. He only half deals with Rayna before deciding what he did is good enough to leave Stefan on his own. But Stefan is still living in fear and needs his brother now more than ever. I think Damon believes that in time they will be thankful for his decision. They will see how much easier their lives are without him. But if he really wanted to pay them back for all they have done for him, he would stick by them.

Not only is Stefan having to live in constant fear for his life and losing his brother this episode, he is also losing Caroline. This episode ends up merging the two timelines towards the end so we see just how he and Caroline fall apart before they end up with Valerie and Alaric in the future. They don’t even officially breakup, but it is pretty much understood that their lives don’t work together right now. Caroline decides to stay in Dallas and help Alaric raise the twins. Stefan is going to be on the run for as long as Rayna is around. He wants her to run with him but she can’t leave the twins. Even if she isn’t their mother, she is the closest thing they have and she can’t abandon them. Valerie is more than happy to be on the run with Stefan. It is easy to see how both of these relationships would develop over time. Caroline and Alaric raising those kids together would naturally make them feel like they could be a couple, not just co-parents. Stefan and Valerie are literally traveling the world together. With both of them single it is only a matter of time before they rekindle their past romance.

The other final piece of the puzzle before the show jumps into the future timeline permanently is Matt turning on his friends. Penny questions his stance, or lack thereof, on vampires. He claims to hate them and has been teaching her how to kill them. But at the same time he helps them. In this episode he even helps Damon to capture Rayna. He tells Penny that Damon is a bad vampire, but he helps because Stefan is good. She points out that as long as he is helping any of the vampires, he is allowing their presence to continue in Mystic Falls. I understand what she is saying, but she only just found about about vampires a few days ago. Matt has been dealing with this for years. But he finally does take a stance and tells Stefan to leave town, threatening to expose them if he doesn’t. Matt has been confused about his feelings towards vampires pretty much since he found out about them. He needed to make some sort of decision, but I don’t know that this was the right one.

The episode ends with the two timelines finally merging and we see just how everything that has happened this season led to that future. I believe this is the point where the future timeline becomes the main timeline with a few flashbacks to fill in some of the gaps, like how Enzo and Bonnie ever got together and why she is in a mental health facility. The last few episodes have really picked up steam and this one made me very excited to keep watching the rest of this season. Picking up three years later, Rayna is still after Stefan, but she is willing to make a trade for Damon instead. Will Damon finally be the one to make the sacrifice? Will Stefan want him to?

Episode Grade: 8/10

Other Thoughts:

  • “Damon’s a….” “Aww, you almost said friend”
  • “Bonica magica”
  • I laughed a lot at Damon’s scenes with Rayna in the pit. He looks like he is setting up for a BBQ.
  • The Armory is also interested in Bonnie. Enzo seems to be getting uneasy helping them out. He realizes he is never getting the full truth from them.
  • Rayna’s lives are limited by the eight Everlastings, the shamans that gave up their lives for her.
  • Body Count: 6. Matt kills a random vampire. Rayna kills 5 including Krystal with a K.

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