“Bar-Be-Q Burritos”

Hart of Dixie Season 4, Episode 5 (“Bar-Be-Q Burritos”)
Kaitlyn Black and Scott Porter, Hart of Dixie

Since much of this show is a romantic comedy, as we near the end of the series it is time for everyone to pair off with their final choices. Zoe and Wade have been the central couple of the series and they are finally settled. Lemon and Lavon are now the star-crossed lovers which are probably going to end up together, but the show is going to take its time with, to keep viewers tuning in. Brick and Shelby also seem to be pretty happy. The only two left without an obvious partner are George and AnnaBeth. So why not just throw them together? This I am 100% certain is the conversation that was had in the writers room.

Lemon schemes to set George and AnnaBeth up so that she can feel less guilty about her feelings for Lavon. Even though technically Lemon and Lavon were together long before him and AnnaBeth. I don’t necessarily have a problem with the idea of the two of them together, or that it even started out as a Lemon scheme. The issue is that it is so late in the show and it is very obviously a way to have everyone paired off at the end. George and AB have known each other forever and yet they are only just now feeling a spark? Throughout the entire series they have barely had any one-on-one interactions together. In some ways it is understandable. They have very much put each other in boxes related to Lemon and have never really thought about each other outside of that. Now that they finally can, maybe there was something there all along. I think had this happened a season ago I would be more okay with it, but this late in the game why even do it? Not everyone has to end up with someone at the end. Both of them are currently working towards other dreams so why not just make their stories about that?

Lemon’s reasons for doing it were also extremely selfish. She wanted to get AB out of the way so that she could have Lavon. Has she ever even asked AB about it? When AB wanted to date Lavon she knew it would hurt Lemon but she also didn’t want to lose out on potential happiness so she did it anyway. And in time Lemon forgave her. I would have to imagine that AB would be understanding of the situation. This is also a small town without endless options as Lemon and Lavon discover when they both go to the singles hoedown in Mobile. They have met pretty much everyone they are going to meet.

Zoe and Wade are starting to have to make the tougher decisions regarding their baby. Primarily that they are expensive and take up space. They know they won’t be able to stay at Lavon’s forever but the idea of finding a new place right now is too heartbreaking for all involved. They don’t want to leave and Lavon certainly doesn’t want to lose them. Especially with all of the other emotional turmoil he is currently experiencing. You would think with the Rammer Jammer being the only dining spot in town and Zoe being a doctor they would be doing pretty okay financially, but restaurants are unpredictable and Zoe got demoted after she signed the practice over to Brick. There is also a new food truck in town threatening to take business from the Rammer Jammer so Wade gets a country music star to perform to win his customers back. This part of the episode was very much filler as by the end of it Zoe and Wade decide to stay at Lavon’s for the time being anyway.

This is probably my least favorite episode of the season. All of the stuff with fake country music star Pamela Bailey was a lot of fluff even for a show where not much happens. Setting up George and AB comes completely out of nowhere and had it only been a scheme by Lemon then I would have been okay with it. But clearly her scheming worked because George and AB are looking pretty smitten by the end of the episode.

Episode Grade: 6/10

Other Thoughts:

  • Lavon offers to let Zoe and Wade stay rent-free forever but the way he says it sounds like they maybe weren’t paying rent already? This is a point that I have never really been certain about. I have been watching for confirmation throughout the series and there are a few comments that make it sound like they do and some like they don’t.
  • AB wants to go to nursing school but needs money for it. This is kind of what sparks the whole thing with her and George when she tries to sell her houseboat that he lives on. Part of Lemon’s scheme is to get Sal to buy it and then have George continue renting from him. I was unclear though if that actually happened or if Lemon just said it to get them to go to dinner together. Also AB going to nursing school is a much better plot than a forced romance with George. I also feel that George must have enough money to buy the houseboat. He is the only lawyer in town.
  • “It’s a triple scheme!”
  • McKayla Maroney is back as Tonya. She is in a total of 6 episodes in the show but its like the only acting she has ever done. Other than one episode of Bones and an appearance as herself in Superstore. Was she just a big fan? Or was she trying to get into acting but just wasn’t successful?
  • A depressed Lavon is seen reading Don Todd’s biography which is a fun call back to last season.

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